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Christmas email marketing.

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Christmas email marketing is an effective system to greet customers and capture new sales prospects.

Christmas time is a great opportunity for any agency to send a campaign of real estate advertising. Some factors must be taken into consideration in order that campaign to be effective.

A campaign of real estate marketing email during Christmas might have different purposes, taking into consideration the necessities of the real estate and other objectives.

Basic aspects of the Christmas email marketing.

The first thing is to analyze the results obtained during the last years from the campaigns of real estate marketing email. In this way, we manage to avoid certain errors and we analyze the variables through objective data.

If the campaigns of the real estate marketing email on Christmas have resulted positive, we need to strengthen the implemented strategy. However, when the results are negative, we need to plan it again from the scratch.

Christmas special message.

We must also adapt the message to the real estate and make adjustments on the structure of the email in terms of advertisement. However, Christmas is a special period of the year. That is why we want to achieve effectiveness.

Normally, the campaigns of real estate marketing emails during Christmas use certain images which are really usual, but necessary.

This is the proper way to place the real estate email inside the specific time frame and the perfect way to achieve emotional empathy with clients. However, the real estate must write a creative and attractive email combining the classic elements of the Christmas email (Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer’s, snow, etc.) with services and real estate products offered by the agency.

Custom Christmas email.

As we previously mentioned, an updated data base of the real estate is very important in order to get a good level of customizing the real estate email. This is one of the keys to connect the clients with the real estate in an effective way.

Personalizing the real estate email focuses on the info related to the client´s behavior for a proper strengthening of the email sent. It is not only about placing the name of the recipient on the header of the Christmas email. It is something simple and fast.

Identification of the behavioral patterns of the real estate clients is necessary. By isolating these patterns, we can personalize the specific messages in order to get a higher conversion level.

The text of the Christmas email.

This is a period of the year which implies dozens of emails of any type (post cards, offers, etc.). That is why it is so important for the real estate to write a proper subject for the Christmas email.

The subject of the email must be the call to action to the user (CTA). Mainly because if the recipient of the email does not open the real estate email, the content will not be seen.

The edition of the text, as part of the content of the real estate email, must be previously planned and targeted towards the emotional connection.

These are the basic factors that must be taken into consideration.

  • The subject of the Christmas real estate email is the first call to action, so the typical “Merry Christmas” should be avoided.
  • The Christmas text of the real estate email must never exceed 50 words and take into consideration that the first 30 words are the most important.
  • Use the first keywords in order to get a good rapport level. The keywords must be positive.
  • We must not include words like “offer” or “promotion”, as they are seen as Spam messages.
  • The message must be clear and straightforward, without forgetting the meaning of Christmas for the majority of persons.

The design of the Christmas email.

The design of the real estate email on Christmas time must catch the attention of the clients and maintain a balance between the text, the images and the real estate marketing (logo, colors, etc.) without forgetting that the context of the email must be related to Christmas.

Combining the logo of the real estate with images and videos in a coherent way is really important.

There are many options to do this such as: using a Christmas picture as a background and a video in order to achieve the call to action.

Moreover, we can also use images and video with a pinch of humor, but we must take care with this.

A real estate marketing email for Christmas must be corporate. The real estate must never forget the context; neither mix serious with boring.

Update the customer database.

During a year, the data base of the real estate clients might increase and most of the times, details are outdated. That is why a database must always be updated.

It is important that the clients´ info to be updated and the linked details to be precise and correct.

The real estate CRM is the best source of info. A campaign of Christmas emails must be linked to the CRM.

On the other hand, a database updated and well-segmented by the type of client will improve the personalization level of the emails.

The segmentation of the real estate clients can be made according to different variables such as: potential buyers, rentals, owners, collaborators, clients who already bought, etc.

Christmas email marketing errors.

There are certain elements that must be avoided on a Christmas real estate email, such as some other characteristics that must be taken into consideration.

  • The content of the email on Christmas.

The content of the real estate email on Christmas time must be a combination of elements such as images, texts and videos. Using only one image or contents based only on texts will harm the effective of the Christmas email of the real estate.

  • The text of the email.

The text of the real estate must not contain orthographic or grammar errors because it will send a very negative image about the organization of the agency.

Moreover, the text must never be written in capital letters, as this shows an aggressive meaning to the receiver. The netiquette shows that words written in capital letters mean screams.

  • Privacy Law (GDPR).

The Christmas real estate email must follow the legal rule regarding the Privacy Law (GDPR) and must always include an unsubscribing button.

Moreover, the real estate must always add all the corporate info required and follow the privacy policy of its clients.

  • The email delivery date.

The sending date of the Christmas real estate email is a key factor and the real estate must previously plan the sending calendar.

Some days during Christmas period are more recommended to send emails and so the possibilities that clients will open them will also increase.

  • Email customization.

Each real estate has its marketing strategy and the colors of the logotype will show it also. However, red is the most used color during Christmas and it has a symbolic meaning to the clients.

It is important to achieve the balance between the colors of the Christmas email. So are the corporate colors if we think on the brand development.


decor navidad noel

An effective campaign of real estate marketing email during Christmas is not only about sending emails. We must achieve a high conversion level which will help the real estate to get more commercial benefits.

In the same time, the real estate marketing email on Christmas can be used as an opportunity to thank the buyer clients, congratulate collaborators or agencies and attend other organizational necessities of the real estate.

In conclusion, the real estate Christmas email must target the call to action and generate positive synergies.

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