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Costa Invest at the biggest expo in Sweden.

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It´s been 14 years since the first Media AB International Expo, an event created for the promotion of the real estate international product which targets the selling of properties abroad.

The real estate international expo will be located at Stockholsmässan (convention center in Stockholm, Sweden) on the 18th and 19th of February 2017, where a part of Costa Invest real estate team will be present.

Costa Invest will be actively present at the international expo of real estate in Sweden where it will present its properties for sale and rent.

Similar to what happened at Boligmesse 2016 (the international expo in Norway), Costa Invest will not only advertise its properties for sale and rent, it will also dedicate part of its logistics in order to promote and advertise Orihuela Costa as a touristic and holiday place.

The positive results obtained at the expo at Telenor Arena in Norway, influenced the decision of Costa Invest to implement an international agenda focused on the catching of potential buyers from such expos.

Costa Invest´s strategy of international real estate advertisement does not limit to maintaining a strong position and influence on the most important real estate portals in Europe. With a proactive attitude, Costa Invest becomes part of different European real estate expositions.

Real estate expo at Stockholmsmassän (Sweden).

AB has organized more than 100 real estate expos in the Scandinavian countries, all of them targeting the advertisement of the real estate sector. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo in Sweden as also Helsinki in Finland have become reference centers for international real estate events.

The interest of the Swedish audience increased significantly and the record on the highest number of visitors of an international expo was exceeded in 2016. This number is expected to be exceeded again at the next edition of the expo on the 18th and 19th of February at Stockholmsmässan.

Real estate developers and agents of this sector from than 20 countries have confirmed their presence for this year. Apart from advertising their products for sale and rent, these companies can participate to different activities held at Stockholmsmässan for the whole weekend.

There is going to be a series of seminars for the visitors. These seminars will touch different subjects such as the economic consequences of buying a property abroad and the subject of mortgages.

Conferences program at Stockholmsmässan.

There will be a series of conferences during this weekend at the international real estate expo in Stockholm which guarantee the presence of different important experts from several areas of the real estate sector. They are open and free for anyone from the public.

This is the conference and seminar calendar for Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of February:

– Real estate conferences in Hall 1 of Stockholmsmassan.

  • 11:30hs – Spain (previous tips related to buying -selling process in Spain).
  • 12:30hs – Portugal (aspects related to the buying process of a property in Portugal).
  • 13:30hs – Retire abroad (legal requirements for Swedish moving to Spain or other countries).
  • 14:30hs – Spain (previous tips related to buying -selling process in Spain).
  • 15:30hs – Portugal (aspects related to the buying process of a property in Portugal).

– Real estate conferences in Hall 2 of Stockholmsmassan.

  • 11:00hs – Thailand (aspects to take into consideration before buying a property in Thailand).
  • 12:00hs – Italy (aspects to take into consideration before buying a property in Italy).
  • 13:00hs – Incomes and taxes abroad (economic aspects for the citizens who relocate from Sweden to other countries).
  • 14:00hs – France (aspects to take into consideration before buying a property in France).
  • 15:00hs – How to successfully manage the relocation abroad.
– Real estate conferences in Hall 3 of Stockholmsmassan.
  • 11:30hs – Turkey (opportunities to buy properties in Turkey).
  • 12:30hs – The buying process in Spain (legal aspects).
  • 13:30hs – Barcelona and Catalonia (aspects related to buying properties in Barcelona and Catalonia).
  • 14:30hs – Greece (factors to consider before buying a property in Greece).
  • 15:30hs – Malta (aspects linked to the buying of a property in Malta).

The international real estate expo in Stockholm opens the doors for the audience at 10:30 and closes at 17:00. This conference center offers different other services related to food and gastronomy and a special area for kids.

A file with all the info on the event will be handed to each visitor in order to inform them on the position and location of the exhibitors and the countries they sell in.

Costa Invest will be present and available for the audience at the stand number 17 at Stockholmsmässan, situated at a few meters from the main entrance and close to the food area and the seminar area.

Sources: fairmedia.se / stockholmsmassan.se

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