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How to get more visits to the real estate blog and web.

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In the previous articles we have analyzed some key elements in order to get more traffic to the real estate web and we have debated on how we can get more visits derived from the real estate blog targeting the real estate web.

Now we will analyze some extra elements, those that will allow the real estate to get more traffic towards its webpage.

Tips to get more visits to the real estate web.

Optimized real estate blog and real estate web.

In order to get more web traffic, all the sites must be optimized and this means that the real estate blog and the real estate web must be managed with the help of an effective CMS.

On the other hand, it is highly important to make an optimization of the shared contents, both of the articles of the real estate blog as the properties for sale.

This is not only about publishing articles and upload photos of the properties for sale on the real estate web.

Any content must be previously “curated”, edited and optimized. If it is not about the contents of the real estate based on these parameters, this can result as an expense of the organizational and business resources.

The effectiveness is a factor that must be seen as the main element in the marketing strategy and if the results are not positive, we know that this happens definitely because the steps were not followed correctly.

On the other hand, the optimization of the real estate websites is a very important thing to do so the visitors (potential buyers) could have a good experience on the site.

The real estate web and blog must be optimized in order to be correctly seen on any mobile device available on the market. In the same time, the real estate sites should load fast enough so the clients will not leave the site.

The most important thing is to offer a good experience to the client.

Real estate websites on social networks.

social media inmobiliaria marketing inmobiliario

It is important to have the real estate websites present on different social networks and some guidelines should be taken into consideration:

  • The pages design on the social networks.

Nowadays, the real estate must understand that its websites should go on social networks and must pay attention to their design.

The design of the real estate websites published on social networks must be attractive and they should stimulate the CTA (Call to Action) which allows the visitors to become followers or to show their preferences and likes (as the “like” button on Facebook).

For its web pages on social networks, the real estate must use corporate colors and its logo. The different designs should be more or less similar.

  • 2 – Social networks where the real estate will appear more.

We should imagine every social network as a different ecosystem with its basic “inhabitants”, particular codes and different styles. Starting from this and taking into account a segmentation of potential buyers we must clearly decide which social networks are needed in every case.

Apart from this, it is always recommendable to be present in as many social networks as possible.

In any of the cases, according to the number of active users and according to other specific variables, the real estate is convenient to appear in most of the following social networks: Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • What contents should the real estate share on social networks.

Although every social network functions as if it were an ecosystem with its particular characteristics, there is something that the real estate should never do: dedicate itself to the sharing of pictures of properties for sale.

This is the most usual error to detect in a small or medium real estate in Spain and its result is actually a negative image of the brand and company.

The users of the social networks have some well defined habits and customs and the dedication of uploading only images of properties for sale is a total error.

It is considered an error mainly because not all the clients are interested on a particular product and because when we share only this kind of stuff we will appear to run out of themes and subjects.

It is right that the main objective of a real estate is to advertise its properties for sale, but an effective strategy must be implemented so that it will not cause any negative effects for the business.

Something very effective is to share different contents, even from third parties and so to use the potential of the contents found on our real estate blog.

When the real estate manages to find a balance between variety and quality of the contents shared on the social networks, it could alternate the publication of its properties for sale as well.

Directories, real estate portals and advertisement pages.

The articles of the real estate blog must be shared on different directories on Internet in order to get an increase on the visits traffic and gain more quality back links in order to improve the visibility.

It is recommendable to publish the real estate blog articles on specific directories and never use low quality directories, known also as “link farms”.

The real estate portals are the essential place where to publish the properties for sale of a real estate. However, in my opinion, they are totally over evaluated and appreciated.

In accordance to what I already said, I keep underlining this thing mainly because of the cost-benefit relation of the process of publishing the properties for sale on a portal.

The most effective portal for a real estate is its own website and if the firm takes this into consideration, it will get better results for short and long term.

I do not want to say that the portals are not a good way to advertise the product of the real estate, but I do insist on the fact that I believe they are over evaluated and appreciated on their real value.

A complex thing to do would be to make an evaluation of the real results and the direct benefits of the real estate portals. By analyzing the managing of economic resources invested in those portals and deriving that part of investment directly to the real estate web we could get better results.

In any of the cases, it is about the organizational model established for the publishing of properties for sale, and I am not saying this is the best or the worst option.

Although some might say they have lost their importance, the free advertisement portals are also a potential when we want to increase the traffic of the visits on the real estate blog and web.

The free advertisement portals are mean only a time investment for the real estate and the system of uploading the info is really simple.

A good option is to start to publish the properties for sale on 10 free portals and after a time, just start to evaluate the results obtained in order to filter the best of them.

Some of those free portals bring quality backlinks a good impulse for the real estate which should start using them as an extra resource of real estate digital marketing.

Personal branding of a real estate agent.

Here we are talking about the figure of the blogger, who is actually the person who generates the contents of the real estate blog.

The real estate could use a strategy of hiring several professional bloggers specialized on the real estate market and then assign a responsible person of that team.

When a multi-author is part of a real estate blog, we should coordinate and segment the responsibilities of each author (for example, assign specific categories or certain working areas).

An author of the real estate blog will bring added value to the real estate blog and he/she may influence in a positive way the increase of traffic with the help of his/her own strategy of personal branding.

Taking into consideration that the reputation of the author of a real estate blog increases, it also increases the possibility to generate a community around the real estate and this targets the web traffic.

Real estate podcast as a means of communication.

Real estate podcast is a very interesting resource and very effective also for when we want to share the contents of the real estate and generate traffic to the web. A podcast is an audio archive which is distributed in a similar way as the articles of the blog.

From the contents published on the real estate blog we could start creating podcasts on the real estate blog. A podcast can be published on the real estate blog or on a real estate satellite blog created especially for those purposes.

The way to spread the podcasts is very simple and we can do it by using the RSS feed. And so we observe the efficiency.

On the other hand, a podcast is a way by which the potential buyers access the contents in a simple way, because they can download them on different devices and listen them in any moment. The real estate can use the articles of its blog in order to create podcasts.

For this, a microphone is needed (the one from the web camera) and an editing program of audio files (as Audacity).

If the real estate blog has 100 articles, this means the real estate has already lots of material to create like 100 podcasts with original contents. In this way, it doubles the possibility of spreading the contents.

We should not forget that the podcasts count with their personal platforms of spreading (like iTunes). This helps to get closer to the potential buyers.

In three long articles we have analyzed the main ways for a real estate to increase the number of visits on its website and so manage to get more potential buyers.

Let´s summarize the main points already analyzed:

  • The potential of the real estate web as a means of communication.
  • The necessity to set objectives, to plan and implement strategies.
  • Real estate newsletter and mailing campaigns.
  • RSS feeds of the real estate blog and real estate web.
  • The frequency of publishing the articles on the real estate blog.
  • The importance of the original contents and the quality for a real estate.
  • Different publications and linked themes.
  • The importance of the social media strategy in order to increase the visits.
  • Working team related to the real estate blog.
  • The advantages of a real estate satellite blog for a real estate.
  • The importance to optimize the sites of the real estate on Internet.
  • Personal branding of the real estate agent.
  • Real estate pages on social networks. 
  • Directories, real estate portals and advertisement pages.
  • Real estate podcasts as a means of communication.
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