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Spectacular house in the desert.

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This dream house in the desert, perfect for the modern Bond villain, spent too much time under the radar and finally got some recognition in 2014 when it was put up for sale by artist Beverly Doolittle and her husband Jay, who spent more than five years building it and perfecting every detail.

The house in the desert was designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, who immediately fell in love with the site, four beautiful and unspoiled acres in Joshua Tree (California).

Beverly says: «I was jumping on the rocks like a mountain goat. He had been looking for rocks to build».

The couple gave free rein to the project, and in 1988 work began on this house of concrete, steel, glass and copper, placed perfectly in the rocky site and looking from the top like a rib cage.

The house was finished in 1993, but interior designer John Vugrin spent several years making “adjustments.”

The Doolittles did not move until the early years, and by 2014, they were ready to reduce their size. They went to Utah and listed the property for $ 3 million, describing it as “the most important architectural design house you have ever seen.”

The proud new owners are Manhattan Beach residents, Kristopher Dukes, an interior designer, and Matthew Jacobson, a Facebook executive, who intend to “preserve it as a work of art”, according to the New York Times.

Interior of the house.

The interior of the house is intimate and warm, and not only because of the desert heat, but because of its meticulous design.

The designers took full advantage of the natural light of the desert, and combined the textures of the environment for the construction of the house with the clear intention that it did not clash with the landscape.

Information of the house in the desert.

  • Project duration: 5 years (1988 to 1993).

  • Architect: Kendrick Bangs Kellogg.

  • Interior design: John Vugrin.

  • Plot: 4 hectares.

  • 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

  • Sale price: 3 million dollars in 2014.

Currently this spectacular house in the desert has new owners and is not for sale.

  • Photos by Lance Gerber / Nuvue Interactive

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