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Private islands for sale in the world.

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Being the owner of an island in the tropical paradise is the dream of many of us, but it is something that only some of us might have. There are many islands for sale on the world which have particular characteristics and different prices.

We must say that only some of the islands for sale can be submitted to real estate market, as the owners who are not allowed to do whatever they want with their isles.

There are valid ordinances in every territory where we could find the concepts of isles for sale and one should be careful not to break any valid law that might affect the property.

“The benefits of being the owner of a private island means having that dream a reality, but it means also security, privacy and the possibility to create a family long-lasting legacy for the coming generations”.

This is like a model of slogan for advertising the isles for sale. Although we believe it or not, nowadays, there is much interest and curiosity on this type of real estate product.

This is a type of real estate product similar to the castles for sale because their price is not so affordable and because we associate it with a certain level of eccentricity.

On the other hand, apart from associating the isles for sale with eccentricity, people realize that some of the isles for sale cost millions and other cost hundred thousand euro.

The prices of islands for sale depend on different variables from their size to their geographic location, whether they have buildings on them or if it will be possible to build on them.

In the following articles about isles for sale, we will find a good variety of options, as their prices, locations and other particular characteristics.

This will allow us to satisfy our curiosity on this type of real estate product and for a second, pretend to be owners of some isles.

Island for sale in Fidji.

Isla en venta Macuata Fidji

  • Name: Macuata Island.
  • Location: Fidji, South Pacific.
  • Price: 2.300.000€

Macuata Island is considered by the real estate experts as an authentic jewelry hidden in the South Pacific. Although not very known by people, this isle is located very close to civilization.

We have also the International Airport of Nadi which is located close to this isle (15 minutes by helicopter). Macuata Island is located at only 1.5 km from the North coast of Viti Levu and its size is about 40 hectare. Its shape is conical and its highest peak is at 30 feet over the sea level.

This isle was originally a volcanic cone and it is now surrounded by coral reef. The edge of the coral reef is located at only 400 m from the beach and one of its edges is rocky.

This isle for sale counts with all the permissions of the Government to connect submarines of potable water and it is telecommunicated as well. These expenses go on the account of the owners.

The real estate which sales this isle guarantees there is mobile connection although it is always better to go there and check it yourself. One thing is to seek for tranquility and quiet places and another thing is to isolate yourself from the world.

The advertising slogan of this isle for sale is quite suggestive:

“An ideal investment for people who want to have their own private place in paradise”.

Island for sale in USA.

Isla en venta Trump en Estados Unidos

  • Name: Trump Island.
  • Location: Washington, USA.
  • Price: 7.000.000€

Trump Island is located between Decatur and Lopez Islands, in the archipelago of 170 isles which all create the San Juan Isles. Its approximate size is 12 hectare. It counts with a 360º visibility of the sea and the main house is surrounded by a forest.

The property created in a contemporary style was designed by the architect Rees Hudacek and it has a size of 650 m2. T

his is a house called “self-sustainable” because its system of electricity is made by the submarine generators and solar power. However, there is also a huge tank of diesel of 19.000 liters that can also be used.

On the other hand, the potable water is coming through a complex system of purification of the rain water. For the watering of the forest, the owner will use the water from the natural tank of 80.000 liters.

In order to offer its clients the best opportunities, this isle counts with a private dock which allows the berth of big boats and seaplanes.

It is quite realistic to think that someone who has money to invest 7 millions of euro on an island, he has also the money to buy a yacht or a seaplane.

Island for sale in Bahamas.

Isla en venta Sand Dollar Cay Bahamas

  • Name: Sand Dollar Cay.
  • Location: Bahamas, Caribbean Islands.
  • Price: 6.000.000€

Sand Dollar Cay is a fabulous private island of 10 hectares situated in Bahamas, which is characterized by its environment, tranquility and easy access. It is located at only 15 km of distance from the harbor and airport.

It has 4 gorgeous beaches with white sand. The sea has different turquoise colors and the tides create new banks of sand. The isle counts with excellent brand new developments and a secure access to the berths areas.

The waters that surround the isle are full of living species. This converts the island into an ideal place for scuba diving.

The advertising slogan for this island for sale is:

Sand Dollar Cay is an opportunity to enjoy of a unique and desired way of life on the private and most beautiful and spectacular isle available in Bahamas”.

Island for sale in Panamá.

Isla en venta Paloma Panama

  • Name: Paloma Isle.
  • Location: Panamá, Central America.
  • Price: 325.000€

Paloma Island is located between Almirante Bay and Chiriquí Lagoon in the Caribbean.

This isle is surrounded by quiet lakes and a coral reef. The natural coral reef of the island has created a type of lagoon of swamps which protects it from the erosion created by the tides and waves.

The property of a thousand meters squared is located on the Northern part of Panamá, in the region of Bocas del Toro. In comparison to other in the same region, this isle does not present any snakes or spiders.

The “native inhabitants” of the isle are the medium size geckos and a huge variety of birds, especially the purple dove (the name of the island on the coast of Panamá comes actually from her name).

The plant life of this island for sale is a specific chapter to understand because of its variety (coco, pineapple, bananas, coffee, avocado, mango, cashew, almonds, lemon, lime, grapefruit, sugar cane, ginger, coriander, oregano, basil, mint, spinach, roses, ferns, orchids and more).

The house is made of wood and it has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room. It comes fully furnished plus the white goods, the linens and bathroom elements.

This property counts with a private power system made of 16 solar panels and two diesel motors just in case. The electricity system goes up to the dock and so the boats of medium draught can berth there.

Island for sale in Brazil.

Isla en venta do Gato Brasil

  • Name: Ilha Do Gato.
  • Location: Bahia State , Brazil.
  • Price: 2.665.000€

Do Gato island counts with an approximate size of seven hectares and it is closely located to Camamu Island (Bahia State, Brazil). Located at only 75 km of Ilhéus and 125 km to the Salvador (the capital), this isle is not situated in the middle of nowhere nor it is isolated from civilization.

However, Do Gato island is a virgin isle with white sands and clear waters, with a well-conserved nature and surrounded by huge mangroves.

The plant life and fauna of this area are protected by the Federal Government of Brazil, so the area is restricted to be built on because it could harm the charm of the environment.

The isle´s property counts with all the facilities and services such as internet, telephone, etc and the electricity comes from the continent by aerial cables from underground.

It has also a private pool, a dock, a helicopter and a sanitary system.

Island for sale in Chile.

Isla en venta Los Leones Chile

  • Name: Los Leones Island.
  • Location: Chile, South America.
  • Price: 3.800.000€

Los Leones Isle is situated in Patagonia and counts with a size of almost 700 hectares. This excellent property is located in the Pacific Ocean, just on the confluence of Palena River and the fiord Pitipalena.

Projected as a business for the eco-tourism, Los Leones Isle counts with a heliport and has its own system of roads. Apart from the main property, there are four more huts built on the island for the sake of the tourism.

The landscape of Patagonia is literally spectacular and the marine fauna is also gorgeous because of its seals, dolphins, orcas, blue whales and even penguins. The island for sale counts also with its own fauna, made mainly by sheep and goat.

From this isle, we can enjoy the unique views and the two volcanoes, the Michin Mahuida and the Melimoyu which can be reached by boat.

In the next articles, we will get to know some isles for sale in Europe, as we can also find a great offer and a huge variety of island for sale in this “Old Continent”.

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