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How to increase the productivity of the real estate.

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The increase of the productivity for a real estate agency is very important and in some cases it could determine the real estate´s existence.

In order to increase the productivity of the real estate, we should not always recur to money and we should first make a detailed analysis of the resources the real estate has and a functional analysis in order to understand the exact situation in which the real estate finds itself.

We should never forget the cost-benefit relation and the fact that when we speak about “cost” we do not necessarily refer to the economic aspect.

That is why it is more common to use the idea of “investment- benefit”, because an investment does not necessarily need to be related to money.

Time is a resource which must be efficiently managed in order to get the best results. When an agent of the real estate realizes a call or writes an email to a potential client, he is investing his most valuable resources, time.

In order to increase the productivity of a real estate we should strengthen its resources, making use of its better points and by implementing systems in order to modify those functional elements which can be improved.

Tips to increase the productivity of the real estate.

The leader of the real estate.

Be the boss of a company does not necessarily mean to have the qualification needed in order to be the company´s leader. To be the owner of a real estate is a thing and to be the leader of it is another.

If the owner does not accomplish with the necessary conditions needed in order to lead the firm, that is not such a negative thing, because the task of the leader of the real estate could be passed to another person.

The leader of the real estate could be any person of the real estate and this depends on the model adopted by the real estate. We could notice there are different types of organizational models and in all of them we could see the clear figure of the leader.

In fact, the tag which is allocated to that person is not the most important thing. We could call him manager, director, supervisor and so on. The importance stands in the fact that he needs to count with the characteristics needed in order to manage the real estate.

Inside a real estate, a leader should be a good manager of any resource the real estate has and he should generate positive internal and external synergies and be effective when taking decisions.

The effective real estate team.

A leader needs a team and the real estate team is very important in order to get the best results. The figure of the firm´s leader inside the real estate is so important in order to increase the productivity of the company, that we know it already. So is the real estate team.

A real estate work team is most of the times limited to the real estate agents. But although they are an important part of the real estate, they are not the only ones.

In other words, a real estate is more than a team made of real estate agents. In a real estate we could find other figures as important as the agent, because inside a company, each member has a specific task and all the members are equally important.

In the gears of a real estate, apart from the real estate agents, we could find: secretaries, Webmasters, solicitors, Community Managers, collaborators and a person responsible with the cleaning of the office (a person who is as important as the others).

Technology as an important resource for the real estate.

Technology is an important resource inside the real estate and we should understand that is not all about how to achieve it, but the key is in knowing to use it efficiently in order to get the best out of it and increase the productivity.

A real estate could achieve the best informatics terminals, but if the person who uses them does not understand them either, then they worth for nothing. Apart from being a huge investment, those equipment and tools will convert into an unnecessary expense.

Nowadays, we live in a society in which the majority of the people know how to use a computer and know to navigate on Internet, although a 97% of those persons do not really know to define Internet and to say how it works.

To be a qualified person in technology is not only about navigating on Internet or knowing to use a web-conference system; it is actually more than this.

The user of the technology of a real estate should know all the functionalities of the basic tools, because if not, he will not know how to get the best of them and increase the productivity of the real estate.

And here I am not referring to experts, but to simple persons who know to use all the functionalities of the different programs, create and manage a data base, access a CRM for real estate and know to navigate on Internet and knowing the basic protocols.

We live in a society addicted to technology and in which the majority knows nothing at all. That´s the path to disaster. Carl Sagan

CRM for real estate in order to increase the productivity.

A CRM for real estate is essential in order to manage the real estate and so increase its level of productivity.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) allows the real estate to manage any area of it: from supervising the processes of selling houses to the measure of each member´s productivity.

Apart from a control tool, a CRM for real estate should be considered as a way of supervising every active process inside the real estate.

The CRM allows us to manage the portfolio of properties for sale in a much simpler way, it allows us to follow what processes are managed and it measures the results.

A real estate CRM allows us to supervise each member´s activities and this facilitates the detection of the low and high points of each member of the real estate. This allows the detection of wrong processes and this is the first step to increase the real estate´s productivity.

Right from the beginning, a real estate should count with technological tools in order to increase its productivity.

Training in a real estate.

It is usual to mix up terms such as education with training or experience with qualification. In reality, all those concepts should be found in a real estate agent and some of them represent an implied requirement to become a professional in this sector.

A real estate agent, when enters to a real estate, he should count with the necessary qualification and this does not mean his training is the best, but simply because an authentic professional never leaves trainings.

The training processes, from specific courses to professional areas of action, allow us to increase the real estate team´s aptitudes and its efficiency. And a real estate team well trained will always achieve good levels of productivity.

Coaching, as a subject, increments the productivity of the real estate working teams and it is based on methodologies and specific programs. We should state that each member of the real estate should understand compromise as a true aptitude and value.

The training in Coaching has different approaches for a real estate and those depend on the specific necessities of the real estate. Anyway, the processes of real estate Coaching have as objective the incrementing of the productivity of the real estate.

The level of efficiency of the real estate is reflected by its productivity. 

The customer service of the real estate.

A real estate without an efficient customer service policy will never generate high levels of productivity. The customer service policy of a real estate is an essential key in order to generate and reinforce the external links and to be a reference channel inside the real estate.

The clients are the food of any real estate. After setting the importance the clients have for a real estate, there is an unquestionable necessity of offering them a special treatment, because we know that without clients who buy properties, the real estate has no meaning.

Inside any customer service policy for real estate there are some aspects to be taken into consideration, from the idea of how to communicate to a client to rapport techniques.

The different ways to salute the clients and how to answer the phone calls inside a real estate, the elements which should be included in the customer service policy are the non- verbal and written communication, but also the emotional moods.

Marketing and the advertising of a real estate.

To plan and implement an effective Branding strategy is essential for a real estate agency. There is also the generation of positive external synergies.

When combined, these aspects increment the productivity of the real estate. All strategy of real estate Branding should be focused on these aspects.

In the same time, the real estate webpage should be considered as the virtual office of the real estate, as a projection of it, a projection which should be both organizational and business.

In any marketing strategy, we should find the following factors: the real estate webpage as the HUB where all actions happen, the real estate blog as the key element for the development of the brand and the visibility on Internet, plus the real estate social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

The advertising should also be valued as an investment by the real estate and manage it as a normal resource. Every advertising campaign implemented by the real estate agency should be supervised and later valued by its results, no matter by what means the advertising is done.

All actions adopted by the real estate and aimed towards the achievement and towards the increase of productivity should be considered a target to achieve.

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