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Ideas to decorate with orange accents.

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Orange accents are fashionable and are a reference in decoration trends .

The orange color conveys joy and enthusiasm, and the reddish tones of this color are associated with passion. It is a color that generates feelings of strength and energy, and is also often associated with determination and triumph.

Perhaps that is why in interior decoration, and in many other professional sectors, orange accents are frequently used to highlight elements or combine textures.

Orange curtains.

Photo by Sara Winchester Studio.

These silk curtains in a particular orange give a touch of color to a neutral living space.

The living room, with a lot of style and based on an almost minimalist decoration, focuses on a very basic color palette.

The shades in orange, and the flowers of the same color in a turquoise-based tray, provide the distinctive detail in the decoration of this beautiful room designed by Christy Foran Design .

Pale turquoise and orange.

Photo by Petra Ford.

In this cozy living room, based on pale turquoise tones, the orange accents combine perfectly to give a touch of joy in the decoration.

This space of the house designed by Elizabeth Drake combines different colors and textures, achieving an atmosphere in harmony that conveys a very relaxing feeling.

An eclectic touch.

Photo by AC Image.

An orange strip brings an eclectic type of  energy to this bedroom decorated by Christopher Burns Interiors .

The room with wooden floors and walls in dark tones is quite classic, however , orange gives it a different style.

The orange tones are found in the carpet, the cushion, the flowers, the picture and the almost electric strip at the bottom of the curtains.

Orange decoration objects.

Photo by Spacecrafting Photography.

To experiment with orange you can not only resort to upholstery or curtains, you can also try contemporary works of art and other decorative objects.

As shown in this living room decorated by Charlie & Co. Design , paintings and decorative objects with orange tones can generate spaces with more energy and vitality, while still being cozy and comfortable.

The details that stand out.

Photo by Stacy Goldberg.

The orange details blend perfectly with the decor of this room designed by Liza Jane Interiors .

A color palette based on gray tones is the basis for using orange on some objects, such as pillows and vases.

The lines in orange tones of one of the lounge chairs and on the carpet, end up joining the rest of the objects that form the decoration of this room.

Stateroom bedroom.

Photo by Kerry Kirk Photography.

Blue and orange mutually enhance each other in this cabin-like bedroom designed by Cindy Witmer Designs .

The white-based decoration incorporates objects in blue, and the blankets in dark orange tone end up defining the style of this bedroom.

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