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Following the directives of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, Costa Invest Real Estate details the use of cookies used on with the aim of inform you on that.

“Cookie Policy” is the name that appears on the third point of the fourth article in Law 13/2012 from the 30th of March, being published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE ) the 31st of March of 2012, promulgated the following day.

The Law of Cookies, presented as Law 2009/136/CE of the European Parliament from the 25th of November of 2009 is part of the Law nº 34/2002 from the 11th of July, of Society Services of Information and Commerce(LSSI).

Cookies are not applications, but text files which are installed on the computer with the help of the Internet browser. Their first aim is to facilitate and improve the user´s experience. They can also be used for different causes as the collection of data to create measure reports.

The cookies used on the website are associated with a single anonym user and his/her computer, not sharing the user´s personal data.

The cookies used on are temporal and their unique aim is to create a better experience for the user and by no means the personal data will be used or shared with third parties., on its own or through a collaborator third party could use the cookies when a user surfs the site.

The cookies are files sent to the browser with the help of a web server in order to register the user´s activities during his/her navigation on Internet. They are also used in order to measure the audience and the traffic, to control its progress and the number of visits of the site.

That type of tool is used by with an exclusive and technical purpose. You have the possibility to configure your browser in order to let you know the reception on cookies and to reject the installing of those. In order to surf on, is not necessary to permit the installation of the cookies sent automatically by the site or collaborators.

Cookies used on uses the following own cookies:

  • Session cookies: in order to guarantee your experience on will be satisfactory and to avoid the spam on Contact Form uses the following cookies by other companies :

  • Google Analytics (Google).
  • Bing Webmasters(Microsoft).
  • Yandex Webmasters(Yandex).
  • Social Networks.

– Google, Microsoft and Yandex´s Webmasters services use cookies in order to elaborate statistics on the traffic and the number of visits on

By using this site, you permit the above services the use of your private information.

In this way, any change regarding these points must be directly informed by communicating with them. At the end of this present document, you will find the links of the official sites of the above mentioned services. There you could consult their Privacy Policy.

– Social Networks use their own cookies so you could share´ contents.

Additional notes on and Cookie Policy.

– Neither, nor Costa Invest Real Estate is responsible for the content or the veracity of the private policies that collaborators might use.

– Web browsers are tools that store the cookies and the responsibility of rejecting them is yours. Neither, nor Costa Invest Real Estate can guarantee the correct manipulation of cookies from the above presented browsers.

-In some cases, it is necessary to install cookies so the browser won´t forget your decision on accepting the cookies.

-Regarding the cookies used by Google, Microsoft or Yandex, those companies store the cookies in their servers and they never share them to third parties, excepting the case in which this would be necessary for the functioning of the system or when the law required it.

Google, Microsoft and Yandex guarantee all transferred data will be protected according to the European rules. To get detailed info on how these companies use the cookies, you could visit their official sites and consult their privacy policies:

For any kind of enquiry related to the Cookies Policy of you can contact us through the page Contact Us.

How to disable or reject the cookies from

Is there any possibility to disable the cookies?

Yes, it is. You can also block them generally or particularly for a specific domain.

In order to delete the cookies you must go to the configuration of your browser and from there to search the one associated to a certain domain and eliminate them.

You can disable the cookies on any time you want. There are different forms of doing it, depending on the browser you are using.

What happens if I disable the cookies?

In order to understand what happens if you block the cookies, we will show you some examples:

  • You will no longer share contents on Facebook, Twitter or on any other social network.
  • The website will not be able to adapt the contents to your preferences, as happens to the online shops.
  • You will not be able to access the private area of the website such as: Profile, My Wish list etc.
  • Online Shops: you will find impossible to buy something online, it will be possible only by visiting the shop or by making a call.
  • It will not be possible to personalize your geographic preferences such as timetable or language.
  • The website will not be able to create analytical reports on the number of visits, which will result negative in its competition with other companies.
  • You will not be able to write on the blog, send photos, comment, evaluate or mark the contents. The website will neither know if you are human or just an automatic application which publishes spams.
  • Won´t be possible to show adverts, which will influence on the incomes from adverts.
  • All social networks use cookies, so if you disable the cookies you will no longer be able to use the social networks.

Configuration of cookies for most popular browsers.

-We will next explain you how to use a cookie on the browser called Chrome.

Important: these steps could vary according to the version of the browser:

  • Go to configuration or Preferences through the Menu Archives or by clicking the personalization icon that appears on the right.
  • You will see different sections, but click on Show advanced options.
  • Go to Privacy and Contents Configuration.
  • Select All the cookies and website data.
  • A list of all cookies will appear shown by domain. In order to be easier to find the cookies of a certain domain, introduce half or all the name in the section Search.
  • After this filter, one or several lines with cookies will appear. Now you just have to secet it and click the X button to disable it.

-To access the configuration of cookies on Internet Explorer follow these steps:

  • Go to Tools, Internet options.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Move the mouse till the level of privacy wanted.

-To access the configuration of cookies on Firefox follow these steps:

  • Go to Options or Preferences.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • In History choose Use a personalized configuration.
  • Now you will see the option Accept cookies, which you can enable or disable.

-To access the configuration of cookies on Safari OSX follow these steps:

  • Go to Preferences, then Privacy.
  • Here you will see the option Block cookies so you could adjust the type of blocking you will like to make.

-To access the configuration of cookies on Safari for iOS follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, then Safari.
  • Go to Privacy and Security and you will see Block cookies.

-To access the configuration of cookies for the Android follow these steps:

  • Access the browser and click on Menu, then Settings.
  • Go to Security and Privacy and you will see the option Accept cookies so you could enable or disable the option.

-To access the configuration of cookies from the browser of Windows Phone, follow these steps:

Open Internet Explorer, then More, then Configuration.

Now you can enable or disable the box Allow cookies.

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