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Info on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

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The Townhall sends some recommendations for the users of the beaches in Orihuela Costa through informative banners. These recommendations are linked to health, security and how the users must behave under different circumstances.

This rules are publicly known and they can easily be accessed, as they come up on the informative banners situated on the beaches of Orihuela Costa (Spain).

However, due to the fact that the users seem to not pay too much attention to those banners, we also share the info here.

Info for the users of the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

Behavioral code for the users of the beaches in Orihuela Costa.

  • Use the bins and do not leave any waste outside it.
  • Use the toilets.
  • Take care when bathing into rocky areas, because of the risks of sea currents.
  • Kitesurf is banned.
  • Surf is banned.
  • Fishing is banned.
  • Remember pets are not allowed on the beach.
  • Respect the nature and wildlife.
  • Place the trash into the special bins.
  • Do not camp or drive vehicles on the beach.
  • Remember fag-ends are also trash.
  • Respect the equipment and the amenities of the beaches.
  • There are rules for using the beaches; please obey them and contribute to following the rules so all of us can enjoy this natural resource.

Health and hygienic recommendations on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

  • Do not use the area reserved for the swimmers if you have any disease that might infect the others through water or direct contact.
  • Avoid walking barefooted on the damp areas, or on any area possible of contamination such as toilets, shops, etc.
  • Do not use street shoes on the beach.
  • Make sure you know the depth of the bathing area.
  • Put sun protection on. Take care when sunbathing with kids.
  • Drink enough liquids and do not make use of alcoholic drinks.
  • Do not jump fast into the water. Enter step by step so the body temperature adjusts to sea´s temperature. Avoid spins, jumps or lunches into the rocky areas.
  • Take the two-hours brake after eating and before getting into the water.
  • Do not use glass objects in the bathing areas to avoid accidents and use ashtrays and bins.
  • Do not leave the kids alone when they are bathing or playing. The kids who do not swim must use a rubber ring.
  • Follow the lifeguard´s advice in order to avoid possible accidents.
  • Make sure the water you drink is drinkable. This area has fountains with indicators of the quality of the water.
  • Make sure the products you consume have been bought from shops that guarantee their quality.
  • Store the refrigerated aliments in order to avoid intoxications or food poisoning.
  • Take a shower after bathing at the end of the day.

According to the rule focusing on the security of the use and the conservation of the beaches of Orihuela Costa, we provide you these obligations:

  • Article 15.1: Only transparent sunshades and parasols, and complementary tables and chairs are allowed for a better use of the beaches.
  • Article 15.2: It is prohibited to leave these elements installed/opened on the beach, without its owners. People do this just to reserve a spot on the beach.
  • Article 15.5: Camping tents are prohibited anytime of the year; so is the long term camping on the beaches.
  • Article 15.6: The municipality employees and the local police will take off all the elements illegally installed and take them and store them in special branches. These elements will be returned back only when their owners will bring a document which shows they are the owners. The offender must pay a fine just before taking back his belongings.
  • Article 33.1: Parking and driving any vehicle of 2 or more wheels with mechanical or animal traction is prohibited on the beach and nautical promenade. Emergency, security or municipal services vehicles obtain an exemption to this rule.
  • Article 38.1: Bathing of the pets is prohibited. The same as the access, circulation or camping of the animals on the beach during all year round (according to the Municipal rule of possession and protection of animals.
  • Article 42.1: Any type of painting or graffiti on the buildings or public spaces of the beach without an authorization from the town hall is prohibited.

By implementing these rules, the town hall pretends to achieve a good quality of use of the beaches in Orihuela Costa (both for the tourists as for the residents of this area).

Security recommendations on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

The town hall makes a series of recommendations linked to security through informative banners installed on the beaches of Orihuela Costa, under this tag:


These are the security recommendations for the users of the beaches in Orihuela Costa:

  • Never bath when red flag.
  • Do not bring valuable belongings to the beach. We recommend only necessary things. Do not leave belongings in your car.
  • Use the lockers installed on the beach.
  • Never leave your belongings unwatched.
  • Warning: never use handbags on the beach or when strolling around the bars, restaurants or shopping centers.

– Take this into consideration:

  • A thief needs only one minute to ruin your holidays.
  • Take care with the people selling products on the beaches as they are not legally authorized. Especially the massage persons who might harm you as they do not have any official authorization or specific knowledge.
  • If you encounter any problem while you are on the beach, but the authorities are not around, you must head to the closest beach bar where they will help you inform the authorities as soon as possible.
  • Red Cross service is available on Easter time and every day from the 15th of June until the 15th of September from 11:00 to 19:00 on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

These security recommendations exposed by the town hall on the informative banners pretend to avoid undesirable situations for the people who visit and enjoy the beaches of Orihuela Costa (Spain).

  • NOTES:
  • Costa Invest Real Estate and the author of this post are not responsible of possible changes on the info provided here.
  • This is not a sponsored post and must be understood like informative.
  • The shared info is informative and might suffer modifications made by the municipal authorities of Orihuela Costa (Spain).
  • This content has no direct or indirect link between Costa Invest Real Estate and the author of this post with the municipal authorities.
  • The info got from the informative banners of Orihuela Costa beaches was used as a source of reference. It is public and can be managed by the municipal authorities.

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