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Kitchen cabinet with recycled materials.

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Twenty-five plastic bottles are used in each of these IKEA kitchen units, designed by the Swedish study Form Us With Love to make “sustainability available to everyone”.

The Kungsbacka units are the first IKEA kitchen cabinets that are manufactured entirely with recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood.

«A plastic bottle is not a waste, it is a resource,” said Jonas Pettersson, CEO of Form Us With Love.

«The most important thing is that this kitchen shows that these materials can be used for household items in large-scale production».

«We have to challenge the excuses not to use the waste as a resource, by showing them the best way to put these materials back into production, making the products economical and durable».


The main structure of the kitchen is made of recycled wood, while the lining is made of plastic bottles. The studio chose a simple matte gray silhouette to create a “timeless” design.

The shiny black Hackås pads contrast with the matt surface of the cabinets, and as in most IKEA kitchens, the cabinets are modular, so they can be placed to fit any space.

«We wanted it to feel like a black T-shirt, adjusted to perfection, practical and still beautiful», said John Löfgren, creative director of Form Us With Love.

With sustainable products often expensive to produce due to extensive research and development, the two companies had to work together to come up with production methods that would make the kitchen a “viable alternative” to those currently on the market.

The company expects that the recycled kitchen furniture will last 25 years.

«Today, unfortunately, the application of waste materials in production remains expensive and Kungsbacka’s kitchen fronts could have ended up being too expensive», said Anna Granath, product developer at IKEA.

«Overcoming the price was a milestone in the development. Sustainability must be for all, not only for those who can afford it».

In 2016 IKEA emerged as the most popular design brand on the Dezeen Hot List, ahead of Apple and Nike.

The company is introducing more sustainable furniture in its catalog, and last year announced that its collections will include “no waste” products made from recycled materials.

Source: dezeen.com

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