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The customer service policy of a real estate.

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For a real estate is essential to have an effective system of customer service, which should contain certain aspects in order to achieve a high level of effectiveness.

When a client of the real estate feels he was not well attended, because of the bad attention or the indifference, he will directly break all the relations with the real estate agency.

When a client breaks up with the real estate on the basis of a bad treatment received from any of the real estate employees, there will appear some long term negative consequences for the real estate.

For a real estate, losing a client implies a huge problem, mainly because the clients are the main resources of the real estate and because that client might convert into the person who spreads around bad advertisement.

The worst advert a real estate could get is the annoyed client. This is not an exaggeration, if we take into consideration the means of communicating that nowadays exist through the different platforms of the Internet.

If the clients spread good feedbacks, this is an important fact for any real estate and if the contrary happens (the clients might talk badly about the services offered by the real estate agency), it will turn into a negative aspect.

One of the main principles inside any marketing strategy for a real estate is that it is highly important the above not to happen. If the client wants revenge, he could easily harm the strategy for development of the brand of the real estate.

There are a lot of cases in which the clients harmed the business image of the real estate. There are cases in which the clients even damaged the economic state of the real estate. The responsible persons of a real estate should take into consideration the fact that the only thing a client needs is a computer connected to Internet so he could easily start an effective negative campaign.

On the other hand, we should also take into consideration that the users of Internet are very supportive with this kind of campaigns of discredit and people join rapidly when there is a strategy to discredit a business than if it were a positive one.

The Internet users and the social networks reflect a high level of solidarity at the moment of sharing contents in order to report a bad service coming from a business.

The best way to avoid those facts to happen is to implement a customer service policy focused on the generation of positive synergies, which will eventually be converted into a huge value added to the organization.

A satisfied client counts for the real estate and a discontented client diminishes its value.

A real estate client can forget a small error if he is well- attended, but this is not available if he has been treated with indifference and hostility. In order to avoid this, it is essential that all members have this in mind.

The customer service is a very important factor which should be taken with the best professionality. The clients of a firm must be professionally attended, no matter what investment they bring to the firm.

An effective customer service policy should follow certain elements. A real estate should not attend well its clients only because they invest a lot of money. An effective customer service policy is good for any type of business, no matter what product might offer.

Even a customer who finally decides not to buy, might convert into a generator of good synergies for the real estate only because he has been well treated and attended. The client of the real estate agency who will not buy a property, might serve as a link in order to get another client that for sure will become a potential buyer.

Anyway, apart from the strong customer service, a real estate should also use this slogan: “never underestimate a client of the real estate and all clients should be treated with the same professionality”.

Key aspects of the customer service policy of a real estate.

In order to get an effective customer service for the real estate, there are 2 fundamental areas to take into consideration:

  • The ways of communication which are set with the client.
  • The modalities of attending the real estate´s client.

Due to the extension required by the development of those concepts in order to get an efficient explanation, we will start touching the different ways of communication which we need to establish with the client and in the next article we will analyze those main aspects.

Ways of communicating with the client of the real estate.

cliente inmobiliaria


  • The greeting is the first contact.

A client should feel welcomed into a real estate and we should never treat him with indifference. The greeting is the first contact of the client with the real estate.

A greeting should be cordial and warm and without any excess or intention when it comes from the members of a real estate.

  • How to talk to a client of the real estate.

The words and phrases used are essential because they will have an unconscious effect on the client of the real estate. Every action creates a reaction and so the words are converted in action.

The key is to know how to foresee a reaction of the client. We must always transmit certain values to the clients: professionalism, seriousness, compromise.

  • Veracity and precision of the info given to the client.

It is very important to transmit true info to the client of the real estate, because he needs to feel the agency is really sincere and honest. A real estate should never leave the impression it is hiding something from the client.

Most of the times, the client of the real estate might feel he is about to be tricked, when in reality, the person that attends the client does not know how to get an effective verbal communication with the client.

  • The emotional state is important for the customer service.

The internal state has a very important role at the moment of creating a verbal interaction and both the client and the responsible person to attend him inside the real estate will get conditioned by them.

When we attend a client of the real estate, we need to forget the emotions and feelings and understand that the client is not responsible for our private problems. The smile must always be present on our faces when attending a client and should become the active element in the customer service policy of the real estate.

The first contact without a smile brakes away with the basic principles of assertiveness.

  • The non-verbal communication with the client.

Our body talks and transmits info to the client of the real estate and both verbal and non-verbal means of communication are two important factors. We should take into consideration that the bidirectional communication is also applied to the verbal communication and this is very important in order to get to understand the noon-verbal signs that the client sends.

The body position, the gestures and the movements of the body in general, should be coherent with the message we send to the client of the real estate.

Just a single gesture that is wrong interpreted by the client, it might convert into the difference between the selling or not of a property.

  • Written communication with the client of a real estate.

The written communication with the client of the real estate should contain some verbal and non-verbal elements, but there are other factors to be taken into consideration.

It is important to mind every word and phrase written, both in an email as when we use any other means.

The written word should be interpreted as an action, too. Right from the beginning, in this frame of the written communication, it is recommended to pay attention to orthography and grammar, but also to other elements which affect directly or indirectly (type and size of the letter, the structure of the written message, used colors, general editing of the content).

In the next article we will analyze the different elements which create an effective customer service policy for the real estate. There we will talk about the specific modalities of communicating with the client of the real estate agency.

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