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The Community Manager of the real estate is the person in charge of the distribution of the contents through Internet and he is also the promote agent of the community of the real estate.

The Community Manager of a real estate is essential not only for sharing the organizational contents on the Internet, but he is the main key for the good management of the real estate.

The image of the Community Manager inside the real estate was born from the need to maximize the potential of the social networks for a real estate.

This concept interacts directly with the one of Branding, because the latter is also applied in a real estate as a means of general product for each real estate agent linked to the real estate.

Due to the importance and the essential role of the Community Manager, the real estate should recur to the services of a qualified professional, avoiding unexperienced people.

In the environment of a real estate agency, we could easily detect that the role of the Community Manager is assigned without any criteria and that competence is usually assigned to a member of the organization which does not have the qualification to develop that task.

Obviously, the results obtained by the real estate who assigns the task to a non-qualified person will not be positive at all. This could also convert into a highly negative factor for the development of the brand.

The management of contents and maintaining the relations with the members of the community are the most important factors among the functions of a Community Manager linked to a real estate.

A real estate should work starting from a previous planning. His work should be based on the ability to achieve the targets set, because if not, his work will not be productive regarding the interests of a real estate.

The Community Manager of a real estate should establish the best strategies for the real estate, implement them and value their results. This task requires a good dose of flexibility and knowledge, both of the available tools and of the ways in which the users relate on social networks.

The social networks are the media where the Community Manager develops his job. He shares the contents of the real estate blog or even tries to develop the brand through the website of the real estate.

In the case in which every agent related to the real estate has an active presence on the social networks, it is recommended that the Community Manager of the real estate advise them, so to get positive synergies and achieve the best results in the agency.

It is not enough to lose a lot of hours on Internet especially on many social networks and have lots of followers, because a Community Manager requires a specific profile with good communication skills.

Here is very important to value the relation between the time provided by the Community Manager of the real estate and the results obtained. He should consider the time management as essential in the achievement of the best results.

In the same time, he should dominate the ultimate technologies and be able to interrelate with the other agents on the social network. His presence should be proactive and assertive and she should always keep in mind that the management is on behalf of the real estate and should never take it personally.

The Community Manager of a real estate is essential.

The image of the Community Manager might bring some confusion because is a new profession on the Internet, although we know that this job was already implement by several organizations but under different names.

The importance of a Community Manager is give especially by the necessity of having a specific function inside the real estate and reuniting the proper requirements both inside the organizational and business environment.

It is true that on the Internet most of the terms are devalued. In other words, it is not the same to be a web designer as to be a developer or being an active user as a Community Manager.

Right from the beginning, it is important to understand he is not only part of these social networks, webpages, blogs or other platforms the real estate has, but he needs to possess certain abilities not related specifically to informatics.

We should highlight that the real estate model is essential for a Community Manager and his functions, because in most of the real estate, those tasks are part of the general strategies of marketing and he is the leader of the management departments.

Nowadays, any of us is active on social networks, manages contents, edits the profiles and interacts with different contacts. One should also need to know the platforms and technologies where he plays, as also all the available tools for the management of email and sites on Internet.

In a way, we could say that any user of the social networks does a Community Manager task. Though, we need to emphasize that the above does not mean anyone could understand professional management of the brand and a real estate should be aware of this fact.

It is highly important for the real estate to understand that the functions and competences of a Community Manager are very specific, not similar to others professionals working in the same real estate.

One of the main features of a Community Manager of a real estate agency is that he must know by heart the particular characteristics of every social network, the type of profile for the users, the ways of communication between them and the unwritten codes of the Internet in general.

If the Community Manager is not the brand to develop, and that position is taken by the real estate, we should manage the real estate´s resources as personal and achieve the set strategies be well developed in order to reach the set targets.

As we already said, the working environment of a real estate Community Manager is the Internet and he develops his tasks especially on social networks. For this to happen, there should exist contents of the real estate to share and websites on the Internet to manage them.

Although it might seem absurd, this is not absurd at all, because there are still a lot of real estate agencies that do not understand the importance of different space of the Internet. A webpage for a real estate should only show its starting point in its development of the brand on the Internet.

The real estate blog is the responsible for generating the contents to share in every place of the real estate. Regarding this, there is other confusion when people think that in the Branding strategy of the real estate we should only share the properties for sale.

Sharing contents for the real estate should never mean the advertising of the properties for sale. That is another subject and it is visible on other spaces on the Internet.

Publish the properties for sale the real estate has is not the task of a Community Manager, because it is not effective to advertise properties on the social networks. On the contrary, this type of strategy could result quite harmful for the real estate interests.

For a real estate, the creation of the spaces and the managing of centers for the sharing of contents are highly essential, because the consequences we get from the social networks are unquestionable. The advertising of the properties for sale is also very important in the first place, but it is convenient to do this on other spaces on the Internet.

For any real estate which pretends to develop a good Branding strategy on Internet the image of the Community Manager is essential in order to maximize the development of the brand and get good results.

The presence of the real estate agency on Internet is determinant and especially on the social networks. For this it is needed a qualified professional for the development of the brand.

The Community Manager is a key factor for any Branding strategy of any real estate on Internet but also for any real estate that pretends to get positive results.

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