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Insightly used as a real estate CRM.

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Insightly is a very effective CRM for the management of a small or medium real estate in Spain.

As a real estate CRM, this tool eases the supervision of the internal process inside the organization of the real estate and it brings the possibility to manage external relations. This is a very effective tool for the increase of the productivity level of the real estate in Spain.

Through Insightly, a real estate can supervise details such as its portfolio of potential buyers up to details on its rentals. A real estate can supervise external links to independent real estate agents (freelancers), collaborators, partners (promoters, constructors, etc.) or suppliers of the office.

Main characteristics of Insightly as a real estate CRM.

These are the basic characteristics offered by Insightly as a real estate CRM:

  • Real estate management.
  • Contact management (internal and external contacts).
  • Daily work agenda and calendar.
  • Automatically attach addresses to the contact list.
  • Planning events and make follow ups.
  • Create notes and comments.
  • Personalize fields of the real estate CRM.
  • Make searches on the real estate data base.
  • Share archives (text documents, pictures of properties, real estate videos, etc.).
  • Link the real estate and the real estate blog.
  • Set tasks with follow up tags.
  • Program automatic tags.
  • Link direct relations between contacts, collaborators, real estate agents, projects, etc.
  • Predefines the templates of the real estate email (newsletter marketing).

Integrated management of the real estate projects.

Insightly allows us the integration of the real estate projects as if they were tasks and it also eases the supervision of all the phases of a selling process of a property (property recruit, document management, visits of the properties for sale, etc.).

Property rental can also be integrated as projects and they can be controlled just like the selling processes.

On the other hand, each project can be linked to different roles (real estate agents, collaborators, buyers, tenants, owners, etc.). In this way, the follow up of the professional performance of the real estate agent is achieved along with the observation of the achieved levels of productivity.

Project management with Insightly as a real estate CRM brings the possibility to:

  • Set targets and establish time frames.
  • Define tasks linked to different roles.
  • Send automatic reminders by email.
  • Show contacts by predefined variables.
  • Make follow ups of the emails inside a conversation.
  • Visualize completed tasks and the pending events.
  • Include archives associated with the projects of the real estate.
  • Check assigned tasks and the reports of the events.

Selling opportunities for a real estate.

Insightly allows us to analyze the potential offered by each property through a specific function defined as ¨selling opportunities¨ in order to sell that property. By adjusting some functions, it defines the properties that offer a higher potential of rental (by long or short term).

By configuring this function in a specific way through the variables offered by this CRM, the real estate can get a diagnosis of the selling or renting probabilities.

In order to achieve it, variables must be precise. Different phases and linked elements must be taken into consideration:

  • Property type (apartments, bungalows, chalets, etc.).
  • Property file.
  • Target (property for sale or rent).
  • Number of the visits made with clients (linked to calendar).
  • Dates linked to each action completed by the real estate agents.
  • Contact system (telephone, email, face to face visits inside the real estate office, real estate newsletter, enquiry form on the website or real estate blog, social media of the real estate, etc.).
  • Results obtained from the tasks (in person or online).
  • Clients ´ feedback (prices of the properties for sale or rent, opinions or general observations, etc.).

Detailed reports on the management and processes.

The system called “inherited reports” includes nine types of reports which help the real estate to analyze each phase of the selling process or property rental.

The real estate CRM system brings the possibility to create precise reports for the property recruit, for the online implemented actions (real estate web, real estate blog, social media platforms, etc.) and for the development of each task assigned to a real estate agent (including dates and obtained results).

Reports generated by the real estate CRM include basic graphics and can be configured according to the organizational and business necessities of the real estate.

Filters can also be implemented and we can also assign categories to each field of the report, or set intelligent reminders which will be automatically sent (function available only for the paid version).

Real estate CRM linked to social media platforms.

The social media integration system of the real estate CRM brings the possibility to detect its profiles on different platform and visualize the activity stream only with the help of one contact email.

This functions helps the real estate to access the activity of any contact on Facebook, FourSquare, Google Plus, Picasa, Twitter, Klout, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and other similar services.

This function was not designed for illegal purposes. What this module of the real estate CRM wants to achieve is to access social media platforms of its contacts in order to establish some positive synergies.

Social function of CRM does not access the private info of the contacts registered in the data base. It only uses the public info and the activity shared.

For example, a real estate Community Manager can use this function in order to reinforce the business links or to find new opportunities for the real estate.

Accessibility and integration of the real estate CRM.

The mobile app of Insightly allows us to access the real estate CRM from any type of smart device (iPad, Google Nexus, iPhone, smartphones or tablets with Android system, etc.).

In the same time,CRM is integrated with other apps which might strengthen the increase of the real estate productivity.

Integration levels are differential and depend on the app and other variables. But the system focuses on the most frequently used tools for a real estate in Spain:

  • Google Apps: email address, calendar, host, etc.
  • Microsoft Outlook: contacts, calendar, documents, email, etc.
  • Customer service: SupportBee (automatic support system of the clients).
  • Management and interchange of documents: One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.
  • Data base and migration: Data2CRM, Dedupely, Import2, Neatly and PieSync.
  • Email Marketing: DirectIQ, Gmail, Boomerang, Inibox and Mailchimp.
  • Real estate productivity: Evernote, Flow XO, Hubstaff (real time tasks), Ninja Forms (WordPress), Time Camp and Zapier.
  • Reports: Microsoft Power BI.
  • Diverse tools: Facebook Ads, Google Hangouts, PandaDoc, Plus23, Proposable, Quotient and Wishpond.

In terms of a real estate CRM, Insightly´s basic functions are very effective. Even if the free version brings some functional limits in comparison to the payable versions, it is still a good option to be taken into consideration.

Accessing freely a real estate CRM which provides all the previous characteristics seems to be a good option for a small and medium real estate in Spain.

On the following posts we will analyze the advanced functions of Insightly and the characteristics offered by the different payable memberships of this CRM.

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