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Insightly as a real estate CRM and its characteristics.

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We have previously analyzed the basic characteristics offered by Insightly when used as a real estate CRM. Now we will focus on the advanced functions of this CRM targeted towards the increase of the real estate productivity.

As we already mentioned before, it is really important to understand that the majority of the CRM that we can find on the market are not targeting the real estate sector.

However, as they are flexible and have a high level of configuration, they can be adjusted to the necessities of any real estate in Spain.

Insightly offers 5 plans that can be used as real estate CRM: a variety of options such as the possibility to use the CRM for free (an ideal fact for any small or medium real estate in Spain), up to the

Enterprise version which brings loads of functions and excellent professional outputs.

Without analyzing the prices of each plan offered by Insightly, let´s analyze the advanced functions offered by this CRM.

Real estate management with Insightly as a real estate CRM.

  • Tasks and events calendar offered by Insightly.

Insightly allows us to schedule events, tasks and set targets which can be visualized in real time by other members of the real estate. Reminders and recurrent tasks can be created, or we can assign jobs to members of the team and automate different processes of internal management.

Event data can be exported on iCalendar or synchronize them with Google Calendar in order to keep the members of the organization updated. These platforms might result familiar for the professionals.

  • Automatic address book on Insightly.

Maintaining the address book updated is a very important task; that is why Insightly adds new contacts in an automatic way.

Emails are saved in a linked way, even if we manage them through external tools such as Gmail, Outlook or the own real estate hosting.

Insigthly uses advanced analytics of the emails in order to find the hidden links between the contacts, easing the management process and achieving better levels of productivity for the real estate.

The system links the emails through the data of the fields From, To and CC, linking the messages automatically without accessing their info.

  • Notes and comments on Insigthly.

There are cases in which a real estate agent wants to note down something related to a client after a voice call, to add a fast note for a project linked to a specific result or just to underline an incident.

Insigthly allows us to add notes, comments or observations and almost any task or event of the real estate (commercial opportunities, projects, emails, contacts, etc.) in a simple way.

In the same time, this function can be used by other members of the real estate to access the real estate CRM and add comments to the notes or attach relevant documents that might be linked.

Permissions system is simple to configure, but it is effective and it brings the possibility to set access rights for the real estate agents or members of the organization.

  • Personalized fields and filters on Insigthly.

Personalized filters bring the possibility to filter the info on the real estate CRM by different criteria. Different criteria can be combined and associated to a filter, save the filters for an eventual recovery or even share them among other users.

Personalized fields get the info that we want to store in the CRM in an automatic way, but it can be configured to leave aside the info that does not fit in none of the fields.

The real estate can set the type of the info needed to be saved on the data base and those that are not relevant at all, so CRM will manage them automatically.

  • Documents interchange on Insightly.

Insightly has a great capacity to interchange integrated documents and it brings the possibility to save the important documents and the info associated with a linked task or event.

  • Contact info.
  • Real estate blog posts.
  • Photos of the properties for sale.
  • Data on the property recruitments.
  • Images of the properties for rent.
  • Legal documents.
  • Real estate videos.
  • CVs of the human resources.

In order to link any document drag and release the document from the desktop to Insightly. It can be attached and shared with other users in an automatic way.

Linking the real estate CRM with other services such as Dropbox or Google Drive eases the real time document interchange. In this way, members of the real estate can access them from different devices anytime they need.

  • Assigning tags on Insightly.

Tags bring the possibility to organize any element registered on the real estate CRM and link it to a keyword.

Tags can be added to contacts, collaborators, real estate agents, recruited properties, projects, emails, sales, properties, property rentals, etc.

Example how to use the tags on the real estate CRM:

  • Segment the type of properties and link them according to a geographic location.
  • Associate certain recruited properties to a real estate agent.
  • Link the client to a property for sale or rent.
  • Notify the agents filtered by languages about the new contents of the real estate blog.
  • Update the price of a property for sale and send it automatically to any contact.

By adding the proper tag for an instant reference, we manage to get the info and the sending of a document to be updated in real time in an automatic way.

There are infinite combinations and possible associations that can be made.

The users of the real estate CRM can follow up the tasks and the events registered on the system and introduced by them or any other member of the real estate.

The possibility to follow objects on Insightly (tasks or contacts) or to receive notifications by email when changes are made must follow the access rules predefined by the administrator of the real estate CRM.

It is really important for a real estate to predefine access rules, both for the access of info as for the data interchange produced on the system.

Not all members should have access to the info managed on the real estate CRM. However, there are cases in which it is really important to notice the real estate agents on possible price changes of the properties for sale.

Insightly brings the possibility to create hierarchical relations through the implementation of access allowances and it also brings the possibility to generate multiple direct and indirect relations between the users and the events created.

  • Contact forms on the real estate web and blog.

This real estate CRM counts with a characteristic that allows the creation of a HTML form for the real estate web or real estate blog. It collects and indexes the info of the visitors (possible buyers).

A real estate in Spain can get potential buyers from different sources including its website or real estate blog.

First of all, the fields to be captured must be selected and then, we need to create a HTML code and place it on the real estate web template or the one of the real estate blog.

Once the HTML code is placed on the real estate web and the user send his details, the CRM will create a new contact in an automatic way and it will assign him the tag “Web contact”.

If the real estate desires so, it can set the CRM to send notifications by email and limit the visibility of the new contacts for the selected users.

This is a function that helps the process of management of the potential buyers and it makes it more efficient.

This function can be used when we get info on someone who might be interested in buying properties for sale or properties for rent, but his interest has not been verified yet.

This function brings the possibility to automatically segment those users who visit the real estate websites, bringing also more selling opportunities.

Insightly offers also the possibility to create lists of contacts for the creation of groups of real estate clients and then send them through MailChimp.

Contacts can easily be exported from Insightly to any of the MailChimp lists.

Source: insightly.com

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