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Kitchen design trends

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The kitchens also offer many decoration and design possibilities, incorporating traditional elements with appliances, and combining different colors and textures.

All rooms and spaces of a house have their particularities, and kitchens are no exception.

Traditionally kitchens are transit places for most of the inhabitants of the house, and also a very important place because food is made there.

However, without neglecting the functional aspect of the kitchens, there are a lot of design and decoration possibilities for one of the most important places in the house, and not always as valued as it should be.

Dering Hall interior designers surprise us with their designs, combining innovative colors and furniture without neglecting the more traditional aspects of kitchens.

Kitchens with two islands.

«At Pulp Design Studios, we have designed kitchens for our clients with two spacious islands, with useful storage space and ideal for entertainment.

»The double islands are truly the new breakfast tables of the house, because with them you get extra surface inside the kitchen and offer many possibilities.

»Using dual color tones we get a fresh and elegant contrast, and at the same time we avoid falling into repetitive decorations and designs.»

Beth Dotolo – Pulp Design Studios 

Kitchens to enjoy.

«Customers are thinking beyond the traditional kitchen table, they don’t care if children mess up the kitchen and want a place for family and friends to feel comfortable.

»They are adopting the idea of ​​an attractive and durable space, choosing leather and upholstered seats that demarcate from traditional decorating concepts for kitchens, choosing independent furniture instead of the classic integrated kitchen furniture.

»I consider that my clients should have the best table in their own home restaurant.»

Rebekah Zaveloff – KitchenLab Design | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors   

Functional kitchens.

«The trend we are seeing is that for our customers the kitchen is the center of the house.

»It is the place where families gather not only to prepare meals, but children do their homework, adults check bills and everyone watches television and entertains.

»We are designing kitchens with built-in desks and televisions next to the informal dining room table with comfortable seating.

»The kitchens have always been one of the most important rooms in a house, but now the lines of what we traditionally know are blurred.»

Joanna Goodman – Christopher Architecture & Interiors  

Custom kitchens.

«Custom cabinets with custom finishes and combinations of materials have opened up many creative possibilities for decorating kitchens. From high gloss lacquers to cold matte colors and patterns with different textures, the sky is practically the limit in terms of options for decorating a kitchen.

»The owners who use these special details to decorate their kitchens get a unique decoration, and using a balanced color palette helps them ensure that their investment exceeds the passage of time.»

Robert Bakes – Bakes & Body  

Spacious kitchens.

«In kitchens, attempts are being made to open small spaces to incorporate wider entertainment functions.

»We are often removing the walls that separate the kitchen and dining rooms and including an open island to connect the two spaces.

»This allows us to expand the size and functionality of the kitchen and dining room areas, and we get these spaces to serve several purposes.»

Paula McDonald – Paula McDonald Design Build & Interiors

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