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Digital real estate marketing for 2015.

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Right from the beginning of the year, there were several contents published which related to the trends on digital real estate marketing for 2015: articles, graphics and videos referring to themes that flooded the Internet.

However, apart from the high level of published info, the trends of digital real estate marketing for this year say that there are some important aspects which should be taken into consideration by the real estate.

This year, the real estate should confront with a series of challenges regarding its digital real estate marketing strategy on Internet. It success or fiasco will be based on some important factors.

After analyzing the huge quantity of published material on the trends of the digital marketing for this year, the main conclusions are that most of the recommendations end by converting into factors which we already know.

Finally, any strategy of digital marketing for real estate should be based on factors that end to be very important to be taken into consideration and to be added in any strategy for real estate marketing.

Although the conclusions and the recommendations of this year are nothing new for the digital real estate marketing, there are some factors that have received lots of importance and value.

We are here talking about these two essential factors:

  1. Algorithm changes on the Internet´s search engine.
  2. Change on the customs of people who use the Internet.
1 – Algorithm changes on the Internet´s search engine.

Every time the most important search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex modify their algorithms, everything turns into a chaos.

When the search engines modify their algorithms, it is very easy to detect the changes that are produced in the visibility of the contents only with the help of special tools for webmasters.

The variations and settings made on those algorithms will determine the variables that affect immediately the visibility of the real estate on the Internet. In this way, both the real estate blog as its webpage might be harmed by those changes.

It is important to underline the fact that not all the webpages will be similarly affected by the changes, although there will always exist a collateral damage.

Depending on each real estate and its level of optimization for the webpage and the real estate blog, its strategy will be harmed in different ways.

Although we know that the optimization of the real estate blog and real estate website are essential, the contents shared through them are also important and the real estate branding strategy on social media, too.

2 – Change on the customs of people who use the Internet.

The changes in the behavior of the users are quite significant and they reflect a very important factor: the rapidity of those changes. Nowadays, the speed on the changes produced in technology affects and determines the customs of the users.

New technological habits are achieved by the users and old ones are left behind. Social networks are livelier more and more and they reflect the behavior changes.

They are presenting increased levels of segmentation more elevated and more defined levels of specification.

This year, the social networks will become an important factor for the revision of the real estate marketing strategy and this is mainly derived from the importance of the search engines.

Any real estate that will not adapt fast to these changes will be seriously affected and damaged.

Digital real estate marketing trends for 2015.

– Digital real estate marketing strategy (planning of the strategy).

Any real estate should plan and create a real estate marketing strategy. On the contrary, the real estate´s interests will be seriously damaged.

Nowadays, most of the real estates that are not active on different sectors of the Internet are led to a business fiasco.

There is no mystery, because we know that Internet has won an increased level of presence in the lives of the people.

This should not be taken into consideration only by a large real estate, but by the real estate no matter how small. The main aspects of the digital real estate marketing strategy are sustained by the key factors:

– Digital contents of a real estate.

During this year, the contents will be more important than ever, especially those published on the real estate blog which are essential for their sharing on social networks and as a good factor for the proper SEO visibility.

In some countries, marketing agencies employ writers or ex editors for the creation of high quality contents for their real estate blog:

1 – Users of social networks want only original contents and not copied or republished from other media. Every user of social networks or real estate blog demand fresh and high quality contents.

For a real estate, this should be something important to take into consideration, because the real estate is normally basing its strategy on social networks and start with the publishing of its properties for sale.

2 – SEO visibility is based more and more on the originality of the contents.

The users of social networks do not accept any copied content and the search engines deny them. On the other hand, the users of social networks might eventually be played by some copied contents, but the social networks, never.

– Custom changes of the users (potential buyers of the real estate).

The patterns of habits of the users on Internet are changing more and more and they do not correspond to the older ones. This is essential to a real estate.

The traditional segments which are based on any strategy of digital real estate marketing have also changed. Some examples are the segments related to age, location, economical incomes, knowledge, etc.

Those patterns of habits of the users on the Internet (who might be potential buyers of the real estate) have been changed by variables of segments totally different, as for example: the value of ideas, the level of qualification and the access to resources of info.

In the same time, this is also combined to other variables such as the erosion of the economic resources of the persons and the change of the traditional social status with another one totally different.

On Internet, the social status is measured by other variables and they are based on the social involving level of the persons.

In other words, the real estate should know very well that the indicators of social status that are showed on the Internet are not the traditional ones.

The new indicators are based on the relations between people and the links generated by positive synergies.

I do insist on a thing: the real estate should take into consideration that the social networks codes on the Internet or the ones on the digital sector are completely different from the traditional ones. With those particular codes an effective strategy of real estate marketing should be created.

The level of complexity of the established codes is so high that the big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple have been analyzing them seriously since a long time ago.

They have also complained about the geographic restrictions of the users and they consider these should be totally eliminated.

This is also a good achievement for the real estate which increases its number of potential buyers who are normally limited by the geographic restriction. This is an absolute factor that harms the strategy of digital real estate marketing.

– Beneficial experiences of real estate SEO.

Last year has been known for the importance of the biggest search engines such as Google and Microsoft before any other bad experience of SEO. This year, that trend continues but it is harsher and the penalizations for bad practice of SEO will be highly sanctioned.

Both Google and Microsoft have made themselves clear on this subject and they stated that they were severe enough last year, but this year they will be intransigent.

For Google and Microsoft, the semantic searches will be a key factor in the results reflected by SERP (Search Engine Result Page). They also stated that the optimization of the websites will also become essential during this whole year.

The level of optimization of the real estate web and real estate blog will become the protagonist which will help to achieve a better SEO visibility.

They highlighted on the fact that the real estate should put this down and take it seriously. There are also changes for the webmaster of the real estate during this year.

The tools for the webmasters of Google and Microsoft have been modified. Now, the results of the reports obtained, both on the real estate website and real estate blog should be interpreted differently through the tools for webmasters.

In the same time, the big companies of the Internet (they are those that determine the indicators in the planning of the digital real estate marketing strategy) have given a higher value to the social networks than last year.

Now the strategy on social media of the real estate will be essential to achieve a good development of the business and to achieve a good SEO visibility. The figure of the Community Manager of the real estate will inherit a major importance more than ever before.

The trends regarding the digital real estate marketing for this year are based on the factors already known by everyone. The real estate should rethink now more than ever its digital real estate marketing strategy and make the changes needed in order to get better results.

The variables are clear, the changes realized in the game rules are well-defined and have been publically spread by the big companies of Internet.

The success or the fiasco of the strategy of digital real estate marketing will depend strictly on those variables and changes. The real estate has only one option, to adapt as soon as possible to the changes above stated.

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