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Private islands for sale in Europe.

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In the previous articles, we have seen some of the islands for sale in different areas (Fidji, USA, Brazil, Bahamas, Panama, Chile) and now we will concentrate on the islands for sale in Europe.

There is also a huge variety of islands for sale in Europe and they can be found almost on all the areas of our continent.

The most known isles for sale in the international real estate sector are the Greek isles, but there are also countries like Ireland and Italy that offer a great variety of isles for sale.

If we start to investigate the specific locations of the islands for sale in Europe, we will find countries that we normally do not associate with that kind of real estate product as for example Poland.

The front picture of the article shows the beauty of Schulzewerder Isle in Poland, an island for sale on which we do not have any hint of its price, but we can imagine the isle costs around some millions of euro because of its location.

Schulzewerder island in Poland functions as a touristic center targeting the exploitation of the camping. It counts with an approximate size of 8.5 hectares and it is situated in Lubie Island, at approximately 260 km from Berlin (Germany), closer than Warsaw, the capital of the country.

Apart from the natural environment of great beauty, the camping installations of Sculzewerder island offer the european standard of quality in order to properly exploit the tourism.

This is an isle for sale in Europe which justifies its real sale price, mainly because of its natural environment and its wonderful location.

Island for sale in Sweden.

Isla Stora Rullingen en Suecia

  • Name: Stora Rullingen.
  • Location: Strangnas, Sweden.
  • Precio: 6.000.000€

Stora Rullingen has an approximate size of 33 hectares and it is located at only one hour of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. In a radius of 90 km we can find three different airports, one of which is Strangnas, reachable by boat.

The island of Sweden has a property of 230 m2, a private dock and a huge extension which can be used for horse ridings or even to land a small plane. Its location, its beauty and its size show its main value and price: 6.000.000€.

This turns out to be an exaggerated number for most of the people, but if we analyze its variables, we figure out that its price is not that unreal among this type of real estate product.

Island for sale in Ireland.

Isla Mermaid en Irlanda

  • Name: Mermaid Island.
  • Location: Kenmare Bay, Ireland.
  • Price: 2.950.000€

This isle counts with an inhabitable surface of 12 hectares, plus other 13 hectares made of peat moss (a special organic material particular of that area).

Situated in Kenmare Bay, this isle for sale is located at only 10 km to the west of Sneem (the County of Kerry in Ireland) and it has also a property on it.

The property has three floors and all the comfort needed such as electricity, telephone, internet, etc. It is distributed like this: 3 bedrooms kitchen, dining room, library, gym, 3 baths, laundry a living room with chimney and its own system of treatment with residual waters.

This isle in Ireland counts also with its own dock for deep waters especially created for medium and large depth of water.

Island for sale in Greece.

Isla Omfori en Grecia

  • Name: Omfori.
  • Location: Ionic Sea, Greece.
  • Price: 50.000.000€

To invest so much money on an isle might turn out to be something out of proportion, although according to the international real estate experts the isle of Omfori justifies its price and value.

The isle has an approximate size of 450 hectares and it allows only 20% of that area to be built on.

Surrounded by the beautiful turquoise color waters of Ionic Sea, this isle id considered the main essence of the Greek perfection”.

This slogan, typically of a real estate marketing campaign, is not exaggerated at all because the isle is a real beauty situated in a magnificent environment.

In the real estate sector, Omfori isle is considered a real jewelry in its main significance, not only for the fact that it costs 50.000.000€

Island for sale in Italy.

Isla Cirella en Italia

  • Name: Cirella.
  • Location: Calabria, Italy.
  • Price: 570.000€

Cirella Isle is located on the Northwest part of Tirreno Sea which is part of the Mediterranean Sea at the west of the Italic peninsula. This isle for sale is located very close to the coast, that close that is possible to reach it swimming.

This is unusual for this kind of real estate product. With an approximate size of more than 10 hectares, Cirella Isle is 40 m higher than the sea level and counts with beautiful cliffs of limestone.

We can easily observe an old property on this isle, which dates from 1562 which was part of a military fortification built to prevent the pirate attacks.

It is said to exist different archeological rests deep in the sea and this speculation is actually the fruit of the discovery of amphora that date back the Greek-roman period.

Island for sale in Croatia.

Isla Plitvice en Croacia

  • Name: Plitvice.
  • Location: Plivice Lakes, Croatia.
  • Price: 350.000€

Plitvice Isle is located in the middle of Kozjak Lake, the biggest lake which along with other 15 lakes, it forms the National Park of Lakes of Plitvice in Croatia.

Those lakes count with a particularity which converts them into the possessors of a unique beauty mainly because of their colors.

The range of colors of Plitvice Lakes start from a blue color to a dark green pattern because of the algae, moss and bacteria that are part of the ecosystem.

His natural environment shows an excellent flora and a native fauna which presents animals such as bears, eagles, and savage cats. Moreover, that region was the natural scenario of the movie The Treasure of the Silver Lake (1962), in which Lex Barker was the protagonist.

The movie told the story of the famous adventures of the character Karl Mays. The person that will become the owner of this gorgeous isle of more than one hectare will also be able to get a plot of 1.5 hectare of national park and eventually get the authorization to start building there a property.

In the two articles we have “virtually visited” a huge range of islands for sale on the world and we have found different types of environments and different prices.

As we have stated from the beginning, the isles for sale are a particular real estate product whose prices are not reachable by anyone.

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