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LinkedIn is a social media platform with more than 300 millions of active users all around the world and it is one of the most important in Spain.

This is a social network targeting the professional sectors which has a series of functions that allow us to strengthen the brand development in a more effective way.

LinkedIn is not a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, because it focuses on the professionals. This type of audience is very important for a real estate.

It is important to focus all campaigns of real estate digital marketing in a clear way. It is much better if we implement it in a natural way.

For a real estate in Spain, LinkedIn offers a professional audience in order to generate positive synergies and millions of users from different sectors who can become potential buyers.

LinkedIn advantages for a real estate.

As all social media platforms, LinkedIn counts with specific functions and particular characteristics. These are one of the main advantages of LinkedIn for a real estate:

  • Real estate brand development.

This amplifies the brand development, as the real estate page on LinkedIn increases its audience and the possibilities to get to the potential buyers in a more efficient way.

An active page on this platform will rapidly convert into an effective communication channel.

  • Real estate networking.

LinkedIn is a network for professionals. This is the reason why the whole online reputation of the real estate could be strengthened.

A very important factor is to have an active and proactive presence, sharing quality contents and advertising the activities linked to this real estate sector.

  • Real estate SEO improvement.

The real estate presence on LinkedIn improves the SEO positioning, both with the help of the corporate website as with the help of the agents´ profiles.

By sharing real estate blog contents on the agents´ profiles and on the real estate page, we will manage to get quality backlinks which improve the organic positioning.

In the same time, sharing blog contents on LinkedIn will strengthen the brand development in two ways: it focuses on the professionals of this sector and the potential buyers.

  • Positive synergies.

LinkedIn is a social media platform which targets the creation of positive synergies among the professionals. For a real estate, this is the effective and proper place for gatherings.

On one hand, the real estate can link to other companies inside the real estate sector and they can contact with other collaborator agents.

  • Commercial opportunities.

This platform increases the business opportunities for the real estate because it generates synergies and the users become potential clients in the same time.

This is a very effective platform for finding business opportunities, not only linked to the real estate sector.

Real estate can connect with other collaborator agencies and freelance agents who will affect the real estate´s interests in a positive way.

  • Real estate advertisement.

LinkedIn strengthens the agents´ strategy of real estate marketing. The brand development is amplified from the profile of each agent strengthening the strategy of real estate advertisement.

Business opportunities can be increased by the real estate, but every real estate agent can use their professional profiles in order to increase the productivity level.

  • Communication channel.

LinkedIn real estate page is a shop window with many possibilities, allowing us to establish an efficient and highly beneficial communication channel linked to the business and organizational interests.

A real estate can take different actions through the LinkedIn page, such as advertisement campaigns or recruiting professionals for its real estate team.

Real estate page on LinkedIn.

Having a LinkedIn corporate page seems to be very important for a real estate, as it brings the possibility of achieving objectives not achieved through other social media platforms.

Each social media platform is divided by nationalities and ages, but also by hobbies. In the particular case of LinkedIn, we are talking about millions of professionals from different sectors from 200 countries.

Possibilities of a real estate.
  • To set its name as the title.
  • To define the type of company.
  • To show the professional sector.
  • To include a description of the real estate.
  • To use a personalized logotype.
  • To set a default language.
  • To upload a header image.
  • To publish the articles of its real estate blog.
  • To set advertisement campaigns and events.
  • To advertise its portfolio of properties for sale and rent.
  • To add administrators.
  • To link the page to the real estate web.
  • To set the geographic location of your professional activity.
  • To show specific working areas such as keywords (buy, sale, rentals, properties, etc.).
  • To add groups linked to the real estate sector.
Recommendations for the real estate.
  • It must be attractive and it must target the call to action of the visitors.
  • Pay attention to its design (header image, logo, etc.).
  • Publish contents of the real estate blog habitually.
  • Share linked news of the real estate sector.
  • Be actively present by commenting and participating to groups.
  • Link the page to the real estate agents´ profiles.
  • Make recommendations so the real estate will also be referred- to.

Real estate agent on LinkedIn.

The real estate agent must count with a professional LinkedIn profile, of course linked to the agency. This is a very important thing for a real estate.

This is essential for the real estate social media strategy to count with agents that have professional profiles and link them to the corporate page.

The positive synergy must start by the real estate team members and this strategy must be applied to all social media platforms where the real estate is present.

As a starting point for the implementing an effective strategy, a real estate Community Manager, must always count with the support of the real estate team members.

The level of involvement of every member of the real estate team is very important and if they do not understand the importance of one of the most important professional networks on the Earth, we need to explain them the necessity and its benefits.

For a real estate is very important that each agent has a LinkedIn profile. This is important for the agents, too. Those that do not have a LinkedIn profile, they will stay out of the strategy.

In the same time, with the help of the real estate sector that nowadays is so competitive and individual, a real estate agent can get the best out of his LinkedIn profile.

Once the real estate manages to make clear the importance of the real estate agent with a professional profile on LinkedIn, the next step is to make the agents understand a series of recommendations in order to get the best results.

In order to be effective for the real estate´s interests, the real estate agents´ profile must follow these guidelines:

  • Personalize the profile in a careful way (picture, description, etc.).

  • Optimize each area (details, abilities, languages, etc.).

  • Link every profile to the LinkedIn real estate page.

  • Share the articles of the real estate blog (this brings added value and positioning)
  • Validate the abilities of others in order to get the personal abilities validated too.

  • Recommend other users in order to be recommended.

  • Constantly expand the list of contacts.

Let´s revise again the functions and advantages.
  • Get the best out of the most important professional network in a free way.

  • Link with other professionals and companies of the real estate sector.

  • Increase the business opportunities (sales, rentals and take on of new properties).

  • Build and project a solid online reputation.

  • Advertise events and different advertisement campaigns.

  • Get a better real estate SEO positioning.
  • Set an effective communicative channel and strengthen the brand development.

  • Get more traffic for the real estate web and real estate blog.
  • Get updates on the real estate sector´s trends and expand the list of contacts.

  • Recruit professionals by posting job offers.

  • Get the best visibility on the social media platforms.

  • Strengthen the branding strategy of each real estate agent.

  • Connect with a segmented audience in an effective way.

  • Achieve professional prestige as agency and organization.

In conclusion, the active presence of the real estate on the corporate page of LinkedIn and the fact that each real estate agent count with a profile on the most active social media platform for professionals are two very important factors.

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