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Microblog Poster to publish on social networks.

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Microblog Poster is much more than a WordPress plugin to publish on social networks, because it allows the dissemination of content on other platforms.

This add-on allows real estate agents to publish their properties for sale on blogging platforms, photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, add each home to their list of bookmarks for different services, and even publish content on Google My Business.

Features of Microblog Poster.

  • Multiple accounts for each platform and social network.
  • It supports multiple accounts per site where the plugin is installed.
  • Publish all kinds of content (articles, videos, image gallery, mixed entries, pages, etc.).
  • Filter publications by categories and taxonomies assigned at the source site.
  • Publication of personalized social messages.
  • Shortened links: Bitly / Adfly / Adfocus.
  • Choice of publications with multiple authors and attributions.
  • Support via email.
  • Soporta Open Graph de Facebook, Twitter Cards y Rich Pins de Pinterest.

Platforms and social networks to publish.

Advantages of Microblog Poster.

  • Social signals.

Microblog Poster is also an excellent resource to generate a lot of social signals , not only through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

The plugin automatically indexes each property for sale, real estate blog article or real estate content as a bookmark in different bookmarking services, which can eventually be indexed by search engines by ping.

  • Blogs satellites and SEO.

The complement automatically re-publishes the contents of the real estate agency in other content managers such as Tumblr, Google Blogger and WordPress.

This allows, in addition to achieving a high level of dissemination of content, send all properties for sale to other real estate sites, which can also be indexed by internet search engines.

To achieve the best positioning results, and that the contents re-published on other sites do not conflict with the results of the SERPs , it is appropriate to modify certain elements on the real estate publication satellite sites.

In Tumblr the contents are automatically re-published with the link and the original image of the content, and in Blogger and WordPress you can make those adjustments mentioned above.

Above all it is important if the real estate company uses a second or third site managed in WordPress with the multiping system activated by default, because if so, the automatic notification will be sent to the search engines.

  • Driven Mode System.

The Driven Mode (controlled automatic publishing) takes the site’s publication categories and verifies them with those assigned to the account, and if at least one category matches, the plugin will automatically publish it to that account.

This feature can be very useful for real estate agents that segment their social pages in different languages, by type of properties for sale or by localized areas.


  • Page 1 on Facebook / Assigned categories: Bungalows / La Zenia .
  • Page 2 on Facebook / Assigned categories: Apartments / La Zenia.
  • Page 3 on Facebook / Assigned categories: La Zenia.

A publication of the real estate website in the category “Bungalows” will only be published automatically on page 1 of Facebook, with the category “Apartments” on page 2, and both properties will be published on page 3.

Technical problems of Microblog Poster.

While Microblog Poster is a plugin to publish on social networks quite stable, and that its developers are constantly updating, some users have reported some random failures in its operation.

Particularly these failures have been presented in the system to republish old content, entering into conflict with the WordPress CRON, and with the Yoast by SEO plugin .

However, it does not mean that these possible failures are always present with the installation of the plug-in, although it is important to ensure that everything works correctly.

  • Re-publish old content.

Microblog Poster re-publishes the old real estate publications on a scheduled or random basis, although for the system to work properly it is convenient to take some precautions.

Be sure not to disable WP Cron in the wp-config.php file of the real estate site, and if there is a line defined (“DISABLE_WP_CRON”, true) it must be deleted, because otherwise the old entries will not be published.

It is also possible to solve the possible failure, if it is clear, by deactivating certain add-ons such as WP Control or WP-Cron Control, because they could change the normal execution of WordPress Cron.

  • SEO by Yoast.

SEO by Yoast is one of the most used plugins to optimize WordPress sites, and that does not usually present compatibility problems with other add-ons.

However, conflicts may appear with Microblog Poster, and if they do, you can try disabling the Metabox insights options and internal SEO suggestions by SEO by Yoast.

  • Shared hosting.

One of the negative points of Microblog Poster is related to the type of hosting used by the real estate.

If the hosting of the real estate site is shared, then the plugin may eventually present certain technical problems.

Many shared hosting providers for websites place execution restrictions on php scripts (max_execution_time PHP configuration).

Since Microblog Poster needs some time to update all its social accounts when publishing a new publication of the real estate site, this limit established by the suppliers can be reached and the execution of the script stopped.

To avoid this possible inconvenience, you have to limit the number of social accounts based on the execution time limit of the hosting script contracted by the real estate.

Conclusions about Microblog Poster.

This complement is quite effective for automatic publications on social networks, although it has some negative points.

The plugin does not automatically publish on Instagram, which is currently one of the most important social networks and with the largest number of users for the dissemination of content.

On the other hand, the technical problems mentioned, which do not always occur although they may appear, call into question the reliability of the plugin.

For real estate companies, plugins to publish automatically on social networks are very useful, although they also need them to be stable and not generate technical difficulties.

Compared to other options for publishing content on social networks, Microblog Poster does not offer a good cost-benefit ratio.

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