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The manager of a real estate.

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Normally, in a small or medium real estate sector in Spain, a manager is confused with the leader of the real estate. Due to different variables and circumstances of each real estate in this sector, both figures are seen as the same thing.

Anyway, we must clearly define the role of each of them and divide their competences and responsibilities. Using metaphors as a good resource, there is a quite used example in order to define and separate the two figures inside a real estate:

“The leader of the real estate will be the infantry officer while the real estate manager will become the sergeant of the squad”.

Although it might seem as a simple example, it is actually very illustrative especially for those who do not understand the organizational system and the military system.

Of course, we do not speak of the real estate leaders as infantry sergeants, as they do not start to yell or force anyone to do anything.

This is a specific metaphor used in order to define and separate the roles of the two. This should never be interpreted in its total meaning and this behavior must never be adopted by a real estate manager.

On the contrary, the real estate manager must show specific values which have nothing to do with a real infantry.

Normally seen as the owner of the real estate in Spain, a real estate leader is the strategist of the agency. The real estate manager is the person in charge to get that strategy well-implemented and manage all the team work.

However, although we must always separate the figure of the real estate manager from the one of the leader, they must always work together in a very tight way. Regarding the organizational level of the company, the manager becomes the “right hand” of the real estate leader.

Many of the abilities of both figures might be confused and many of the responsibilities are set by the real estate leader as the figure of the real estate manager.

Anyway, the organizational structure of the real estate will determine and condition the model of the implemented business. If we place the responsibility to manage the team to the figure of the real estate manager, it is obvious that he/she will get the responsibility of the organizational management.

The role of the real estate manager becomes essential for the real estate interests, as he will need to get good collective productivity levels.

Characteristics of the real estate manager.

The figure of the real estate manager is that important for the company that it must be taken and understood with calm and its qualification and value are essential in order to develop such an important task.

We will describe in a simple way the main characteristics that a real estate manager must show and we will cite some areas where the real estate manager must be capable to work with.

Firstly, we must clear a thing: people use to confuse the meanings of training and education. Training is the process by which an individual learns something starting from the lowest levels of education.

Education, instead, does not imply the need to have titles and diplomas, it is about well-behaving.

Inside the real estate sector, we usually find well-trained individuals with many degrees and diplomas but they do not have any level of social abilities to develop properly inside this environment.

A real estate manager must be well-behaved and well-trained.

It is essential for a real estate to count with a well trained manager, but in the same time he needs to be well-behaved as well. A real estate manager must combine the training with certain own characteristics of his personality.

There is no need for a trained real estate manager who has no social abilities at all. There is no need either for a too well-behaved person but with no training at all.

In the same time and derived from the social reality in Spain, a real estate manager must count with strong intercultural abilities. He will probably need to work and manage multicultural teams and attend to the necessities of the clients coming from different countries.

This is a quite neglected factor not taken into consideration by the average real estate in Spain. My professional opinion says that this is a quite important factor to be considered.

I will also need to make some comments based on the fact that the abilities, the level of qualification and the profile of the real estate manager are not really properly defined.

In other words, depending on the bibliography, the authors or the concept of organizational leader, the description that I will be providing might be too simple or too exaggerated. In my opinion, I consider them basic elements for a real estate manager.

On the other hand, a real estate in Spain must get to achieve an organizational excellence and count with qualified, trained and appropriate members for the professional development.

– Basic professional qualities of the real estate manager.

  • Knowing by heart the real estate sector (local and international).
  • Training on different areas of study (legal, technology, human resources etc.).
  • Team leadership experience.
  • Ability for the management of internal and external affairs of the real estate.
  • Personal real estate manager profile.
  • Proactive attitude targeted towards achievements.
  • Assertive with rapport techniques.
  • High ability of self-management and self-supervision.
  • Decisive and firm when taking measures and decisions.
  • Possess a high level of resilience.
  • Scientific type with ability to plan and set strategies.
  • The ability to assume things and manage the responsibilities.
  • High level of adjusting to change and the environment.
  • His behavior must become the mirror of the real estate organizational model.

– Basic abilities of the real estate manager.

  • Verbal, non verbal and written communication.
  • Oral and written knowledge of different languages.
  • Qualification on real estate customer service.
  • Management and solving of conflicts.
  • Planning and tasks assignments.
  • Time management.
  • Social abilities.
  • Define and set objectives.
  • Motivation targeting the achievement.
  • Computer expert (intranet, hardware, office IT, etc.).
  • Real estate digital marketing and real estate advertisement.
  • Management systems (CRM, CMS, et.).
  • Business and organizational administration.

Competences of a real estate manager.

A real estate manager is responsible for managing the team and the productivity level of the company is part of his competence. The supervising and the daily management of the real estate team must be his priority in order to complete the targets previously set.

In the same time, he must deal with the tasks assignments, stimulate the members of the team and become the reference point in the company.

The task of being a real estate manager covers many things. It might go from a strict internal management to external affairs related to clients and other agencies.

Anyway, he is the figure that implies a great ability to adapt to different environments and situations, targeted to the creation of effective communication ways.

On the other hand, the work of a real estate manager requires a high level of discretion, based on the management policies set by the leader or owner of the real estate.

The organizational structure implemented by the real estate sets the level of discretion of a real estate manager and the organizational model sets the person to whom we must give an explanation.

– Responsibilities of the real estate manager.
  • Attend the specific necessities of the real estate (organizational and business necessities).
  • Understand the daily environment of the internal sector of the real estate.
  • Be the filter or the protection of the leader.
  • Start planning of the objectives previously set.
  • Supervise the development of the individual tasks of the members of the real estate.
  • Manage the work flow of the real estate.
  • Allocate the assignments by competences and specific abilities.
  • Determine priorities and define the level of attention needed.
  • Assist the members of the company.
  • Show knowledge of expert level on internal processes of a real estate.
  • Make decisions in an effective way and according to the organizational policy.
  • Share the necessary info for a correct development of the work.
  • Manage the time in an effective way.
  • Process the internal and external feedback of a real estate.
  • Plan the weekly reunion (agenda, notifications, presentations, etc).
  • Set the weekly and monthly calendar of the real estate.
  • Provide development opportunities to all the members of the real estate team.
  • Supervise the individual and collective performance of the members of the real estate.
  • Prepare, coordinate and complete performance evaluations (weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Detect and solve problems of individual efficiency (mentoring).
  • Set work objectives to present them to the real estate leader.
  • Generate detailed reports of individual and collective productivity of the team.
  • Manage the real estate intranet and real estate CRM.
  • Coordinate different areas of the real estate (human resources, administrative, customer clients, legal area, etc).
  • Share the flow of entering info (Content Curator).
  • Plan training and development activities for the members of the real estate.
  • Manage CVs in order to complete the possible vacancies.
  • Intercede in the internal and external conflicts that might occur.
  • Provide a fluid internal and external communication.

To sum up, a real estate manager must solve, attend and manage the everyday actions of the real estate in order to get the best levels of productivity.

The competences of a real estate manager are determined by the organizational model implemented. That´s why each real estate must define some clear organizational models. In the same time, both the profile of the manager and his abilities are not subjective.

However, I hereby conclude with what I have started: the idea that a company needs a qualified real estate manager in order to get the quality of a good real estate.

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