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Free online ping services.

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There are many online ping services but they all offer different features for the real estate agency.

The importance of pinging the real estate blog and the real estate website, is that search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yandex and other directories, quickly index the published content (articles, real estate videos, properties for sale, etc.).

It is also very important that the real estate sites are registered in the directories and search engines before pinging.

Not all the services to do a multiping are free, some require signing up with an email address, and others request a monthly or annual paid subscription; and although free services generally have some limitations, they are equally effective.

It is also important to keep in mind that while it is important to ping the real estate blog, it is not convenient to abuse the system, because a negative effect will be achieved.

If after the publication of an article in the real estate blog or of a property for sale on the real estate website, several consecutive pings are made, directories and search engines can interpret it as spam.

It is advisable to make two pings spaced several hours apart, and at the same time it is not convenient to send the ping to the same services.

It must be borne in mind that for many pings that the contents are made, they will not be indexed or positioned better, on the contrary.

The way to multiply the real estate sites is very simple, and most services ask for the following information: site name, URL (domain with http: // or https: // if the site is Certified SSL), and optionally the RSS Feed address.

Some services only support RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) addresses , and others allow you to ping Podcast directories (even allowing you to modify the address list to send the ping).

All multiping services are different, and each offers different options.

The best online ping services.


  • 15 standard services + 4 specialized.

  • Allows RSS and Podcasts.

  • The only confirmation he offers is that the ping has been sent.


  • 26 services, although including all search.google by country offers 82.

  • Request verification captcha code.

  • By registration offers other services and tools for free.

  • Just notify that the ping has been sent to the server.


  • 86 ping services

  • RSS and Podcast can be included.

  • Choose between 12 specific languages.

  • You can select the country-specific search.google.

  • Very complete in terms of options and services.


  • 100 services including search.google from each country.

  • It does not allow to include the URL of the blog feed.

  • Lets you specify the category of the blog.

  • Shows the result of the sent ping.

  • Send report via email.


  • 49 ping services.

  • It allows to include the RSS feed of the real estate blog.
  • It does not provide any information about sending the ping.


  • 32 services for blogs, 16 for RSS and 14 for Podcasts.

  • It offers turbo mode of sending the pings.

  • Request to install HTML code in the blog.


  • 19 specialized services + 5.

  • It allows to ping several sites simultaneously.

  • Optional RSS and keywords.


  • 48 ping services (21 English and 27 international ping services).

  • It allows you to include the RSS URL of the real estate blog.

  • Detailed report with the responses obtained from the servers when sending the ping.


  • 44 ping services (25 ping services in English and 19 international).

  • It allows to include the name and URL of the RSS of the real estate blog

  • Shows report of the results obtained by the servers when sending the ping.


  • 88 services to ping the real estate site.
  • Allows you to add up to 250 addresses to send the ping manually.

  • Does not use ping sending via RSS.

  • Automatic ping programmed (never, every 3 days, 1 weekly or monthly multiping).


  • 71 ping services (including all Google geolocated ones).

  • It allows to include keywords.

  • Accept multiple URLs to ping.

  • Detailed report of the responses returned by the servers when sending the ping.

  • They include other tools such as a link generator.

  • Multiping service available in eight languages, including Spanish.

The server responds to online ping services.

The services usually take a few seconds to send the ping to directories and search engines, and the responses they return to the request may be different.

  • Ping sent.

  • Done Ok.

  • Ping successful.

  • Could not establish connection.

  • The request method is not allowed.

  • Try again later.

  • Request rejected.

  • Service temporarily unavailable.

  • Moved temporarily.

  • Requested resource at different URL.

  • Host unavailable.

  • The requested resource is not found.

The responses of the servers when pinging the real estate blog or the real estate website are very useful, because eventually the rejected request may be due to the need to register, or that the servers are out of order.

Analyzing the responses of the requests, the real estate agency can make its own list to perform an automatic ping with each publication, using the WordPress update service.

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