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Instagram for real estate.

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Instagram is a social network based on visual content, and became one of the platforms with more active users.

When Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it had 30 million active users, and currently has more than 400 million.

Instagram is considered one of the most important social networks, and being focused on visual content makes it an excellent platform for real estate marketing.

It is a great platform for real estate advertising and, at the same time, it is highly profitable in terms of marketing.

Why should real estate use Instagram?

Because Instagram offers some advantages and features that make it an ideal platform for a real estate company to reach its audience.

Instagram is the most visual and mobile social network that exists , and more and more users connect to social networks through their mobile devices, which is causing Instagram ads to reach high levels of effectiveness .

If a real estate company wants to reach its audience to improve its business model, then it must inevitably advertise on Instagram, because marketing campaigns on the platform in addition to being very effective are low cost.

  • Instagram connected to Facebook. 

As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it had 30 million active users, and currently has more than 400 million; a very significant and illustrative data.

Instagram has an excellent advertising platform for companies, and allows linking the accounts of both networks to manage the ads.

Instagram has all the features and benefits of Facebook for companies.

  • Types of content.

On Instagram, images and videos are the types of content par excellence, and they are precisely the most used formats to be shared on social networks.

At the same time, images and videos are the formats used for the dissemination of properties for sale, and that is why Instagram is ideal for real estate advertising.

The functionalities of the platform for sharing content are very effective, and the system is based on the visual mode that predominates in social networks.

Instagram statistics for real estate.

Instagram exceeds 400 million active users, and among them more than 75% are outside the United States, which means that surely a large part of the audience of a real estate is in the social network.

  • 400 million active users.

  • More than 75% of users are outside the US.

  • 4 billion shared images.

  • 3.5 billion likes a day.

  • 80 million photographs published daily.

More than 80 million images shared a day on Instagram mean several things, among them, that being able to stand out among millions of daily content is not a simple task, and that must be taken into account by the real estate.

User devices on Instagram.

Although there is an Instagram version for desktop computers, with fewer features, the platform focuses on mobile devices.

Instagram users mainly use mobile devices to access the platform, and 80% of the traffic generated comes from those devices.

  • 91% computers or laptops.

  • 80% mobile phones.

  • 47% tablets.

  • 37% video game consoles.

Following the success of Instagram worldwide, not only companies use the tools that this social network offers in terms of dissemination, but also many independent real estate agents.

For independent agents Instagram is an excellent opportunity to make themselves known, and especially with a great advantage, the low cost compared to other marketing options.

Why do real estate advertising on Instagram.

Although the Instagram figures are overwhelming, and there are plenty of arguments, there are also other data that finish defining the importance of the social network for real estate.

  • The images and videos of the houses.

Instagram is based on the publication of images, which are shared by millions among users, and precisely the real estate companies spread their properties for sale through images.

In addition, the platform offers the possibility of combining the images of homes for sale with videos, which are very effective for real estate marketing campaigns.

  • Low cost real estate advertising.

Compared to Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), LinkedInTwitterBing Ads  and even Facebook Ads , Instagram advertising is much cheaper.

The costs per click on Instagram ads are significantly cheaper than in other advertising media, and that means that real estate can get better visibility by investing little money.

  • Real estate Ads on Instagram.

The ads on Instagram are integrated in a very natural way, they are not very invasive for the users, and they are very simple to create (even with little knowledge in the field you can launch an advertising campaign on the platform).

On the other hand, the degree of segmentation offered by its advertising system is very high, increasing the possibilities for real estate to reach its target audience.

If the real estate agency focuses its advertising campaigns on a well segmented target audience, its chances of success are greater.

In short, Instagram is a platform that offers great potential for real estate agents, allowing to implement very effective real estate marketing campaigns at low cost.

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