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Different styles of Christmas trees.

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Christmas trees are used as decorating elements and they are also the main attraction point during the Christmas season.

Christmas trees can be decorated in different ways, depending on the personal tastes and cultural concepts.

The history of the Christmas trees.

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The historical origins of the Christmas trees date way back in the past, when the Greeks and the Romans decorated their houses with ivies.

On the other hand, there were also the Celtic and Scandinavian villages that used the mistletoe and other perennial plants in order to decorate their houses.

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In Central Europe, the trees were decorated and venerated by the Druids, who used to sacralise different elements from nature as symbolic elements.

However, the Christmas trees as we know them today, appeared during the XIII century when the English bishop Saint Boniface penetrated the preaching of the Gospel in the pagan Germany.

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According to the legend and some historical documents, the bishop outbursted of anger when he returned from his appointment with Pope Gregory the Second and heard that his native people were still practicing the old religious celebrations.

Full of anger, Boniface took an ax and cut the sacred oak of Odin out of scratch.

Anyways, there are also historical records on the appearance of the Christmas trees in different other countries and eras such as: Germany (1605), Finland (1800), England (1929), etc.


In Spain, the tradition of decorating the Christmass trees started in 1870, when the Russian princess Sofia Troubetzkoy reached the peninsula with the purpose of marrying Marquis of Alcañices. That is why, the first decorated Christmas tree started to be used in 1870.


Decoration of the Christmas trees.


No matter the country or culture, Christmas trees have some decorating particularities in common which derive from their history. Moreover, they have been changing along the years.


These commons characteristics are: the star on top of the tree (which represents the guide towards the Christian faith), the decorating spheres (Saint Boniface used apples to represent temptations), the ribbons (which represent the family union) and the lights (which used to be candles showing the light of Christ).

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Different types of Christmas trees.

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Christmas trees might vary on style and decoration depending on different areas, personal tastes and other variables.

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We share here, on our real estate blog, different types of Christmas trees with certain decorating styles.

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