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Christmas is right over the corner and we need to plan the decoration of the Christmas tree with some traditional ornaments.

Christmas trees without traditional ornaments has no point at all, as placing the traditional ornaments on the tree is a familiar ritual.

However, the tradition of the Christmas trees has a religious symbolism which has changed along the years, being converted to the new socio cultural customs of each region on this planet.

On the other hand, apart from decorating the Christmas tree with traditional objects, the same ornaments are used for the decoration of the house.

The significance of the ornaments´ colors.

The traditional colors for decorating the Christmas tree are red and green. Red symbolizes the birth of Jesus and green symbolizes nature.

Altogether, both colors symbolize the rise and the resurrection (Christian symbolism). The triangular shaped Christmas tree symbolizes the Holy Trinity and eternal life.

However, apart from red and green as main colors used for decorating, white and gold are also used.

Ornaments to decorate the Christmas trees.

Christmas circles symbolize the apples that were traditionally hung on the sacred trees.

In the same time, those apples favored fertility and symbolized nature.

Christmas bells.

Bells on Christmas trees announce the birth of the Jesus Christ and they send a hope message for the New Year.

On the other hand, bells are said to be places on the Christmas trees in order to chase away the bag spirits.

Christmas candles.

Christmas candles are linked to Jesus Christ; they are linked to the moment when Mary gave him birth surrounded by many candles in the middle of a manger.

In the same time and not related to Christian customs, many families light many candles of different colors for many purposes: yellow candles to bring more money, green ones for hope, red candles for love and the white ones for tranquility and peace at home.

Christmas angels.

Angels have also a huge Christian symbolism and they are normally placed on the top of the Christmas tree, replacing the traditional star.

Stars for the Christmas trees.

Stars symbolize light and hope. Their symbol comes from the star that guided the Three Wise Kings to the manger where Jesus was born, in Bethlehem.

Christmas garlands.

Christmas garlands were firstly used in Germany and they symbolize dignity and the power of the families.

Circles garlands were traditionally placed on the houses´ doors and their shape used to symbolize eternal life.

Nowadays, following the traditional custom, Christmas circled garlands are still placed on the doors and they send the idea of power and dignity.

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