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Email marketing for real estate.Email marketing is the modern version of advertisement through public Ads and leaflets sent by email to several recipients.

The traditional model of sending postal from a real estate agency, has been changed with the electronic mails and with systems of digital communication.

At the end, the email marketing converts into the evolution of the traditional mail used a long time ago by any real estate.

If the email marketing is used as a tool by the real estate, the latter will get positive results.

On the other hand, if the real estate does not follow the imposed norms when using the email, it might easily situate itself in an unpromising position and it might find itself in the position of getting legal warnings.

5 tips on using the email marketing for a real estate.

1 – Email marketing is a resource for real estate.

The real estate should consider the email marketing as a resource inside its Branding campaign and that is why this resource is essential to be linked to the real estate´s main elements of its Branding.

Apart from generating the organizational values of the real estate, email marketing should be useful to get the attention of the potential cash buyers of properties.

In the same time, a real estate should never consider the email marketing as a means of promotion of its portfolio of properties for sale, because the recipients will not even bother to see the content.

A real estate should be sure at the moment of implementing its strategy of email marketing. It should send the desired message, both from a business level as organizational.

A real estate should also value the email marketing in its basic essence- an advertising tool with the purpose of business communication.

This is very important because as any other tool implemented by the real estate, it should be correctly managed in order to get the maximum profit. In the same time, when we value the email marketing as a tool implemented by the real estate agency, we should analyze carefully the obtained data, in order to maximize its potential.

As always, all strategy implemented by the real estate should be in a constant process of analysis. If not, the real estate will only have important resources but a non-productive and meaningless task.

2 – The content is the king of email marketing.

The content sent by the real estate should be direct, simple, relevant and interesting for the recipient, who might be a potential cash buyer of properties. This should become the general structure of the email, although design is another important factor.

If we say the content should be simple and relevant, in order to get a higher level of productivity, we should also say that it must be beautifully ¨wrapped¨ in order to be attractive to the recipients.

It is highly important that the real estate manages to create an effective advertisement of its properties for sale by using the email marketing strategy. If the content received by the recipients is not very attractive to the client, nor catches his attention at all, he might even mark the email as spam.

If the receiver marks the emails as spams, all the emails sent to that person will automatically become invisible because they will go directly to the spam folder.

The content of an email marketing of a real estate should mean something to the receiver in order to keep it.

3 – the email marketing campaign.

The real estate should study carefully who will lead the campaign of email marketing.

It is highly essential for the email marketing that the real estate divides its potential clients and defines the main parameters linked to them as for example: geographic and demographic aspects, business, age, tendencies related to their buying process.

In other words, before implementing an email marketing strategy with the purpose of advertising properties for sale, the real estate must define its target public.

The massive sending of email to any type of recipient (most of them will probably consider the content as irrelevant), might convert into a major backward movement for the advertisement campaign of the real estate.

A Branding strategy for a real estate must never be based on a massive sending of emails.

4 – Email marketing and call to action.

The real estate should call to action its recipients. The call to action is an essential factor for the results of any strategy of email marketing.

The phrase call to action is the most effective way to achieve to get a link between the recipient (potential client) and the real estate agency. A potential client who receives an email with offers of properties for sale from the real estate is not enough- this is only the first step (the most basic factor to call it like that) and it could also be understood as the most basic way for advertising.

The call to action of a recipient should be the reason that sends him directly to the real estate webpage, the place where properties for sale are shown.

It is essential to achieve that the recipient who gets the email go directly to the webpage of the real estate, because in this way, the recipient converts into the potential buyer, who will finally become a real buyer. This is obvious that needs other factors to depend on. 

To sum up, the recipient is called to action through the email marketing. This call to action will directly send him to the real estate webpage and there he discovers the full portfolio of properties for sale of the real estate.

However, the number is not low when we refer to receivers of an advertisement email that consider the call to action a possible trick. They also get to think that call to action might damage their computers because of a virus.

In order to avoid this and the probability that the receiver of a real estate email might have some bad thoughts about it, it is better that the email be easily identified as correct and be transparent regarding its intention.

For a real estate email to achieve this, the email should be correctly structured and have all the legal information linked to the real estate( real estate address, information on the protection of personal data, phone number of the real estate and other related data).

5 – Schedule email marketing.

An email marketing campaign for a real estate requires a schedule and I am not referring here to programming, but to the setting of a time and date for sending the advertisement emails. The real estate should detect what days and hours when to send the emails to its recipients.

There are days and hours which result to be more effective for sending a marketing email. In this way, we could increase the possibility of the email to be more effective.

The days to avoid are bank holidays and the days of the weekend, because normally, people are not engaged to their emails, nor reading a real estate email which might bring no emotion to them.

She should remember that a real estate sends emails in order to advertise its properties for sale and not for advertising entertainments or leisure activities.

In the same time, on the moment of scheduling the emails, the real estate should take into consideration that bank holidays are different in every country.

In the case of the real estate which plans an international email marketing strategy, the former must also take into consideration the time difference.

Basic info on the real estate email marketing.

The real estate should consider, analyze and value some factors and different elements:

  • Is a resource and should be treated like one.
  • Planning, implementation and scheduling are totally different concepts.
  • The receiver of an email should have the right to accept it or not.
  • Clarity and efficiency are related to the email marketing.
  • Transparency is the main aspect of the email.
  • An advertising email is not a real estate newsletter.
  • It is not only a resource for advertising.
  • Attention should be paid to the added value of the real estate email.
  • The legal norm must be obeyed and the receivers should be respected.
  • Ask the recipient for a feedback in order to generate positive synergies.
  • Update the information on the clients´ database.
  • Do not do spams or send massive amount of emails at once.
  • Set a frequency of sending that must not bore the receivers.
  • Generate informs and analyze the results obtained from the strategy used.
  • Never buy contacts lists.

In conclusion, the real estate should previously plan a strategy of email marketing in order to advertise its properties for sale so that later on could start the implementing phase and the supervision of the results obtained.

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