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MakeaNet and the real estate online collaboration.

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MakeaNet is an online collaboration tool which counts with a series of effective characteristics and functions, good for a real estate that wants to increase its level of productivity.

This platform offers the possibility to have a social corporate network for the real estate. This function is important for the project management and to increase the level of communication inside the organization.

MakeaNet´s characteristics and functions are based on implementing an online corporate network. Its use presents different targets of great utility.

Characteristics of MakeaNet for a real estate.

MakeaNet counts with a control panel of complex functions, which allows the real estate to configure and personalize the online collaboration platform.

– MakeaNet and real estate CRM.

MakeaNet counts with a simple, but effective CRM helpful in order to manage the real estate´s contacts and different types of activities.

This is a function that brings a better management of the real estate agent´s time. It allows us to follow the sale processes linked to every client and organize the daily diary in a more simple way.

This real estate CRM can be configured in order to show different types of data and info:

  • General list of offers (properties for sale or rent).
  • Title, name, price, status and date.

  • Prospect and evaluation (visit, evaluation, etc.).

  • First contact with the owner of a property or interested client

  • Process phases (negotiation, sold property, rented properties, etc.).

  • List of completed sales and pending operations.

  • Price statistics and percentages of possible sales.

– Real estate chat on MakeaNet.

This platform counts with a chat similar on functions to Facebook chat, which allows simple chats with interesting contacts.

Those contacts can be members of the real estate, external collaborators and clients of the real estate agents.

This chat system includes user searches and the option of disconnected and out of service.

– Videoconferences for the real estate.

It includes video calls Appear.in, with the possibility to have up to 8 user group videoconferences.

MakeaNet videoconference system does not require any type of installation of additional plugins and it can be used on Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

– Event schedule for a real estate.

Meetings, events and conferences can be scheduled. This is a system that eases the supervising of the individual work, but also the development of the real estate team.

The event schedule is simple and intuitive and brings the possibility of making changes on the calendar, notifying all the participants automatically.

– Task manager for real estate agents.

The task manager of MakeaNet functions independently to the installed CRM, as an autonomous module of event manager.

Using functions independently eases the specific management of each task or project.

This function brings the planning, organizing and supervising the individual tasks of every real estate agent, but the whole team´s work also.

– Internal news channel.

This social media platform combines different functions and it counts with the possibility of creating an internal news channel.

This is a practical function to share the latest news of the real estate and so, maintain all the members of the real estate informed in real time.

Comments can be received in an automatic way, allowing real time feedbacks with an added value which brings the increasing of the collective productivity level.

Characteristics of the news editor:
  • Attach an image to the title of the news.

  • Type of writing, size, cursive, bold, underlined, etc.

  • Design of the news structure (left, centre or right).

  • Line breaks and numbering.

  • Include external links.

  • Notify the news by email.

  • Share it on social networks.

– Inform about the real estate offers.

The function of the offers is, as its name says it, a notification system of the promotional products.

This is a useful utility inside the real estate sector, because it notifies the users in a simple and effective way of the present offers and discounts.

We strengthen on the fact that the users can be members of the real estate, external collaborators or even clients. That is why this function has a great potential.

Speaking of online marketing, this function maximizes the selling possibilities with external collaborators and it generates a more fluid and efficient internal communication system.

Characteristics for the editing of the real estate offers:
  • Image of the property for sale or rent.

  • Offer´s title.

  • Featured section for slogans and calls to action.

  • Conditions of the real estate offer.

  • Extra info on the property.

  • Direct link to the property published on the real estate web.
  • Send real estate offer through email to other users.

  • Share the offer on social networks.

  • Suggestions management.

Suggestions manager makes easier the achievement of a feedback and it becomes an extra tool of great utility.

It functions differently than the comments and the feedback obtained bring the possibility to plan, organize and make a follow up of each suggestion made by the users.

Suggestions can be evaluated by voting and analyzed through statistics that are generated automatically.

– Video Player for the real estate videos.

Through the function of Video Player, users of the real estate platform can upload and reproduce videos.

The system supports videos on mp4, mov, ogg and webm which can be seen directly on the homepage without the necessity of downloading them.

– Basic user profile and extended profile.

MakeaNet offers two types of profiles: the basic and the advanced. Basic profile brings the possibility to show the name of the user, his photo and basic info.

On the other hand, the advanced profile provides extra data and info to the registered users such as: companies (for the external collaborators linked to the real estate), academic training, languages and competence level, links to sites (webs, blogs, social network profiles, etc.).

From a functional point of view, the possibility to create two types of profiles is a very practical characteristic for all users, because the extended info is not always needed.

– Personalized lateral bar.

Lateral bar can be configured in a basic way and it is also practical as it does not exhaust the user too much.

The lateral notification module brings the possibility to activate and deactivate these functions: news, offers and events.

– Direct link to Dropbox.

This platform can be directly linked to the real estate Dropbox account.

This is characteristic which offers the possibility to access organization´s documents that are stored on that external platform. WE can visualize and and share them to other real estate members.

Sharing documents with other members of the real estate in a faster and more effective way will allow us to manage the work flow in a better way and get also some efficient productivity levels.

– Link to external social media profiles.

MakeaNet offers the possibility to link to social media profiles of other platforms, import info from them and make status updates in an automatic way.

This tool supports the linking to status updates and info with the following social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn: profile picture, birth date, telephone number, academic training, abilities and professional experience.
  • Twitter: interconnect the public posts and sending links.
  • Skype: it activates the call and videoconference app directly from the user´s account
More functions of MakeaNet for real estate.
  • To use URL addresses linked to the real estate domain (private domain).

  • To administrate and manages the register requests.

  • To create sub-groups inside the working groups.

  • It brings the corporate micro-blogging for an internal and external use.

  • To personalize the general conditions according to the specific necessities.

  • To include an advert widget on the lateral bar (a banner of 280px, scripts, Adsense, etc.).

  • To create an offer and place it on the left later bar.

  • To create company´s profiles, apart from the basic and advanced profiles.

  • To configure the automatic notification sending by email.

  • We can publish and organize lists of the real estate links on the right lateral bar.

  • Possibility to create, manage and send real estate newsletter.
  • To plan, implement and make follow-ups of different projects.

  • To create groups and communities with restricted access.

  • To send invitations to join the network by email, links, web buttons or directly from the online real estate network.

  • To manage active contracts, lists of invoices and invoicing data.

  • To have a portfolio of shared archives in an automatic way.

  • To set automatic birthday reminders (weekly).

  • Available languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

MakeaNet is a strong platform for a real estate that wants to implement its online collaboration space, or to generate positive synergies with external collaborators, or to offer its clients a professional corporate communication means.

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