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Kids bedrooms and properties for sale.

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Normally, buyers of properties with small kids pay a lot of attention to the kids´ bedrooms. They prioritize those rooms of the property because they know those are the places where their kids will spend time learning, taking a rest or playing.

Preparing a property for a visit for potential buyers is very important. While arranging the bedrooms of the property before a visit seems to be quite simple, arranging the kids´ bedrooms might become a more difficult task.

The real estate agent or the property recruiter must advise the owners of properties for sale to follow certain guidelines regarding the way of preparing the kids´ bedrooms. It is important to create attractive environments, so the potential buyers might feel attraction to the property.

Many real estate agents focus only on the main bedroom as a way to get the attention of the buyers, forgetting about the kids´ bedrooms. This is a usual strategy which might function for some clients. However, this might result a negative point, especially when the buyers have small kids.

Families tend to prioritize the kids´ bedrooms and they do not tend to consider as options any property with boring bedrooms or not attractive at all to their kids.

Preparing the kids´ bedrooms of the properties for sale.

As we already mentioned before, both the property recruiter as the real estate agent must advise their clients on the positive aspects of the properties and how to minimize the negative aspects.

All in all, everything is a perception matter. Following a few recommendations will bring positive results.

Tidiness of the kids´ bedrooms.

One of the characteristics searched by the buyers is the space of the property. A higher space of the property rooms makes it an added value for any buyer of properties.

No matter how big the room is, it might look tiresome when it is full of furniture pieces, toys or other objects. When showing the kids´ rooms, a real estate agent has to make sure those rooms look larger and spacious.

The fundamental factor is to tidy up the kids´ bedrooms. For the youngest of the families, toys are the most precious things. The intention of tidying up the kids´ bedrooms is to make them look spacious and larger and to make the buyers imagining their kids playing in those rooms.

Fluffy toys and other toys must be placed out of the buyers´ sight, or they must be arranged in an organized way, as toys usually personalize the environment and they condition the image sent to the buyers.

The majority of kids have many toys, although they only use some of them.

There is no need to fill the room up with objects that might condition the selling of the real estate agreement in a negative way. However, there is no need of throwing away the toys; it is all about tidying a little the property.

The toys and other objects can be saved inside the wardrobes or down the beds for a period of time and take them out again after the visit of the potential buyers.

It is really important that a real estate agent advises the owner of a possible visit with potential buyers; so the owners will have time to tidy the kids´ bedrooms.

Funny bedrooms.

Tidying the kids´ bedrooms before a buyer´s visit, does not mean the bedroom must be boring at all.

Kids are normally linked to a playful aspect which the adults tend to hide. If the buyers have kids, the latter will definitely have an impact on the closing sale of the property.

Many parents create themed bedrooms for their kids, which do not have to coincide with the trends or the preferences of the buyers or their kids.

Themed rooms show a clear tendency and a totally different intention.

Most of the times, bedrooms are painted in certain colors and we include different objects based on the kids´ preferences.
Characters from cartoons, paintings or objects related to different sports and videogames become some of the most used elements inside the kids´ bedrooms.

When buyers see the striking colors of the walls they immediately think on the time and the money needed in order to paint the again. Then, they might get to an easier conclusion of buying another property which adapts to their necessities and personal tastes.

Childish bedrooms with neutral decorations.

Decorating a bedroom for a boy is not the same as decorating a bedroom for a girl. This must be taken into consideration by the owner who wants to sell a property, but also by the real estate agent.

Let´s suppose the owners of the property have a small girl and the bedroom is all decorated with princesses on a pink wall. If the potential buyers have boys, they will definitely not like this type of bedroom with this decorating style.

It is recommended to use neutral decorations as there are many variables that might change the selling process such as: the sexual identity of the kids, the parents´ tastes and the tastes of the owners who want to sell the property.

The kids´ bedrooms decorated in a neutral way give neutral feelings that will not condition the buyer towards a certain path. Neutral decorations don´t provoke any rejection from the buyer, and they might also get a certain level of attraction when thinking on the possible ways of decorating it according to his kids´ tastes.

Kids´ bedrooms are extremely personal rooms. That is why, the real estate agent must manage to make the buyers feel comfortable imagining their kids living in that space.

Wall drawings, posters, family pictures, doll collections, religious items or any other personal object are actually personal. These objects might have a sentimental value for the owners of the property for sale, but they do not mean anything for the buyers in a way that they do not get any value at all.

Natural light for the kids´ bedrooms.

Kids´ bedrooms must get full light during the day. An opposite aspect of this might not result attractive for the buyers.

Bedrooms with low natural light are seen as negative by the parents. They normally imagine their kids playing and resting in a natural environment, not illuminated by artificial light.

When all rooms of the property are attractive for the buyers, except the kids´ bedrooms, the potential buyers might take back their intention of buying the property.

The real estate agent and the real estate property recruiter must take this aspect into consideration in order to advise the owners in the best way.

Professionals of the real estate sector are qualified persons who must give advice. There are cases in which a real estate agent must advice the owners to clean the windows of their house.

Parents want bedrooms with natural lights for their kids, spacious and hygienic environments inside the house, without strange smells or objects that might condition the kid in a negative way.

As the natural light is a very important factor for the kids´ bedrooms, artificial lightning for using it during the night is also essential.

Artificial light can be used to improve the aspect of the baby´s bedrooms. Lamps, wall laps and ceiling lights make a brighter space during night.

Ideas for the real estate agent and property recruiter.

Generally, there is no specific training on decorating taken into consideration inside the real estate sector in Spain.

The consequence of this is that the real estate agent or the property recruiter do not know how to react in most of the cases.

A proactive attitude is essential inside the professional real estate sector and the former is the key to get better levels of productivity.

The property recruiter and the real estate agent must understand there are different ways to access information, which might be of great help when advising their clients.

These are some of the ways to get more info when advising owners on how to tidy the kids´ bedrooms:

  • Asking the help of a more experienced real estate agent.
  • Searching on Internet through the blogs of interior designs.
  • Checking with a trained expert on this matter.
  • Visiting brand new show-houses or real estate promotions (they use to follow the latest trends).
  • Gathering info straight from the buyers (necessities, tastes, etc.).
  • Reading magazines or bibliography related to decorating kids´ bedrooms.
  • Checking with forums and specialized platforms in order to discover new ideas.

Showing attractive kids´ bedrooms to the potential buyers is not a simple task. However, those bedrooms could become the key in the selling process.

In the same time, the real estate agent and the property recruiter must advise the owners of properties for sale on this subject in order to get the best results.

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