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Internal social network for a real estate.

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The target of a real estate social network is to strengthen different factors, in order to manage to increase the levels of internal productivity of the whole organization and business.

Each real state in Spain counts with certain particularities defined according to its limits and available resources. However, there are other factors that function independent of those limits.

Certain targets must be taken into consideration at the moment of implementing an internal social media platform, no matter the particular objectives of the real estate.

  • Strengthen the global productivity of the real estate.

  • Reflect the level of the individual productivity of each member of the company.

  • Share the info and interchange ideas in order to generate positive synergies.

  • Improve the working system of the real estate team.
  • Manage the knowledge in a clear way among the members of the real estate.

  • External communication for the customer service.
  • Set a central point of cooperation inside the company.

  • Set a centre of interchanging of ideas previous to the weekly real estate meeting.

  • Maximize the real estate hosting as a technologic resource.

  • Link the real state CRM in order to strengthen the efficiency of the internal management.

Key aspects of the internal real estate network.

The use of a real estate network for the internal use implies to set a series of codes and rules of functioning, such as all the social media platforms on Internet.

There are a series of aspects that the real estate must take into consideration. They can be seen as the functional codes of the platform.

Innovation and development for the real estate agencies in Spain.

The actual management model of a real estate requires a constant update of the available models and it requires the implementation of new technologies.

An internal real estate social network must be open to changes and adapt certain mechanisms that will only bring better levels of productivity.

A proactive and assertive real estate agent is needed for the whole organization, but these qualities are not innate of the professional´s personality. Real estate coaching tries to promote the constructive and critical spirit inside the real estate.

It tries also to promote the organizational values of the real estate, to stimulate an improvement on the resilience levels of the real estate agent and it attends from the particular necessities of the company and business.

On the other hand, technology has a fundamental requirement: we must know who to use it. That is why training the members is an essential factor.

Thousands of people use the smartphones and the Internet daily. However, the studies show that the majority do not know the correct functioning of the hardware of their mobiles or not even what an Internet protocol is.

A real estate agency in Spain must invest in technology, but it must also bring resources for the training of those who will use the technologies.

On the other hand, the real estate coaching in Spain must be seen as an investment which could easily bring the increase on the real estate productivity for short and medium term.

Method of internal communication inside a real estate.

It is really important to create a non-linear internal model of communication inside the real estate, because it eases the process of implementing an interactional model with similar characteristics.

This is an important factor at the moment of implementing an internal real estate social network. This factor can be seen as a basic rule inside the organizational structure of the company.

The target is that any real estate agent or member of the real estate could communicate their ideas in an effective way, by sharing them in real time and in an ascendant way inside the company´s structure.

Suggests, comments, observations, recommendations and any type of element that should be communicated must be transmitted immediately. The internal communication and collaboration model must be set as a constant and ascendant flow.

In other words, it should be made from the inferior levels or the organizational structure to the superior ones.

Flexible and not time framed communication.

In order to manage to get an internal real estate social media to function in an effective way, we must set time restrictions.

This might lead to misunderstandings and it does not mean that the members of the real estate are not achieving their targets or not following their work agenda.

The members of the real estate bring knowledge and information without any time frame, so other members can benefit from it, including those who are not working for the real estate.

There comes the importance of the organizational role of the Content Curator, the responsible to manage the internal info and the accessible data base at any moment.

Transparency of the info.

It is essential for the members of the real estate team to count with all the necessary info in order to interact in an effective way; always according to the individual competences set by each agent and according to the strict necessities of the company.

The competences of each real estate agent must be previously set in a clear way by the real estate leader or by the manager.

Counting with the necessary info segmented by competences allows the members of the organization to be part of taking decisions inside the parameters that have been assigned.

A high level of transparency on the info traffic stimulates a proactive attitude and makes possible a higher level of compromise.

External communication way for the real estate.

Although the social network real estate is implemented internally, it cannot be used as a platform for external communication.

The factors mentioned previously as a flow of info, the collaboration and cooperation must also be derived towards the exterior of the real estate.

An internal social media platform for rea estate is used as a means for the external communication of the real estate:

  • Customer service.

  • Management of the portfolio of rental properties (properties for rent and tenants).

  • Strengthen the social media strategy on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Tumblr, etc.
  • Generate positive synergies with other real estate agencies or developers.

  • Property recruitment for the company´s portfolio with properties for sale and rent.
  • Advertisement portals for the properties for sale.

  • Recruit new members for the real estate team.

  • Get external collaborators for the real estate.

Real estate social network and the time management.

A correct time management is vital in order to get good levels of productivity, and a real estate social network targets the time optimization as a resource.

The internal social media platform taken as a complementary means of communication allows the real estate to optimize the individual and the entire company´s time.

The rapidity of the internal info flow fastens the processes abd the ways the agents communicate with each other, making easier the achievement of better levels of professional competence and a more efficient time management.

The info shared in real time strengthens the effectiveness of any type of real estate model. That is why it is so important for a real estate agent to understand the functioning of the internal social network and its target.

The internal social network for real estate is not hold up by technology or any other computing system. They are only a means of achieving a target.

The target of the real estate in Spain is to increase its productivity levels. Using the internal social network as a means to strengthen abilities and the talent of the real estate members is an effective one.

Developing the potential of the real estate members is one of the objectives of a real estate social network.

Stimulating the participation and compromise, the info interchange and the generation of positive synergies are elements not linked to technology, but they are key factors for the organizational development of the real estate.

A real estate in Spain with a solid organizational structure which counts with a social network as an internal communication tool increases its productivity levels and will be able to expand itself.

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