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Real estate SEO definitions (basic level).

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There are many initials inside the professional real estate SEO and the majority of them are the acronyms derived from English. In most of the cases, they confuse people.

Anyway, all definitions of each function or specific area of real estate SEO must be taken into consideration by any real estate agency.

The global concept of real estate SEO brings the idea of getting to understand every term used professionally. That is why we need to clearly distinguish them.

Normally, all definitions and terms apply to any site on Internet in a way or another, both to the real estate blog as to the real estate webpage.

Basic concepts of real estate SEO.

– SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

This is a very used and general acronym. We can say that this acronym is the global tag from which all the other definitions appear.

SEO implies a direct optimization of a site for the search engines, trying to get the best positioning with the help of different techniques.

Real estate SEO techniques are divided into two separate groups: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

All SEO techniques have the same target; to manage to get the contents of the real estate as visible as possible on the search engines.

Real estate contents can be varied, but the most important ones are the advertising of properties for sale and the real estate blog.

– SEM: Search Engine Marketing.

This is the payable digital marketing, through which the real estate manages to place itself on the search engines on Internet. A real estate defines its keywords and pays to the search engines in order to appear on the results of the users.

SEM is also known as an advertising system of payment or AdWords. As we already stated before, a real estate must pay in order to appear on the first lines of the search engines. It is the extreme pole of the organic SEO, which is based on positioning the contents through different techniques.

– SMO : Social Media Optimization.

This is the optimization of the real estate social media linked directly to the social networks and the contents advertised there. It is based on an effective share of real estate contents on social networks, both of the real estate blog articles and properties for sale.

Nowadays, this is one of the most important factors linked to the real estate digital marketing. The professional responsible of this specific task is the Community Manager.

As a consequence to the diversity and the specificity of the social media and the huge volume of contents to publish, Community Managers use different tools for the management of the contents published on social networks.

A good example for tools needed to manage the contents is BlogsterApp, a tool designed specifically to promote the contents on social networks. This is a sharing app which includes a very effective content curation system and many other functions that maximize the resources of the real estate.

– SMM : Social Media Marketing.

Directly linked to the SMO concept, we have the payable marketing on the social media platforms, known as SMM.

It is about the massive and systematic sharing of the real estate contents on social networks through payable campaigns, taking into consideration the organizational necessities.

That type of campaign for the real estate marketing can be segmented and targeted towards the potential buyers according to these variables:

  • Age range (users´ age).

  • General demographic characteristics.

  • Economic resources.

  • Educational levels.

  • Geographic locations.

  • Languages.

Depending on the social media platforms, real estate can define different variables in order to segment the maximum audience and get better level of conversion.

These types of campaigns of real estate marketing are not always effective, mainly because we speak about real estate sector and the latter has some particular characteristics.

On the other hand, potential buyers can be caught through the social media platforms, but the conversion index is normally very low.

Normally, real estate products have a high cost and this is different than the effectiveness got from a SMM campaign that advertises the buy of low cost articles.

However, this type of campaigns can become interesting for the real estate branding and with the help of them, the real estate can get a brand development also.

Anyway, if the real estate only wants to get brand development through social networks, there are other types of more effective and economic options than SMM payable strategies.

Social Media Marketing is based on the sharing of contents, articles of the real estate blog and images and much more.

The sharing of the contents must be directly targeted to the real estate brand development and to the advertisement made by each real estate agent as an organizational figure.

Generate, develop and maintain a user community on social networks inside the real estate implies a constant dedication and a well-planned strategy.

The organizational role is the one of the real estate Community Manager, the trained and qualified professional for these matters.

– SERP : Search Engine Results Page.

These are the search results that appear to the users when the latter make their searches: Google, Yandex and all the other search engines. Usually, the search engines show to the user 10 results per page and they generally offer paid and sponsored results.

Organic SERP is linked to the natural and organic positioning of the real estate sites and payable SERP is linked to the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The cost of the payable system will depend on different variables and on the obtained results.

It might appear economic for a real estate, but we need to take into consideration the users´ trend that nowadays is to avoid the sponsored adverts.

However, although the real estate decides to implement a payable campaign in order to appear among the first search results, the organic and natural positioning for short and medium term will always result much more effective.

The organic or payable SERP can be combined in order to reinforce the real estate marketing.

– SERM: Search Engine Reputation Management.

This is based on the management of the contents´ reputation showed by the search engines. It focuses on the organic positioning of the contents and avoiding any type of negative reference linked to the real estate.

This is a very important strategy on Internet for the brand development. The articles of the real estate blog play a very important role on them.

Basically, a real estate counts with two types of contents that need to be positioned on the search engines: properties for sale from the website and articles from the real estate blog.

For an organic positioning and development of brand, the contents of a real estate blog are the most effective way to do it, as they bring added value for the positive reputation of the real estate.

Positioning the images of the properties for sale or rent is normally more simple than achieving a good positioning of the blog contents.

Moreover, images of properties for sale bring a lower reputation image and zero added value for the real estate.

– Real estate social media reputation.

If we apply SERM on social media we will find out that the variables increase and the reputation of the real estate on social networks is a very important factor to consider.

The managing of the reputation level on the social networks of the real estate is an important factor for the brand development. That is why the role and the functions of a Community Manager are so important.

The “not written codes” of the social media platforms are known by all users and the positive reputation of a real estate can become negative in a moment.

A negative comment to the real estate might become harmful for the real estate brand development and for the online reputation, especially when everything happens virally.

One of the essential factors of a SERM strategy is to avoid the negative comments linked to the real estate and social media platforms are the perfect environment where everything can be revealed faster.

Any comment with links or quotes directly linked to the real estate can be indexed by the search engines and the external users of the platforms could see them in an easier way.

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