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Hotjar for real estate blog and web.

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Hotjar is an optimizing tool for websites. This tool focuses on aspects that other tools do not. Hotjar centers on the analysis of the key areas of real estate websites and it uses specific tools in order to detect the behavior of the visitors.

Although we know the tools for webmasters offer loads of info, in many occasions we will not be able to detect certain key elements. With the above tools we might analyze the visit time of the users, the web browsers used, a specific location of the visits, the featured contents and many other factors.

However, Hotjar offers another type of utilities that are not related only to data collection and they focus on the visitors´ behavior, too.

Nowadays, a real estate in Spain defies some basic aspects of its web and blog. There are websites with low level of optimization, images of properties without alt attributes, articles of the real estate blog without editing and long lists of errors.

These are the factors that will end harming the real estate. In order to understand Hotjar function as an optimization tool we must start from the fact that the real estate web and real estate blog must be correctly optimized.

Optimize the real estate blog and web with Hotjar.

For a real estate it is essential to manage to isolate the behavior of the visitors. It is important to manage to analyze how do the clients behave and determine the key areas of each site.

The key areas of a website are those that manage to get the visitors reaction. It is important to manage to define and strengthen them and also to correct their functions.

A real estate which manages to define the key areas of its website gets the benefit that comes with it which is the brand development and a higher level of interaction with potential clients.

As we already stated before, while other analysis tools offer data to interpret, Hotjar offers a clear image of the visitors´ behavior and the website´s areas to improve. With the help of different specific utilities, we can get some data from the real estate website in the form of clear and easy to understand graphics.

With the help of the image of the real estate blog or web we can make some changes in order to get a better impact in less time.

Hotjar concept appears like a chess play, the one that requires a clear image and a good perspective of the board. A real estate blog and website must be seen as similar concepts. In other words, we must first get an analytical image of the sites and then start to make the moves.

A real estate cannot make any change in order to get better results without having a clear vision of the real performance of its websites.

In order to get a complete and well-defined vision of both the real estate blog and web, Hotjar focuses on three basic points:

  1. Discover the visitors´ intentions.
  2. Eliminate the barriers of the real estate.
  3. Use persuasive elements in order to increase the conversion level.

Apart from these points of how to use Hotjar, we can also add some simple but effective questions in order to get better results:

  • What brings the visitors to the real estate websites?
  • What persuade the visitors to contact the real estate?
  • On what point the visitors abandon the sites of the real estate and why?

These are three simple questions but their answers will allow the real estate to discover something important: the performance of its webpage and the real estate blog.

1 – Discover the intentions of the visitors to the real estate blog and web.

A real estate must manage to detect what influences the visitors of a real estate blog and web. This has nothing to do with indentifying where the visitors come from. We speak of behaviors, not of how the visitors came from a link or a real estate directory.

By defining the visitors´ intentions, a real estate could easily implement more effective strategies in order to contact to its buyers.

By finding the answers of these questions, contents that would connect easier with the readers could be published and we could make changes on the interface of the site of the real estate in order to improve the user´s experience.

When the real estate manages to understand the intentions of the visitors, it could start the so called “call to action”. To stimulate the call to action of the visitors of a real estate blog or web represents the first step in managing to get the potential buyers.

With the help of Hotjar, it is very simple to detect which are the best areas of a site in order to set the call to action buttons.

In many of the cases, selling properties starts with a simple sending of an email!

On the other hand, it is essential for a real estate to detect the channel of communication so it could strengthen it and get better results. In this way, the real estate blog becomes an efficient tool for the brand development.

Nowadays, a good content has more impact on the social networks than just a simple photo of the property for sale. In the same time, it is essential to manage to get the attention of the users with the help of the real estate blog, so they would become also users of the real estate web.

We need to clearly define what types of properties for sale the visitors spend most time on. In this way, we can adjust and strengthen the call to action tools.

A real estate web with thousands of visits per day must receive dozens of emails. If not, then there is a problem.

It is essential to manage to get a really productive proportion between the number of visits and the positive answers of the call to action on the real estate web.

2 – Eliminate the barriers of the real estate blog and web.

If the real estate does not understand why the visitors leave the webpage, then there is no improvement of the users´ experience and so, no good results are achieved.

Inside the real estate sector in Spain, a real estate web without calls to action and dull pictures seems to be the trend today. This harms the visitor´s experience and the latter will probably not come again on the website of the real estate.

As a consequence the real estate is wasting resources and losing the possibility to catch more potential buyers.

In a real estate, the most common combination is related to prices and images. Without showing the price of the property for sale and without any call to action, it is quite probable that the visitor would leave the page.

However, by using certain mechanisms, we can justify the price of a property for sale and get the attention of a potential client. A real estate must always optimize its website in order to manage to get the visitors´ attention and become potential buyers.

The traditional model of real estate advertisement is out-dated. We cannot advertise properties for sale from the real estate web through the out-dated formula of images, prices and pictures.

We need to bring something more to the visitor of the real estate web; we need to stimulate the call to action and make sure the visitor´s experience is positive.

The images of properties for sale of bad quality send to the client the idea of suspicion and mistrust and so it becomes a negative experience.

The prices of the real estate properties for sale cannot be located in any part of the site´s structure. That might be the reason of the visitor to leave the page. Hotjar allows us to detect the weak points of the real estate website and identify those “strong zones”.

3 – Use persuasive elements in order to increase the conversion index.

What does the client of the real estate buys? Nowadays, there are certain values that need to be transmitted inside the real estate sector.

The clients are not only looking to buy a property, they need also some advice and a post-sale service.

If the real estate focuses only on selling properties, it leaves aside one of the most desired aspect by the clients: the service. In Spain, there are thousands of real estate agencies. However, there are only a few that manage to get good business results.

Is there any difference between a real estate and another? That’s the question that comes with the answer of how to get good results. Of course, the difference stays on the business and organizational level and the available resources also count (human resources, economical, technologic, structural, etc.).

The client of a real estate is not looking only for a “product in shape of a house”. It looks for a change of environment, lifestyle and resting area. A real estate must transmit more than just some images and prices of the properties for sale.

The attention of a potential buyer cannot be caught through images and prices, there are some sensations and values that need to be transmitted too.

The clients of a DIY shop are not only buying tools, they are looking to improve their properties. This example brings to light something important: the product to sell is one thing and the reason is another.

Through its website, a real estate must share some values: trust, honesty, seriousness, professionalism, personalized attention, etc.

On the other hand, its blog must focus on the brand development in order to get a better visibility of the business.

In conclusion, Hotjar is a very effective tool which detects the weak and strong points of a website. For any real estate in Spain, it is essential to get good results through its website and real estate blog.

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