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Google Plus and the real estate.

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Google Plus has become an important social network that strengthens the digital marketing strategies of the real estate and it is so well-known because it is actually the property of Google.

Both the webpage of the real estate on Google+, as the real estate agent profile are two essential factors for any social media strategy.

Right from the beginning, Google Plus has been nothing like Facebook or Twitter. This is a social network with private identity, with particular characteristics and a totally different user type.

We should not forget we are talking about the social network of Google, who always set the trends on the visibility on Internet.

When Google Plus appeared, Google had already had a private social network called Orkut, a social network with millions of active users in Brasil and India. When Google+ was launched, there were several types of comments on it, both pro and cons and so the mistrust and suspicion installed.

After a couple of months, Orkut was closed and all its users were invited to migrate to the brand new social network. This strategy brought Google millions of users for the Beta phase of Google Plus.

This is something of high importance, as the majority of the social networks start with an online Beta phase. In other words, they got the start and then they started to make functional changes based on errors that appeared.

However, it is important to insist on the fact that lots of years, Google counted with the previous social network and the latter was taken as a test and so they noted down the things to improve in order to put them into application.

Nowadays, Google Plus is a strong social network of which we already know some functional characteristics. There are 2 factors which I want to highlight, because they need to be taken into consideration by the real estate in Spain just before implementing a digital marketing strategy.

The first aspect is related to its functional characteristics which make this social network superior to others.

The second aspect is related to the type of user that is more profitable for a real estate. The first point will be discussed later, because I would really like to stress on the profiles of the users of Google Plus. For a real estate, the users of Google Plus are a big group of potential buyers.

We should not compare the profiles of the users on different social networks, I am here talking about the different types of users presented by different social networks. I am actually talking about the so called “active users”, who are the ones that bring life to the social networks.

The users of Google Plus are more segmented that on other social networks and this is an important aspect for a real estate.

Normally, the user of Google+ interacts and links depending on some well-defined interests. On other social networks, the segmentation is quite spread and this makes harder the process of increasing the resources of the real estate´s Community Manager.

On the other hand, the “model user” of Google Plus shows a higher level of training and knowledge than any other social network. This means that the real estate could easily find a huge number of potential buyers.

On a social media level, a digital marketing strategy for real estate must look at a predominant group of active users and their economical possibilities. This does not mean that a real estate must only focus on its strategy on Google Plus.

At the time of practicing it, the real estate could find potential buyers on all the social networks, but the catch is related to how to target the strategy of real estate digital marketing and towards what segment of users to set it.

To leave it clear, it is unusual that a real estate might find potential buyers in a group of users between 16 and 21 years old. A property is a very particular product because of its price and not everyone can achieve it.

Right from the beginning, many other social networks can generate positive elements for a real estate, as the traffic derived towards its webpage or to the real estate blog. In the same time, there are social networks where the real estate could strengthen its brand development and from where the real estate might get some future potential buyers.

One thing is to implement a strategy of digital marketing for the real estate for short term and another thing is to implement a social media strategy for long term.

The real estate should not segment only its potential buyers, but it should define the phases of its social media by periods of time and based on some objectives.

In conclusion, Google Plus is converting into an ideal platform to implement a strategy of real estate digital marketing for short and medium term.

Real estate and Google Plus.

Another typical characteristic of Google Plus users in relation to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook is that they do not show a higher level of technical knowledge.

When I refer to a “more technical” profile I am actually saying that the trend for a Google Plus user is to count with a medium-high level of knowledge in technology, internet and social media.

This makes higher the necessity of a real estate to implement its strategy of digital marketing on Google Plus. The social network platform has been developed in a “natural way” and has become the perfect environment to make business.

In the same time, Google Plus is a very interesting environment because it makes the real estate agent to generate positive synergies with other professional colleagues. The real estate itself should catch more collaborators and link with other companies in the same sector.

It is important to highlight the fact that Google+ is not like LinkdIn and the former´s target is not only to generate positive synergies or links among the professionals.

Although during the last years Google Plus has showed an interest in creating a certain network between professionals, there are still millions of users that are not segmented to a specific professional sector.

That is actually the segment of potential buyers that a real estate can find on Google Plus and not on LinkedIn.

We know Google is Google! That is why we need to highlight the importance of Google Plus regarding the web visibility. Apart from the traffic that a real estate gets for its webpage and real estate blog, we will notice that the backlinks generated on that social network are seen as quality back links.

There is no mystery on it and we know that any real estate prioritize its products before the competence does.

The presence on the social media is a very important factor for any strategy of digital marketing and the back links generated get “distinguishing values”.

It would be quite strange that Microsoft valued more Google Plus than its own social network (Socl), or Google gave more importance to the back links generated on Facebook which is actually its rivalry on social media.

I do not want to mean the fact that the back links generated by the real estate on Facebook have no value on the “eyes of Google”, or the backlinks generated on Google Plus do not count for Bing (Microsoft search engine).

That is why I was talking about the “distinguishing values” of the backlinks of a real estate. Although all count for the visibility strategy, not all of them are equal on importance for the different search engines.

Moreover, we will only need to analyze the results obtained through the different tools of webmaster and so we will check the fact that the backlinks of a real estate have a “distinguishing value”. For Google Analytics a back link obtained from Google Plus is not the same as one get from Socl or Facebook.

If we analyze the social media back links of a real estate with any webmaster tool, the result will be different, especially because of the link that every social network has with every tool such as: Google Plus with Google, Twitter, Socl with Bing (Microsoft) and Vk with Yandex.

All social networks must be taken into consideration by a real estate. When implementing its strategy of digital marketing, the real estate must establish the specific necessities of the agency.

Anyway, because of Google ´s influence on Internet, the real estate must be actively present on Google Plus.

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