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Hipergate as a real estate CRM.

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Hipergate is an example of open source real estate CRM which presents a group of characteristics of great utility for a real estate. Its functional modules and its particular characteristics make Hipergate become an interesting option to be evaluated by a real estate on the moment of implementing the CRM.

As a real estate CRM, Hipergate can be used on systems like Windows or Linux. It is also compatible with other systems of data base management such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgresSQL and MySQL.

Each application of Hipergate applied as a real estate CRM can be used independently or it can be linked to other apps. In the same time, each of those apps can be activated or deactivated for each client, area or department of the real estate.

Hipergate has been created as an integral solution for companies and it appears to be a flexible and functional CRM, both for a real estate agent as for the whole real estate which has a team made of dozens of members.

The basic concept of an open source CRM is focused on the fact that all computer processes of a real estate can be derived to this platform in order to manage them in a more effective way and so get better levels of productivity.

It is a real estate CRM oriented to generate positive synergies among the members of a real estate. Its target is to ease the daily work of the company allowing an effective and transparent system of supervision.

Hipergate´s system of learning is fast and easy for both the real estate members as for the responsible of managing the platform. Its visual environment is intuitive and easy to use due to a well-structured interface of the user and a well-defined hierarchal system.

The members of the real estate can use the functions of this CRM from the main menu and they have the access to any application through a tree divided into different tabs.

Users can easily index any type of document and they can upload them on platforms such as Outlook, in order to manage them or make any search in real time from any device.

In the previous article we have focused on the importance of implementing an effective self-management model inside the real estate sector, so the real estate gets to increase its levels of productivity.

Hipergate used as a real estate CRM is linked directly to that particular self- management model, as it can be self-administrated by the main user.

Hipergate offers four predefined profiles for the real estate: the administrator, the super user, the user and visitor.

CRM assigns areas and the user can have access to each of the four predefined profiles, depending on the access permissions previously set by the real estate.

Both access permissions as the possible operations made by each user can be supervised – the info is managed in a similar way to the way made by the operational system.

Characteristics of Hipergate for a real estate.

Hipergate offers a huge variety of functional modules in order to be used as real estate CRM.

A real estate will find different characteristics inside each module of this Open Source CRM which attend to the company´s necessities.

Hipergate functional modules for real estate.

– Clients and contacts managing.

  • 360º model of clients and their link to the real estate.
  • Data base of buyers and collaborators of the real estate.
  • Multiple addresses for clients and contacts.
  • Management of territories for the real estate team.
  • Management of the selling “pipeline” for the real estate (commercial opportunities).
  • Real estate marketing campaign planning.
  • Index of documents from Outlook and Windows Address Book.
  • Management of documents from Excel and text archives.

– Collaborating tools for a real estate.

  • Creation of work agendas and shared calendars.
  • Link and integration to Google Calendar.
  • Implement forums and internal working groups.
  • Directory of all the real estate members.
  • List of shared resources and properties for sale.
– Projects management.
  • Hierarchical tree based on the projects priorities.
  • Supervision of the pending tasks.
  • Control of incidents.
  • Weekly working parts of the real estate members.
  • Sum of the time invested in the daily tasks (individual and collective).
  • Export to Gantt (graphic tool for time management).
– Campaigns of real estate digital marketing.
  • Defining the actions based on the selling targets.
  • Management of the events inside the real estate (reunions, etc).
  • Defining the objectives based on the real estate product and specific area.
  • e-mail marketing for real estate.
  • Templates for communicating via e-mail.
  • Management of the sending of different multiple lists.
  • Statistics of opened email and “click-through”.
– Virtual gallery of properties for sale.
  • Multiple independent catalogs based on the type of property for sale.
  • No limit hierarchy of types of properties (chalets, apartments, bungalows, etc.)
  • Different attributes based on the type of property (area, rooms, etc.).
  • Management of a portfolio of properties for sale and rent.
  • Segmentation of clients (potential buyers, pending operations or ended actions).
  • Administrative management and reservations of properties for sale.
– Management of Human Resources.
  • Reception and processing the received CVs.
  • Planning of the training courses and Coaching programs.
  • Absence control of the real estate members.

Hipergate´s technology and architecture as a real estate CRM.

A real estate´s priority is that its CRM must be functional, effective and it must offer a good experience to its users. Hipergate manages to achieve this due to its solid architecture and a simplified design for the user.

An open source CRM achieves this with the help of:

  • Homogenous info created for all the functional modules.
  • It is based on a functional model very easy to understand.
  • An easy access to all the functions by any user.
  • Fast response time of the operations requested.
  • It offers a vast range of operations and functionalities.

The functional reach of Hipergate (used as a real estate CRM) has been created in order to cover almost 80% of the most frequent necessities of each module.

This is an expansion concept of this platform through the functional modules and this is what makes it a very flexible CRM.

This concept allows that a small or medium real estate in Spain could effectively use the CRM.

Anyway, Hipergate used as a real estate CRM offers a solid base in order to develop any type of extensions, no matter the size of the company.

– Stability and scalability for a real estate.

Stability reflected by this open source CRM is very high and it has been created in order to be operative 24 hours 7 days a week. This is something important for the entire real estate.

A real estate CRM must be stable and this is an essential factor, but this can also get its functions extended. During the development of the open source CRM, the performance and its functions have not been damaged at all.

The used code is optimized for a correct use of each specific function and it is also linked to the corresponding data base. It has been created to be used on any type of device.

Used as a real estate CRM, Hipergate offers some technical characteristics of great quality and it has been designed based on 3 layers: server web, application server and server for data bases.

The use of a design on 3 layers allows us to reduce the use of the resources of the real estate hosting and this brings only benefits.

CRM brings a system of shared cache with the target to maintain the stored info on the real estate hosting. In the same time, that system allows us reduce the charge of the nodes of a data base.

A real estate must not worry about the technical maintenance of its CRM. Hipergate´s code structure has been created in a way that any person with minimum knowledge on programming could make maintenance changes.

Many of the daily tasks of a real estate CRM coding are simplified such as: generation of forms, data base creation, calendars and similar tasks.

All tasks are very simple to be managed because they are resolved through the reusable components of the system.

– Working areas for the members of the real estate.

By using Hipergate as a real estate CRM, the users will find a very flexible management system of their daily tasks. This increases the levels of the company´s productivity.

Each domain of the CRM might have one or more working areas for the members of a real estate. Those working areas are previously set and they are actually the stagnant compartment of info.

Each working area already set represents a functional department of the CRM and they can be linked in different ways.

For example: a seller of the real estate can be an active user of the management department of properties and might have absolute permissions on that area. In the same time, the same seller might have visitor permission for the department of real estate customer service.

That seller could create new property files and make changes in the specific area, but he will only be able to see the open incidents in the area of customer service, without making changes in that area.

In conclusion, Hipergate counts with a series of very interesting functions and characteristics proper in order to be implemented as a real estate CRM.

Its high level of flexibility and simplicity will bring an effective management of the real estate, which would increase its levels of productivity.

Source: hipergate.org

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