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The concept of property recruiter in Spain.

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Previously, we have analyzed the organizational role and the importance of the property recruiter for a real estate in Spain.

Due to the importance of the figure of a property recruiter inside the real estate sector, we must analyze all the key aspects related to this organizational role.

Flour is vital for a bakery, since without that element there will be no products to sell. The same happens to the real estate without properties for sale. A real estate agent cannot sell if he does not have available properties.

For the business management of a bakery, the provider of the flour has an essential role. The same happens with the property recruiter of the real estate.

Although it might be a silly example, it is actually an illustrative one which can be applied to any real estate.

In other words, real estate agencies always depend on products and types of properties and sometimes on the property recruiters who become the providers.

There are no roles more important that others inside a company and they all reflect the business productivity.

The property recruiter of a real estate in Spain.

The data base of a property recruiter.

The data base with properties for sale or rent is essential for a real estate. That data base must always be available in any moment to offer functional and precise details and characteristics to the professionals of the company.

A properly implemented data base increases the productivity of the real estate, while a so-so data base will always make the daily work and the real estate management more difficult.

A real estate can have several property recruiters, but the real estate agents can also bring properties for sale in order to make the data base bigger.

The data base of the properties recruited can be managed from the real estate CRM implemented in order to ease the access to that type of info.

The internal real estate social network can also be used as a communication channel for the property recruiter. When placing status updates, he can notify the members of the real estate on new take-on listings and their characteristics.

By having a data base, none of the agents will have to ask any details of the properties to the property recruiter. In other words, all that info must be accessible at any moment and from anywhere.

This means that the info from the data base must be really clear and available to all members of the company at any moment.

When having a potential buyer, a real estate agent can check the data base of the recruited properties from any mobile device in real time, avoiding so the phone calls that are really unprofessional and do not bring good levels of productivity.

Recruiting properties for an exclusive sale.

When a property for sale is available in different real estate agencies and freelancers, the selling process might become complex and difficult.

A very common situation in the real estate sector in Spain is to see a property for sale in different other real estate agencies. Something that does not seem a problem in the first place; however, when a property is shown on different sites with different prices, they might become a problem.

Nowadays, a potential buyer can find a lot of info on the Internet in just a few minutes and he might also find the same property for sale with different prices just by placing some keywords.

This is more complex for a property recruiter and this situation is a real fact that happens more usually than we believe.

The key for a property recruiter and for the real estate agency is to define the resources in order to be targeted towards the promotion of a certain property for sale. We are talking about material and human resources, but also about the most valuable resource that any professional has, which is his time.

The property recruiter might deal with two scenarios: the situation in which the owner of a property does not get to a deal with the company, or the situation in which the owner establishes connections with different companies and several real estate agents.

Confronting these two scenarios, the real estate property recruiter must adapt to them and set some professional ways to confront them. Of course, the ideal scenario is when the owner of the property for sale has not set any other link with any other agency.

The price of the recruited property.

This subject is quite recurrent, mainly because the real estate agent wants to get the lowest price possible in order to get to a closing deal in a short time.

This is understandable, but most of the times, the real estate agents put too much pressure on the property recruiter, creating a negative situation and background for him.

The property recruiter will not always manage to get the lowest prices; the same as the real estate agent who will not always manage to close a deal.

The resilience level of a professional is essential, the same as the coordinated team work targeting specific objectives.

A positive synergy eases the increase of the real estate productivity. The former comes from the understanding and a fluid communication between the real estate agent, property recruiter and the real estate manager.

The business necessities must be clearly presented to the property recruiter during the weekly real estate meeting: the fact that there is much demand on the bungalows than on the villas, or that we need more apartments than townhouses.

The real estate manager or the real estate leader must set guidelines of communication inside the company, define models, plan and implement strategies and then clearly send them to the real estate team.

When the real estate property recruiter starts to bring properties, he must know the necessities of the company, what properties are needed, the location and the price zone required.

Recruited properties and the legal aspects.

When putting a property for sale, the real estate sets an ethical and legal compromise with its client. The process of recruiting a property for sale is not only about making the owner to sign a document.

A property recruiter must know the legal documents required for the recruiting process. Asking the legal advisor of the company is also an excellent source of accessing info.

Moreover, it is not enough to know the minimum legal requirements set by Spain in relation to signing the documents for putting a house for sale. A property recruiter must prepare himself to respond some questions or doubts placed by the owners.

The real estate solicitor becomes essential in this situation and he might also train the members of the company. Taking classes on legal aspects is unusual inside the real estate sector in Spain.

However, a training chart can be created by the solicitor in order to inform the members of the team in an illustrative and informative way.

This training linked to legal aspects does not substitute the role of the solicitor in the office by no means. It is very important for the real estate agent as for the property recruiter to know all the legal aspects linked to recruiting properties for sale or rent.

A real estate in Spain must be managed under some strict legal aspects and all members must know them, not only the property recruiter. A real estate agent is usually the professional agent who accompanies the client to the notary for the final closing of the deal.

There are also cases in which all members of the real estate advise their clients on legal matters such as how to get a NIE number, how to fill in applications for residence in Spain, how to open a bank account, change the title holders of properties for the water and electricity contracts, etc.

On the following posts, we will keep analyzing the different factors linked to the real estate property recruitment and the specific role of the property recruiter as an important figure inside the real estate sector.

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