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Management of beaches in Orihuela Costa.

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Beaches in Orihuela Costa are supervised by a management plan implemented by the town hall. This plan is exposed to the public through informative boards for the tourists, residents and visitors.

According to the laws UNE-EN-ISO 14001, UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE187001, the management of beaches in Orihuela Costa (Spain) has the target of guaranteeing certain quality standards and accomplish with requirements linked to the care of the environment.

Beach management policy in Orihuela Costa.

These are the objectives and targets that must be achieved through the management plan for the beaches in Orihuela Costa:

  • Sharing the management policy among users of the beaches, companies that provide services or among the staff of the Town Hall.
  • Developing actions for the prevention of the pollution, involving all persons that deal with the management of beaches, even the users in order to protect and improve the environment.
  • Observing the requirements that must be applied according to all laws.
  • Encouraging the staff involvement on the beach management such as all users, setting communication tracks in order to guarantee the continuous improvement of the processes.
  • Guarantee the prevention of sanitary and hygienic risks associated with its activity.
– All these principles have a double target:
  • Improvement of the management of all services offered on the beaches of Orihuela Costa in order to achieve the best experience for their users.
  • Continuous improvement of the system´s efficiency by guaranteeing the environmental sustainability of Orihuela´s coast and the touristic support linked to it.

These targets are set by the responsible of the Town Hall of Orihuela and they are revised periodically in order to determine the functioning of the management system or its reforms.

“Our coast is a first-class common good for our people and visitors. For this reason, the Town Hall of Orihuela pretends to involve all users of beaches and people who manage them in the collaboration and support on this project of continuous improvement.”

This quote (exposed on all beaches of Orihuela Costa) has got the digital signature of the mayor of Orihuela.

Environmental practices on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

As part of the management system of the beaches in Orihuela Costa (Spain), the informative boards placed by the town hall of the area present a series of recommendations for the users.

Those recommendations are shown with this title: “Selection of good and quality environmental practices for the users of the beaches.”

Moreover, said in other words, this informative text contains a series of recommendations linked to the environmental care, environment and the efficient management of the resources offered for the users of the beached in Orihuela Costa.

  • Rational use of water.
  • Do not use the footbaths more than necessary.
  • Do not use soaps or detergents inside the beaches´ facilities.
  • Make sure you close the water taps (avoid leaking).
  • Inform the maintenance staff immediately if you notice any water leak. A fast repair will avoid damages and huge water leaks.
  • Do not use water unnecessarily during using the water taps, wash basins, showers, etc.
  • Use the correct water discharge of the WC, stopping it when not needed.
  • Do not use the WC as an evacuation channel of all types of wastes.
  • Save energy.
  • Use public transport or alternative transport of the beaches in Orihuela Costa.
  • Get the maximum use of the natural light in order to save some electric light.
  • Switching off the neon lighting is not recommended when there is the necessity of switching them on again in less than 2 hours, mainly because the maximum consumption of energy is achieved when switching on the energy.
  • Do not overuse the air conditioning on summer, because the air con consumes too much energy and it frees some gases that damage the ozone layer. Close all doors and windows when the air con is turned on.
  • Variation on the temperature can bring a difference of energy up to 6%. Temperature must be controlled inside installations.
  • Make sure you manage the wastes in a sustainable way.
  • The fag-ends of the cigarettes are not biodegradable. Save them and throw them in a bin.
  • Collect and throw papers and waste in special bins. Avoid scattering them towards the beach.
  • Keep the sand and the rocks clean.
  • If you eat on the beach, do not forget to collect all your food waste and throw them to special bins.
  • Control noise.
  • Noise bother many persons and the environment also.
  • Respect tranquility and the rest of the other people.
  • Use headphones if you want to listen to music on the beach.
  • Drive only on the authorized places with a medium speed, so the beach will not be affected by the noise, smoke or polluting gases.
  • Be careful around the bath zone.
  • Avoid those activities that damage the quality of the water.
  • Respect the plant and animal life of the promenade and the bath zone. Do not push them from their environment.
  • Respect the sea-life when practicing snorkeling or diving.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Follow the warnings of the signs and the rules of the coast.
  • Be careful, respect the sea status as flag colors are useful.
  • Do not camp on unauthorized places.
  • Make sure pets do not reach the beaches and do not bother other people.
  • Practice nautical sports and fishing following always the rules.
  • Follow instructions of the first aid services for your own safety.

The policy of the management of beaches in Orihuela Costa is an excellent initiative implemented by the town hall. Anyway, users of the beaches must also help in order to get the best results.

Those who enjoy and use the beaches of Orihuela Costa (residents, tourists or business people) must also be responsible of looking after the beaches.


  • Costa Invest Real Estate and the author of this content are not responsible of possible modifications on this info.
  • This is not a sponsored post and must be taken as an informative post.
  • The info shared here has illustrative character and might be affected by possible modifications made by the municipal authorities of Orihuela Costa (Spain).

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