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How to ping the real estate site.

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Ping is a system used to notify content updates to search engines and directories. A system that can be used to index the contents of both a real estate blog and a real estate website.

This notification system is based on the XML-RPC protocol, which uses the extensible markup language (eXtensible Markup Language) to encode the data sent through another protocol, the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol) .

Dave Winer at the end of the year 2001 introduced the system to ping websites, and although currently ping is processed automatically when publishing content from any blog, it does not imply that all internet directories are notified of it. .

The so-called open ping servers, automatically index the published content of a blog when sent through a ping; and closed servers only index the contents of those who are registered in your system.

Of course it is a key factor for the correct indexing of the contents that the real estate sites are registered in the search engines, and that the indexing tools of sitemaps and RSS Feeds that offer different platforms for webmasters are regularly used (Google Analytics , Bing Webmasters, etc.)

However, even if a real estate blog or a real estate website is registered with Google, Bing, Yandex and more search engines, it is always convenient to speed up the process of indexing the contents to perform a ping.

The options to ping online from a blog or from a website are two:

  • Free or paid multiping services.

  • Automatic with the CMS of the real estate site.

Ping services for the real estate site.

Multiping services allow you to perform multiple pings automatically to a large number of servers; There are also specific programs for this, and there are other ways to multiply a real estate blog, although the online option is often very practical.

Among the many aspects related to the SEO of a blog or web page, doing the corresponding multiping with each new content publication is very important, and an effective way to improve the positioning of the site.

The sites for multiping are an excellent option for the massive sending of a ping from the real estate blog or from a real estate website; and although these services make the task much easier, they have some limitations, especially as regards the number of URLs to which the ping is sent.

In this sense, some multiping payment services allow you to create a list of URL addresses manually and schedule the ping sending with a certain frequency.

The main features offered by payment sites to multiply are the following:

  • Number of addresses to ping.

The maximum number of addresses to send the ping varies, depending on the monthly plan contracted, between 50 and 1,000; although there are services that simultaneously send a ping with 3,000 addresses (real estate blog articles and / or properties for sale published on the real estate website).

  • Frequency of days to send the ping.

Generally multiping payment sites send the ping with a frequency of three days in their most economical plans, even sending the ping on a daily basis.

Everything will depend as always on the plan contracted to multiply.

  • Social Feed Ping.

Some paid multiping sites also offer a social media plugin, which allows you to send automatically, and simultaneously when making the first massive address ping, to social networks such as FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Although platforms such as Bing allow linking the real estate’s social sites with the real estate blog and with the agency’s website (through the domain used), the system does not index status updates, and is limited to controlling the flow of activity in the linked social media accounts.

Automatic ping in WordPress.

WordPress allows you to attach a list of addresses to perform an automatic ping with each new publication.

It is a very effective and practical system, which ensures that each article of the real estate blog or property published on the real estate website is indexed by search engines.

However, it is very important to structure a list of addresses to ping and update it based on its effectiveness.

To make an automatic ping with each WordPress publication simply paste the address list in Settings / Write / Update Services.

Although the WordPress content update system is very simple, some details must be taken into account.

  • Separate addresses with line breaks.

  • The address of each site should start with http: //

  • Some sites require prior registration to accept the ping.

  • Some addresses are sites that in turn multiply.

Google uses a system of extensions by country for each of its URLs, so you must send the ping of the real estate blog or the real estate website to each of them.

Pinging the main Google address is not bad, and in fact using FeedBurner when publishing content automatically is updated, although it is much more effective to achieve a good positioning ping each Google address.

In the case of a multilingual real estate blog or a real estate website in different languages, the above is very important, because the real estate agency will be sending the ping specifically to each Google address linked to a particular language, determined by the extension of country.

It is also very important to keep in mind that Google differs by countries and not by languages, and that is why although the real estate company publishes in its real estate blog and in its website only in Spanish it is also very important, to get a good positioning and disseminate its contents in each country that speaks the english language.

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