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Decoration of a luxury penthouse.

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To redesign the decor of this luxury penthouse in Manhattan, Gary Brewer of Robert AM Stern Architects is  joined Steven Gambrel and his design team to create a unique and luxurious home.

The decoration of this luxury penthouse is full of rich textures, and in its open spaces we find design elements and furniture.

From elegant French doors to lighting lamps with bold and challenging styles, they combine with a carefully selected color palette.

Entrance of the luxury penthouse.

The renovated entrance hall of the luxury apartment presents new graphic marquetry, new coatings and specially designed moldings.

The entrance of the apartment allows access to the main living room, and from there to the dining room and the library.

The designers used a palette of colors in dark tones, and sober decoration elements to maintain the original style of the apartment for access to the apartment.

Living room.

The living room maintains the elegant design, although it incorporates functional elements of great comfort for the inhabitants of the luxurious property.

The center of the room was located in a fireplace with marble frames, and dark green panels in matt tones were used on top.

The walls are covered with silk, designed by Phillip Jeffries, and on the left there is a sculpture on the wall flanked by a pair of vintage furniture, bergères seats by Bernd Goeckler.

French doors.

The new French doors are flanked by mirrored side lights.

The sofa was custom made by Dune , the cocktail table purchased at auction is Gilbert Poillerat and Serge Roche, and the vintage chandelier is from HM Luther.

Dining room of the luxury penthouse.

The dining room window was replaced with a new design to favor exterior views and accommodate a new fireplace.

The dining room chairs and the églomisé table are custom designs, and the spider from around 1925 is from HM Luther, the carpet is from Beauvais Carpets.

Kitchen and family room.

A large kitchen and a living room replace several smaller service rooms and pantries.

The designers fused usual spaces of luxury properties, ensuring functionality and comfort.

The kitchen cabinets were designed based on Shakers furniture in natural wood tones.

Breakfast bar in the kitchen.

In the view of the living room, we can observe the kitchen bar and the breakfast area.

A functional space for the family, while maintaining the style and overall design of the property.

Luxury penthouse library.

The structured library with panels opens to the terrace through new French doors.

In the corner there is a custom-made sofa covered in Zoffany velvet, the Italian cocktail table is around 1950.

A built-in bar on the side of the room, and a large television make the library a leisure space of great comfort and comfort.

The spider of the 60s is by John Salibello, and the ceiling is painted with a high gloss lacquer from Pratt & Lambert.

A view of the bar built into the library, facing the new dressing table and the entrance hall.

Discrete colors were used that do not break the design and decoration of this particular penthouse environment.

Master bedroom of the penthouse.

The master bedroom was enlarged, and features Holland & Sherry silk wall coverings, Duralee fabric curtains and a custom-made side table by The Lacquer Company.

The carpet in the master bedroom was also custom made by Mansour Modern.

Designer bathroom.

The main bathroom has stone floors and marble walls, and a mirrored panel creates symmetry with the existing window.

The bathtub is from Urban Archeology with Waterworks accessories, and the hanging lamp is a Grayfoy design by Steven Gambrel for Urban Electric Co.

Source: forbes.com

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