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Bitrix24 can be considered more than a real estate CRM. This is a very complete management platform for a real estate, taking into consideration the organizational and business levels.

This platform will manage to increase the levels of productivity.

Bitrix24 can be used by the real estate as a management platform and real estate CRM for free and with little limits in comparison to the payable versions.

The free version of Bitrix24 is limited to 12 users, a very special feature for a small and medium real estate.

On the other hand, this version offers few limits. This is something significant as it becomes an excellent option to consider by a real estate that counts with few members in its team.

The payable versions offer some nice characteristics which deal with the management of large volume of info.

However, I insist on the fact it is quite unusual to find a management platform so complete and full of functions to be free.

Right from the beginning, every real estate should consider its specific necessities, but we should underline the fact that for a small or medium real estate, Bitrix24 is an excellent option that must be taken into consideration.

Characteristics of CRM Bitrix24.

When taken as a CRM for a real estate, Bitrix24 can be implemented in an easy way and it offers effective functions which are targeting the achievement of a higher level of planning and better levels of productivity.

Mostly important is the fact that in this platform, the effective interaction between different areas of the real estate is the most important point.

In a way or another, all the elements and functions of CRM are linked: from the assignment of tasks up to the potential buyers of properties. This brings high levels of effectiveness.

  • Management interaction of Bitrix24 CRM.

The platform offers tools that create every kind of reports in a very simple way.

We can also import and export contacts, create analysis based on graphics and we can also segment potential buyers in a clearer way.

The new contacts (that can be potential buyers or real estate collaborators) could be assigned among the members of the real estate team.

Apart from that, CRM analyzes the campaigns of the digital real estate marketing and creates access permissions based on different parameters previously established by the administrator.

The interface of the real estate CRM is intuitive and nice both for the administrator as for the users. Its design is very friendly and this increases the level of comfort at the moment of using the platform.

All activities of the real estate can be easily isolated in order to be evaluated. The system supervises also the flow of activities of the CRM in an exclusive way, making easier the task of detecting eventual functional incidents.

The management platform concentrates all the tasks and activities in only one point, allowing a good supervision and access to any element of the real estate CRM.

  • The invoices with Bitrix24 CRM.

Bitrix24 allows the real estate to create instant and personalized invoices. This is a very practical and functional element for the management of time and in order to minimize the possibility to make some errors.

The data related to the clients of the real estate are inserted automatically in the generated invoice. We will only need to select the contact or the agency and the system adds directly the linked info.

The products and services included in the invoice of the real estate can be selected starting with the existed elements, generated before and liked automatically.

The invoice of the real estate can be sent directly from the CRM to the client´s email address, save it on PDF or print it from the same browser that we are using.

  • Bitrix24 CRM connectivity.

It is important to use a real estate CRM from any device and Bitrix24 can be used on any device on the market. The connectivity level offered by the platform is very high.

Any member of the real estate team can access the info on real time, from smart phones, tablets, or any laptop.

The application of the real estate CRM (on smart phones and tablets) can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play.

  • Manage the emails.

The platform offers the option of sending and receiving emails in a very effective way. We can generate contacts lists depending on different variables and we can assign them a specific segment.

So, the real estate can attach any type of archive (docs, electronic invoices, images of properties for sale, etc.) to the real estate email.

The system allows the use of templates for sending emails, which can be personalized with logo and company´s colors.

If the real estate associates the email address to the real estate CRM, the former can be used as default and the messages will be saved in the system. The replies through this system are attached to the object inside the CRM.

In other words, they are linked to the previously established point of sending of the original message, as for example: contacts, collaborators, buyer clients, customer service, rentals, members of the real estate, etc.

  • Make call to the clients.

This system offers the possibility to make calls to the clients of the real estate directly from CRM, as it is quite flexible on its IP services.

This management platform comes already configured in order to be used with VoxImplant, but it can be linked to other telephonic services such as Skype, Lync and others.

The call through VoxImplant has a lower cost than all the others, as Bitrix24 has a sort of agreement with the mobile companies.

However, any app of IP used by the real estate can be linked to CRM and used from the desktop or through the web browser.

A very interesting characteristic of this system is that it allows us to record the calls and there are several other interesting options in order to increase the productivity of the real estate: the calls can be supervised and analyzed in order to increase the efficiency of the communication.

  • Access and permissions.

Bitrix24 offers the possibility to create different levels of access to the platform, but it also assigns specific roles to every member of the real estate.

The assignment of access permissions for every element of the CRM is very flexible and we can divide them into the responsible of the real estate, the organizational leader, the office´s manager and the members of the real estate.

This is just an example of assigning the access permissions on CRM and it is obvious that it depends on the organizational structure implemented by the real estate.

However, the level of role assignments is so high that it is possible to create them according to specific necessities of the real estate.

For example, we could assign roles and access permissions based on different variables such as sales manager, manager of the real estate team, CRM administrator, real estate agent, real estate director, collaborator, agent of new take on properties, rental manager, etc.

It is important to underline the fact that the roles assigned as access permissions should not be only linked by hierarchies, as the linked variables can also be created as independent.

  • Reports and sale graphics.

The creation of reports seems to be an effective resource because it allows the visualizing of the processes or projects and everything happens in a very simple way.

Real estate management is a very complex process and with the help of the graphics, CRM reflects the phase of the real estate property for sale.

Integration of Bitrix24 CRM with the web.


The real estate web can be included to the CRM in a very simple way in order to manage:

  • The subscribing system to the email or real estate newsletter.
  • Contact form to make some enquires on the properties for sale.
  • Any system to get the attention of any possible buyer.
  • Effective supervision of the sale processes of the real estate.

CRM includes a very useful function for any real estate- it offers the option to supervise and manage all the sale process of a property in a precise way.

The process of managing the sale process of a property for sale might include one, several or all the possible actions of every element of CRM.

To every sale process of a property, we can link elements and supervision elements which are considered to be important or necessary.

All this is structured through a graphic representation of excellent quality, which allows us a global vision of all the sale process.

Here you have some examples of contents related to a graphic (a tree structure) that will help us analyze the sale process of a property for sale in a real estate:

  • Owner´s contact details.
  • The agent who took on the property for sale.
  • Number of visits of possible buyers of a certain property.
  • General status of the process and specific phases.
  • Names of the agents involved in every phase of the sale process
  • Attached comments and linked evaluations.
  • Assignments of tasks linked to the sale of a property.
  • Notary management plus the closing of a sale process, including the post-sale process.

The previous example should be considered an orienting model only, as the possibilities and the flexibility of CRM are really wide.

In the same time, any field generated and any element linked to each part of the sale process, can be modified and adapted according to the necessities or specific circumstances.

With a correct supervision of the characteristics applied to the sale process we can get great results, when everything is analyzed by the real estate.

Bitrix24 can be implemented as a real estate CRM in a simple way, allowing to the real estate to get very high levels of efficiency and productivity.

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