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Focus Booster is a program for managing time, created and based on the characteristics and main functions of Pomodoro technique.

Characteristics of Focus Booster for time management.

Focus Booster´s functions are not too complex, but this is actually what brings its effectiveness:

  • Simple follow up of time management (Pomodoro Desktop).
  • Online permanent access to Pomodoro Timer.
  • Elegant and discrete design (not invasive).
  • Fast status updates.
  • Time used detector.
  • The evolution and the changes made are colored differently.
  • Time supervisor for specific tasks.
  • Sound alarms for the finished work sessions.
  • Filters of the work sessions for the creation of reports.
  • General counter of the realized sessions.
  • Report export of the realized works for a following counting.
  • Time frames and personalized sound alerts.
  • Multi documents support (TXT, RTF, ODT, etc.).
  • Focus Booster can be used online or on the computer (Windows and Mac).
  • Translated into 20 languages.
  • Technical support and customer service.
  • Data saving for 3 days (generated reports).

productividad inmobiliaria

The main differences from using online Pomodoro and using it on desktop appear at the functional level, but they are key points for the increasing of the real estate productivity.

Anyway, both systems allow us to manage working time in an effective way, even if we start to analyze the main differences between them. By using the temporizer of the online Pomodoro, the user does not need to install any software on his/her computer.

However, that system does not allow the use of certain functions. By installing Focus Booster´s system linked to Pomodoro, we install a mini temporizer for the time management in a non invasive area of the desktop.

That mini temporizer helps the real estate agent to manage his/her time without the necessity of using a browser which eventually might harm his/her level of concentration.

clientes de la inmobiliaria

If the real estate gets a Premium plan of Focus Booster, it can use both system of time management (online or desktop) and make extra configuration. Configurations and extra functions make easier the link of the time used to each client and the creation of reports.

A real estate agent must know the time used with each client in order to manage time properly (we are talking here about phone calls, sending of emails, management of documents of clients, etc.). A controlled time session spent with a client bring better levels of effectiveness.

modelo inmobiliario

By configuring the system linked to the clients, reports and assigned tags, a real estate will supervise the time management of its agents in a more effective way. In the same time, that system brings to the agent the best levels of self management and so he/she will strengthen the productivity level.

However, through the free version of Focus Booster we can use this function for three days. There is enough time for the real estate to value the generated reports and so he/she could use them in order to improve the collective level of productivity.

The productivity reports of each real estate agent linked to time management and others that can be generated through the real estate CRM are supervising systems, not control ones. In order to increase the level of real estate productivity, it is essential to separate the participant factors (each member of the real estate) and link them to everything that means real estate as a company.

We cannot get precise reports of global productivity, without getting first the data on the individual performance represented by the activity reports of each member of the real estate team.

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Security and data gathering with Focus Booster.

This platform for time management and increase of the real estate productivity uses a high level security system. For the online platform, security is an important subject that must be taken into consideration and the main characteristics of security of the tool are the following:

  • Certified by PCI services supplier for level 1.
  • SSL certification system via HTTPS for all its services.
  • A number of encrypted credit cards (to get a Premium Plan).
  • Investigation system when the users inform of possible security breaches.

However, both the real estate as the real estate agent must understand what this platform means for its privacy policy. Focus Booster leaves clear the info on the treatment of the gathered info.

This is a very important section to be taken into consideration because the info could be linked to the real estate´s clients. Without forgetting about the generated reports that are linked to the time management of each real estate agent, they are also stored on the data base of the real estate.

In the same time, we need to clear the fact that Focus Booster emphasizes on the confidentiality of the gathered data and way of using feedbacks. All these are done in order to improve the time management tool.

Private info of each real estate agent (name, email, telephone, etc.) and the data linked to the generated reports (clients, tags, and details of the completed sessions) will be strictly protected by Focus Booster.

In other words, the sessions completed by each agent, the tags assigned to each client and the reports generated will be stored on the data base of the platform. Focus Booster gets the right to send info such as adverts or administrative messages (by email to the email registered before) to the real estate agent, but not to the real estate´s clients.

This is a very important point to be taken into consideration by the real estate agent and especially by any real estate in Spain, because the rule of protection of personal info is severe and the treatment of the gathered info must always be manipulated as it is requested by the rules.

The data gathered by Focus Booster which is stored on the database could also become a negative point for the platform of time management.

In conclusion, Focus Booster is an extra option for the time management of a real estate agent and a complementary tool to increase the level of the real estate productivity.

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