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Houses built in 6 hours.

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The study of Italian architects Renato Vidal designed the MADi (Module Abative Dispiegabile or Habitable Deployable Module), a type of housing that can be assembled in a maximum of seven hours with the work of three operators.

The architect Renato Vidal designed MADi, a fast-assembly house that has all the comforts of a traditional home.


MADi houses have a surface built from 27 square meters to 84, and have all the necessary comforts like any other type of house.

The concept of housing assembly is not that of the prefabricated houses that we know, nor is it strictly the model of modular housing construction.

The great advantage of houses is that they are assembled in 6 hours, and also their price, which starts at 30,000 euros.

The assembly of MADi houses.

The MADi house is ready before being transported to the place that the buyer wants, and once there it is assembled in a very short time.

From the moment of the order, «the delivery only takes time to organize the transport, if it is in stock . If it is sold out, the delivery period goes from 30 to 40 business days from the order and one more day for the installation» , the company officials say.

Interior of the MADi houses.

The most small MADi houses have 27 square meters, and despite their small size they have two floors; living room, kitchen, bathroom on the ground floor, and a bedroom on the top floor.

The most expensive houses of the architects studio does not exceed 70,000 euros (84 square meters), and combined with the short assembly time they become a very interesting real estate product.

The houses are oriented to the use of natural resources, allowing the installation of solar panels, and rainwater utilization systems.

In addition, MADi houses contemplate energy savings , using low power consumption systems.

The houses can be customized, replacing the designs with traditional walls with windows or sliding glass, and choosing different types of finishes and wood finishes.

MADi houses include in its assembly the electrical system, sanitary appliances for the kitchen and bathroom, pre-installed drainage systems, air conditioning and seismic structure.

Construction of the house in 6 hours.

Source: madihome.com

Daniel Costa Lerena

Author and Editor.

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