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How selling a property.

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Every seller of a house has in mind to get the higher price possible, although this depends on various factors.

There are a lot of factors that influence on the selling of a property, issue not taken into consideration by most of the owners.

The buying of a property means a very important economic investment and when it comes to the clients´ decision on what to buy, the latter will always take into consideration all the possible aspects related to the property.

Indeed, there is a high competition based not only on the properties´ prices but also on other important factors.

A good price leads to the selling of your property.

It is wrong and it is a bad strategy to place a very high price to a property in order to negotiate it with different potential clients. The potential clients will get the first impression on the property and its price, so the latter is essential in generating the client´s interest.

The reports show that a property´s price is the essential protagonist when catching the client. Most of the time, potential clients count with a specific and limited budget.

There are also 2 factors that contribute to the selling of a property:

  1. The client´s emotional relation with the property.
  2. The property´s original buying price.

1 – The client´s emotional bond with the property could become a strong one and this is why it is seen as an influential factor when negotiating the final price.

There are many situations in which the owners of the property are a couple and one of them cannot make up his mind.

Anyway, at the moment of selling, this emotional bond client-property does not represent anything important for the buyer, although this influences the seller.

2 – The well-known terms ¨Spanish real estate bubble¨ shows a general fact in the real estate market: many people bought properties at a higher price than their actual selling price and their properties are situated lower than the market´s price.

This is the consequence of the high fluctuation of the market and this has nothing to do with the seller of the house. In the same time, there is no reference between the initial price of a property and the one of the final selling.

It is true that nowadays, the prices of Spanish properties have dropped considerably and the deals are not as expected.

  • Do not take your neighbor as an example.

It is true that if we analyze the neighbors´ prices for their properties, this could influence the selling price of most of the properties on market.

The problem here is that not all the neighbors are sincere and tell the truth when they are asked the price they got for their property and most of them exaggerate.

Moreover, you could never know the price the neighbor sold his/her house because you were not present at the signing of it.

  • The selling of a property influences its price.

The negotiation of a property´s selling price is a special issue that covers most of the selling process of a property and the seller must never take it personal.

The huge drop of the prices in Spain favors the negotiation of the prices and most of the sellers set a price just to speculate.

The seller of a property must not take it personal and enter in this negotiating atmosphere when selling his house and so, make a counter offer.

The selling property´s status and its setting.

The total of certain small details make the property not a very interesting offer for the buyer.

Moreover, there are also a lot of debates in order to make the seller lower his price. In this way, it is highly important to sell a property which maintains the cleaning pattern and also is bright and well maintained.

The painting of a property must not be seen as an expense, on the contrary, must be taken as an investment which increases the possibilities of selling the property. Buying new curtains for the property helps the property to be seen better.

There is also the cutting of the grass or arranging the garden and the flowers that will make the property more attractive for the potential buyer.

A property´s setting could turn into a negative aspect regarding its price and the seller of the house must be aware of it, because the buyer will use it in order to lower the price. The area where the property is located will always influence on its price.

Here we can add that tranquility of the area and the property´s aspect which are seen as factors that must be taken into consideration.

If we move a property from a place to another area, it will surely have a different price and this must also be taken into consideration.

The owner that sells his/her property cannot change these variables regarding the property´s area and if these variables are negative, so the price of the property will be.

The owner´s flexibility and availability.

It is highly important to offer flexibility regarding the hours to view the property so that the agent could visit the property. It is also important to show availability regarding the days the agent can present the property to his clients.

In the case of Costa Invest which counts with a high number of foreign clients who come from all over Europe, the agents need the possibility to visit the properties on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

There must be highly emphasized the fact that in the case of a foreign client, the latter manages his time as he wishes and he is keen to see as much properties as possible during his stay which most of the time is just a weekend.

This is the case of other possible clients, not only the foreigners, who cannot make visits during the week but only on weekend because of working aspects.

When the owner is flexible with the days and the hours of showing the property, he facilitates the agent´s work and it increases the possibility to sell the property.

The selling of a property is a competition.

The potential clients will not visit only one property. On the contrary, they will do the possible to view as much properties as possible before taking such an important decision.

On the other hand, the possible client will value the improvements made to the properties.

This is also important when thinking on the price to give to a property. On the moment of buying, the client values different aspects, not only the price.

Selling a property is a real competition and not only of prices!

That is why you should leave the selling of your property in the hands of Costa Invest, a real estate which counts with a lot of experience and necessary resources to manage the selling of your property.

You can contact its highly qualified team through costainvest.com. They will offer you personalized attention and the necessary counselling in order to sell your property in the best conditions.

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