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International strategy for your real estate.

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Entering the international sale markets is a need for any real estate, because new opportunities and the potential foreign clients turn into a fundamental motivating factor.

Decades ago, promoting a real estate outside its base was seen as an extra option or as an alternative to the traditional pattern, but today, the positioning of the real estate abroad is almost obligatory.

The best way to position abroad a real estate is through the Internet. We will easily notice this would be the best option if we take into consideration the cost/ profit ratio for introducing an online strategy of Branding.

On the other hand, nowadays, all the real estate agencies must count on its personal webpage and blog as it is only about making some slight modifications and introduce certain elements in its strategy.

The Internet not only permits getting your real estate through the frontiers and position it on different other markets, but also facilitates the difficult task of directly supervising the results and it brings the possibility to precisely measure your investment.

When planning the Branding strategy, the agency must take into consideration some pretty important factors such as:

  • How do other foreign clients consider it?
  • The translation of the webpage´s contents plus its blog.
  • What to use? Domains, subdomains or subdirectories?

How do foreign users react to the strategy?

Potential clients´ nationality is an influential factor regarding the strategy to adopt. The users of different countries differ in behavior and habits when they surf the net.

An example is Google, which is a very used browser but not everywhere. It is a necessity to search for the most used browsers taking into consideration the users´ preferences in each country. So, we could obtain a higher rate of effectiveness and get better opportunities for the real estate.

As best examples, we could consider China and Russia, countries where Baidu and Yandex are much more popular among the users of the Internet. In conclusion, if the agency wants to get more Russian clients, it should introduce a strong strategy on Yandex and on Baidu for getting more Chinese clients.

The same happens with the users of social networks. As an obvious example we can take the Brazilians who prefer Orkut over Facebook, while the Russians feel more comfortable using VK than Facebook.

In the same time, there are tons of other social networks undiscovered yet, where to find clients for the real estate. Some of them count with millions of active users considering they are less important and developed than Facebook.

To introduce a proper Branding strategy through the Internet, it is necessary to count with several other factors:

  • The available bandwidth in the country.
  • Users´ direct access to smartphones.
  • Social media habits of the inhabitants of the country.

The translation of the website and blog of real estate. 

A correct translation of the webpage and blog´s contents is a major factor which will directly influence in the results of the Branding strategy regarding its worldwide implementing. In no way, one should appeal to an automatic and mechanical translation of the contents, cause this will badly influence in the consequences of the agency.

Moreover, using an automatic system of translating the contents does not permit an effective fulfilment of the SEO. On the contrary, it ruins it.

The real estate should appeal to professional translations made of competent translators because the contents must not only be translated but interpreted as well. By interpreting the web and blog´s contents we mean:

– Respect the used terms linked the chosen SEO strategy, trying to locate properly the contents.

– Adjust the contents to the sociocultural patterns of the country, without distort the editorial line and the article´s style.

In order to optimize the translated contents, there must be a balance between SEO and the local idioms. All this must be done without losing the proper editorial line, or distort what the real estate is trying to transmit to its clients.

What to use? Domains, subdomains or subdirectories? 

When a real estate is thinking of using bilingual sites (on the web or blog), it faces a difficult choice in deciding how to technically implement each language inside its sites. This is an important and recommended decision which should not be modified although any time we want to make some changes it would be better to reflect before doing it. It must be added here that this is quite a difficult technical issue to discuss, but everything has its pros and cons.

There are 3 options for implementing different languages in their right sites on Internet:

  1. Subdirectories: costainvest.com/ru
  2. Subdomains: ru.costainvest.com
  3. Domains for each country: costainvest.ru

Let´s have a look on each option:

1 – Center all the languages in only one domain name and use subdirectories and even for territorial addresses.


  • costainvest.com/ru
  • costainvest.com/pl
  • costainvest.com/fr

Even if this strategy does not permit achieving a very effective positioning, it permits making it with the help of the transference of the main authority domain.

2- Use subdomains for each language linked to the main domain and use them as independent sites.


  • ru.costainvest.com
  • fr.costainvest.com
  • pl.costainvest.com

When using this option, each subdomain must be indexed separately and by no means must be used by a real estate which pretends to use the SEO in more languages.

3 – If the real estate decides to use domains for each country ( costainvest.fr, costainvest.ru), some important issues must be taken into consideration:

– A certain higher and superior geographic domain is a special domain reserved to be used in its country. Not all the countries give the permission to non -resident companies to enter inside their ccTLD(country code Top-Level Domain).

– The investment to be done by the company in order to adhere to foreign domain is huge and this gets higher according to the number of countries in which they want to penetrate.

– A domain for each country would make the clients trust the agency. An exact example is the Russian preference for the domain.ru.

All that has just been said must be found in the company´s previous planned strategy, making the right choices and being sure those would suit the necessities of the real estate agency.

Even if the contents of the webpage and blog will always be the base of the international strategy, the SEO related aspects and other factors are also very important.

The planning and the development of the Branding strategy must always be done by qualified persons.

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