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Feeds are the archives generated automatically which contain different versions of the contents published for each language of the real estate blog.

A feed is structured on XML type (Extensible Markup Language). The standard of the feed system made on xml format helps us storage the contents of the real estate blog under the form of data.

In the same time, the standard of the feed system to syndicate contents allows them to be readable by the users. It is important to highlight the fact that the xml format is not only used for Internet apps.

Xml is also used as the standard for the interchange of info among other platforms such as databases, text editors, Office apps and also for more work platforms inside the real estate.

Types of feeds for a real estate blog.

Before starting talking about the different types of feeds which can be used for a real estate blog, we should clear up the quite usual confusion between what a feed is and a web source is.

The concept of RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) is used in a wrong way to make reference to a web source.

Until last few years the only format of a web source was the RSS and both terms were used by making no difference.

Nowadays, not all the web sources use RSS feed format. There appears the confusion of the users regarding what a feed and a web source are.

The so known feed Atom is similar to RSS regarding their functions, but it uses other two standards:

  • The re-spreading format of Atom contents. This acts the same as a RSS feed in XML format.
  • The publishing protocol Atom. A protocol based on another protocol HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

There are also other types of RSS feed as for example those used for audio and video contents. The main difference is that those do not share any text content.

– Example of feed for video archives.

If the real estate uses videos in order to advertise its properties for sale, it needs to generate a specific feed with the videos of those properties.

The visitor of the real estate web who comes through a specific feed can link it to a predetermined program in order to view it.

– Example of feed for audio archives.

If we publish podcasts on our real estate blog, we can also generate a specific feed for those contents.

Podcasts are an extended resource which allows the user to listen the articles of the real estate blog on any device.

In any of the cases, RSS feed allows us to spread the updated info of the contents published on a real estate blog. It is also an effective way of communication with the visitors of the site.

The users that come through different ways to the real estate web or blog can subscribe to the sources generated by the feeds of each content and language.

This is a very effective media to strengthen the development of the brand and to spread the published contents.

Advantages of feeds for a real estate blog.

It allows us to have a well-organized structure of the contents that we publish on the real estate blog. This structure can be used as an archive of the published articles.

However, we shall not confuse this function with that of the sitemaps.

  • It a very effective system of sharing the contents. It is generated automatically allowing a better management of the real estate resources.
  • Users can easily subscribe and receive notifications on their emails regarding new contents published on the real estate blog.
  • The subscription to the RSS channel of the real estate blog can be canceled at any moment by the user.
  • RSS feed for a real estate blog is the best complement of the generated sitemaps and they help us to improve the indexing system of the contents on the search engines.
  • Real estate blog RSS makes easier the automatic spreading of the contents, allowing a brand development. It helps the real estate get a better visibility on Internet (content syndicators, article directories, social media platforms, digital newspapers, emails, web browsers, etc.).
  • There is also the possibility to generate RSS feeds as languages for the published articles of the real estate blog. In other words, every language can have its own automatic content feed. In the case of costainvest.org, the real estate blog offers articles in four languages and it counts with different feeds specifically linked to each language. Examples:

Utility of the RSS feeds for the real estate.

If we look at the most simple concept of this term, we understand that a RSS feed has as target the sharing of more info of the real estate.

Depending on different variables, such as the type of data that contains the archive and according to the app used for its opening, real estate feeds are good in a way or another.

However, we must always take into consideration that a real estate feed (RSS or Atom is useful so the published contents could easily be shared on other site.

RSS feeds became the most popular among the users of Internet and that happened because they represent a very useful tool for accessing the contents.

In the same time, the huge quantity of blogs published on Internet helped them to become more and more popular.

As I previously stated, a RSS feed is good for more reasons than just the sharing of the real estate web or blog contents. The utility of the feeds is wide and we might find different ways of using them on Internet:

  • Almost all the traditional newspapers count with an online version so they usually use a feed for each section. A real estate blog can be divided by feeds into categories and languages. The same happens to the real estate web which can be divided by types of properties for sale with a specific feed for each category: apartments, chalets, bungalows, dwellings, etc.
  • Online shops use feeds in order to notify on the new products for sale, but also to present their clients some promotional offers.
  • Through a specific feed, a real estate can inform its potential clients about the drop on a price in an automatic way. For example, the real estate can make a list of properties for sale that are on promotion right now. By using an automatic feed it can organize a promotional campaign.
  • On the Internet, for a use a system of feed in order to inform the registered clients about the new debate themes, but also to inform them about the new answers on a specific theme. A real estate web can generate a feed for its enquiries in the section of customer service and so it offers the best service to its clients. Used internally, through a real estate intranet, this is a very useful resource for the members of the real estate who will get instant notifications.
  • In a blog, apart from used in order to notify on new published articles, a feed is also used so the users could subscribe to the comments on a certain theme. If the real estate has any section of FAQ on its website, the clients will receive the notification to their questions in an automatic way.
  • When the real estate blog or website are managed by WordPress, every time their contents are updated, they will be republished automatically on the social networks. This is an extremely useful system for the strategy of real estate digital marketing. Only by publishing contents automatically, we will manage to get a higher number of potential clients.

Right from the beginning, there are many other ways of using a RSS feed system as for example the Torrents platforms, but I will stop here as those platforms bring no advantage to the real estate sector.

Advantages of RSS feeds for a real estate.

A well-implemented and used RSS feed offers a high number of advantages for the real estate. It has the same impact on the real estate web and blog.

The main advantages of using different RSS feeds for a real estate are:

  • It is an automatic system and requires no investment or resource of any type from the real estate.

  • Implementing an RSS feed is for free and the real estate should not make any economic investment for this resource.

  • This is an excellent tool in order to spread the contents of a real estate blog or the properties for sale.
  • This is an efficient resource to implement it as part of the strategy of real estate digital marketing, which strengthens the development of the real estate and helps getting faster to a bigger audience of potential buyers.

  • It increases the number of backlinks in order to improve the visibility on Internet (directories, social networks, third parties platforms, etc.).

  • Used internally, this tool helps communicating in real time with the members of the real estate team (status updates, new posts on the real estate blog, lists of activities and events, etc.).

  • By using a reading system of the RSS feeds, will be informed on the latest trends in this sector, only by selecting and filtering the sources of info.

  • The real estate will have absolute control on each feed generated and shared according to the specific necessities of the agency.

  • It improves the visitors´ experience on the real estate blog and web, as the user accesses the info from the excerpts properly structured.

If you want to receive the latest articles published on our real estate blog, you can do it through our RSS feed.

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