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The cons of Facebook for a real estate.

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Although we already know a Facebook Page is essential to the real estate and to the real estate agent, we still need to analyze the time we need to invest in it and in its management.

Among the other platforms of social media, Facebook is seen as “a huge time sewer” and a correct time management cannot go along with an element that represents the enemy of the high levels of productivity. However, any strategy of real estate digital marketing must be aware of the existence of Facebook, as the key is to give it the right importance based on the obtained results. In a way or another, the answer is obtained through experience.

If the real estate or real estate agents do not get positive results, then we must have a closer look at the subject of investing time or not in Facebook.

We must not forget that a real estate offers an expensive product and this can be taken as a disadvantage in comparison to other type of companies.

A real estate´s main target is its potential buyer and the segment which must be well marked out in order to set the strategy directly to the client. In this way, Facebook might be seen as an effective platform that implements a certain model of business depending on the type of product presented.

Not everything that we find on Facebook is wrong, and no matter if we get traffic derived from it to the real estate blog and web, we must not leave aside the negative aspects that it reflects.

Negative aspects of Facebook for a real estate.

As it usually happens, among all the positive stuff we find on a social media platform, we can easily find its negative points. Speaking of which, Facebook is not an exception. The real estate must analyze some negative facts that this platform presents.

– Privacy of a real estate on Facebook.

Privacy has been one of the weakest points of the platform and this is a huge subject. Of course, for a real estate, Facebook is an open platform of digital marketing. In other words, it does not pretend to create a group or a closed system. However, privacy will always be a very important factor which requires special attention.

There were several authentic encyclopedias on the security of Facebook and its really bad system.

Well, if we believe that the privacy on a social network is not a limitative factor (because what we target is to get the best reaching level), they need to make some changes on the system. The person that has to be very attentive is the real estate agent who might get to be the most exposed to certain security errors.

In this way, it is almost obligatory for a real estate agent to create well- projected profiles on Facebook, dividing the personal from the professional one.

On the other hand, the real estate agent can create his own Facebook Page in order to strengthen his personal branding strategy, achieving to separate his profiles in an effective way.

– The time sewer of the real estate on Facebook.

In the professional field, Facebook is considered as the “big time sewer”, as the management of different accounts on this platform requires a great time investment.

The effective time management of the real estate and the realtor is a very important factor. Professionally, to waste time for no benefit is a huge error and it becomes extremely negative for the productivity of the company. According to some researches, Facebook appears also among the social networks that are considered addictive.

We might also talk a little bit of psychology, as there are thousands of addiction cases because of Facebook. Inside the real estate sector, it is usual to detect the fact that the professional starts working on this platform and forgets the time and this is not productive at all. For an effective time management we must never forget the relation between the time used and the obtained results.

That why we insist on the importance of a real estate Community Manager, as he is professionally trained and qualified especially to manage the social media accounts in an effective way. For a real estate, it is very important to have a Community Manager so the former could easily avoid that the members of the company might fall into the time sewer. A bad management of time inside the real estate sector attacks the entire productivity of the company.

– Facebook apps for real estate aren´t effective.

As a social media platform, Facebook offers a huge variety of apps, but when analyzed on a certain level, they seem to not correspond to the real estate´s necessities.

The apps of a social network are created and oriented to the user whose target is not to get the best of the app on professional grounds. This happens because many apps can be used on Facebook and almost none so professional for a real estate.

Even the simple apps or those that relate to other external platforms end up being not very good. This is also the case of the comments system for real estate blog through Facebook, which appears to be interesting, but it practically disappoints its users.

When trying to link some systems to Facebook (such as WordPress or other CMS), the big problem is that they do not use a high level of functional stability. On the other hand, when Facebook achieves the functional stability for the systems, it appears that it is not efficient at all for the latter.

Anyway, if the real estate goes for using systems of comments on the real estate blog or any other apps, the real estate must be sure that the technical links will still be functional in order to avoid a negative experience for its users.

– Facebook technical support for real estate.

We might easily affirm that the technical support of Facebook does not exist almost and this is a bad thing. The business of Facebook is not focused on counting on millions of active users, but its key is to access the data of those users.

Eventually, if the real estate might need the technical support of Facebook (even if it were free or payable), it must have a lot of patience while waiting for an answer which might never come.

Even the PPC (Pay Per Click) system of Facebook offers the less technical support to its clients. It is also true that you will need no genius in order to set and implement a PPC campaign on Facebook, although we know that most of the time we need a technical support in case of any possible problems.

In case of any link generated by the real estate on the commercial level (no matter if by third parties or not), a real estate must always have a secondary support in order to get the best results for the business.

The technical support is an essential key for customer service. In case a company offers a bad quality technical support, the obtained results of the real estate from that company will probably be negative.

– The use of ghost users and bots to get fake followers.

Facebook has been infested with lots of fake profiles, fake info, groups oriented to spams and low quality corporate pages. The use of automatic bots with the only target to achieve more followers has made a lot of harm.

Of course, not all Facebook profiles are fake, nor all groups are spams, or all the pages on this platform are low quality. But there is a quite visible tendency towards it.

Globally, for the ordinary users, the tag is simple: “Facebook is not cool anymore” and for professionals, it has stopped to be an effective answer and option. The evidence for this are the thousands abandoned profiles and the massive migration of the users to other social media.

Regarding this sector, there are other social media more attractive for a real estate and real estate agent, such as Google Plus or LinkedIn (because of their effectiveness).

Google Plus offers a segment of potential buyers of better quality and LinkedIn is much more effective than Facebook at the moment of generating positive synergies among professionals.

We can detect a strong migration towards those platforms inside the real estate sector in Spain. This happens because the real estate is the business and the real estate agent is the professional.

– Facebook has lost its functional quality.

Functionally speaking, everyone knows that Facebook has lost the functional quality. Its constant changes and alterations do not offer any stability like others.

Its engagement system, uncontrolled notifications, aggressive advertisement, security breaches, bad technical support and a deficiency in the systems of incidents made Facebook to be seen as a low quality social media platform.

The previous tag is very used by the professionals of real estate digital marketing, who suffer from the bad functions of Facebook compared to other platforms.

Anyway, despite all the negative aspects already debated, Facebook is still a tool to be taken into consideration for the strategy of digital marketing inside a real estate.

In conclusion, the real estate and the realtor should consider it as another option, but never give it more importance than needed.

This argument is based on the relation between the time investment required and the possible results obtained by a real estate agency.

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