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Coastal seaweed in Orihuela Costa (Spain).

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Coastal seaweed are part of the flora of Orihuela Costa, and are part of a very large and heterogeneous group of plant organisms, preferably aquatic, among which everything from unicellular species to enormous marine plants which reach 50 meters (approximately 165 feets).

Seaweed makes one of the greatest contributions of oxygen to the planet. It is estimated that seaweed represents nearly 50% of global photosynthesis.

To carry out photosynthesis, seaweed uses chlorophyll or other photosynthetic pigments. Depending on the type of pigment, seaweed can be red, green or brown.

There is also very small seaweed which is only visible under a microscope and lives suspended in the aquatic environment.

This seaweed, called phytoplankton, is a autotrophic organism capable of carrying out photosynthesis.

Its importance is fundamental given the fact that it is the most important primary producer of the ocean, just like plants on the earth’s land surface.

The main use of seaweed is its direct consumption by human beings, with approximately 40.000 tonnes of seaweed being extracted from the sea each year.

Its use is very diversified. Seaweed is used for industrial purposes, farming and cosmetics.

These seaweed are found in the Coves of Orihuela Costa, and are part of the ecological diversity of the area, which is duly protected by different regulations.

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