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Castles for sale in Europe.

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Castles for sale in Europe represent a particular niche inside the international real estate sector. This is a very particular product which targets a specific buyer.

When the real estate makes reference to a “castle for sale”, the majority of people imagine a castle in a medieval style or similar which can be visited in different countries in Europe, such as a castle with big rocks, surrounded by forests and a typical bridge.

The reality inside the real estate sector is totally different and when they advertise castles for sale in Europe, they are selling real castles.

In other words, normally they are nothing like the castles from the movies.

In Spain, we hear talking about thousands of castles for sale, but when we start to dig in, we might find several types of properties, but less castles as we imagine them. Normally, this is generalized in order to generate a certain level of curiosity of the potential buyers.

On the Mediterranean coast of Spain, we can find good constructions of castles, very good imitations of designs, although they are not authentic castles with centuries behind.

In the real estate sector of Spain, the category “castle” is used most of the times to capture the attention of potential buyers and to generate a certain level of traffic on the website of the real estate.

However, we should admit that there are real castles for sale in Spain and not all the adverts can be used as tricks and they are not schemes of a real estate marketing campaign.

Usually, the countries of Europe that offer castles for sale as a real estate product are France, England and Germany. We can find castles for sale all over Europe, but the previous countries offer the best real estate portfolio related to castles.

No matter of the concept we might have on castles and how a castle should be in order to define it like that, we can find a huge variety of properties related to the concept of  castle in Europe.

This article intention is to share and present three properties defined as castles inside the real estate sector, which start from 3 million to hundreds of euro.

La Rochepot Castle (3.000.000 euro).

Castillo La Rochepot

Built during the XIII century, this castle is located in the high area of Burgundy in France and it is situated at an hour from Dijon and 35 km far from Le-Creusot-Montchanin.

At a height of 546 m, Le Rochepot is one of the most visited places in Burgundy and it has a plot of 28 hectares where it can be found the big castle with a double drawbridge.

During the XIII century, La Roche family started to build the castle placing a Roman style chapel inside it. The two families Beaujeu and Saboya joined the castle and settled in front of the “Seigneurie de la Rochepot”.

At the beginning of the XV century, the existent structure increased with the construction of the fortified defensive walls and towers.

In 1413 several other fortifications were built and Phelippe Pot contributed to the majority of the buildings, including the numerous military installments.

During the Renaissance Era, its decorations and architecture were also improved. The tower of Beaune was completed with a dome of Italian slate and several other repairs were made in order to bring the castle to its best comfort.

In 1640, the castle passes to the authority of Cardinal of Retz and then it is sold to Pierre Legoux de la Berchère (the first president of the Parliament of Burgundy).

In 1792, the property is taken by the State and declared as National Heritage. In 1799 the castle is sold at an auction and finally, the original castle ends in ruins.

In 1810, everything left from the castle was the main façade oriented at East, some parts of Tour du Colombier , Tour Marlot and Tour de Beaune which was still in one piece only.

At the end of XIX century, Sadi Carnot, the wife of the president of the French Republic gave the castle ruins to her elder son, who charges Charles Suisse ( the chief architect of the historical monuments of Borgoña and Saboya) of the renovation of the castle.

For the renovation of the castle, Suisse collaborated with Xavier Scanosky, a sculptor of Dijon who was the responsible for all the sculptures in the residence.

They were the two persons who managed to give the castle its present aspect and design. The reconstruction of the castle lasted 25 years and its aspect was left exactly as it was created at the end of the XV century.

The medieval architecture was entirely applied giving the castle the aspect and design it has today: a castle in a flamboyant Gothic style. The architect, with the absolute help of Sadi Carnot based their work on precision.

Nowadays, we can easily notice some important details of the castle that underlined the great work of renovation:

  • The original guns shield of the Pot family sculpted in stone.
  • Well maintained drawbridges and huge wooden gates.
  • Ceilings covered in tiles, slate boards and even wood with pebbles.
  • More than 30 rooms among which we can find the Master Chamber, the Big Chapel and the Kids Room.

La Rochepot castle is open to the people most part of the year. The chambers opened for the visitors have been renovated in a medieval style and present an interior design inspired from the XV century.

Source: patrice-besse.co.uk

Montbrun Castle (21.000.000 euro).

Castillo Montbrun

Montbrun Castle was built in 1179 and it is one of the four castles that exist today in France which has a special history linked to the Crusades and Richard the Lionheart of England.

This castle is for sale and it is situated in the center of France, in the region of Limousin, called Haute-Vienne, at 350 km South to Paris and 43 km of Limoges.

The property counts with 165 hectares of plot which consists of different houses, barns, stables and taverns, plus four lakes, a river and several pits.

The castle has been completely renovated to the highest standards, taking into considering its history and authenticity. It counts also with satellite connection, a central system of heating floors, domotics, a professional kitchen made in a rustic style and very comfortable rooms.

The so called living area as we call it inside the real estate sector includes: a huge living room, a chapel, an office, 15 bedrooms, a studio, a home cinema, a library, a dancing room and a conference room. The property of almost 3.500 m2 counts with a central heating and 2 modern elevators.

For the price of 21.000.000 euro the buyer will get also 500 hectares of plot (30% of pasture and 70% of forests). In that price enter the licenses of use of the boutique, the restaurant of the castle and the offices. There are also the paintings, tapestries, works of art, linens, cutlery, etc.

There were several projects were born from Montbrun Castle:

  • Horse riding school.
  • Country Club with all the facilities.
  • The construction of properties for sale and rent.
  • Golf course with 18 holes.

Obviously, such a castle that includes hectares to be commercially exploited offers a huge potential as a real estate business model.

It gives also the ability to implement different commercial and real estate projects in order to achieve that the investment of millions of euro be repaid in the less time possible.

Source: castle-forsale.com

Bran Castle (100.000.000 euro).

Castillo Bran

In 2011, Forbes presented the castle as the second most expensive property in the world and they evaluated it at 140 millions of dollars.

The national Romanian monument is indeed a medieval fortress and not a castle as it is called. Built during the XIII century, the property is situated in the region of Transylvania and its final structure was made in the XIV century.

Apart from its historical wealth and heritage, this castle counts with a global fame as its name is associated with Count Dracula (main character of the successful novel written by Bram Stoker.

The author of the famous novel was inspired by the figure of Vlad the Third or Vlad the Impaler, a heroe who is thought to have not been in that castle never in his life. Some sources cite that Vlad Tepes could have been a prisoner in the dungeons of this fortress and they think his stay there was very short.

Nowadays, Bran castle is property of Habsburg family and it is visited by half a million of persons per year, people from all over the world. Since Francis Ford Coppola had the premiere of his movie “Dracula” in 1992, the number of visitors increased a lot.

The profit of Romania from the touristic exploitation of the castle has been tripled in a couple of years and those winnings are estimated to more than a million euro per year.

Last year, The Telegraph published an article saying that the castle was for sale for a value of a hundred million euro. The supposed sale of ¨Dracula´s castle¨ had effects on different levels, being active in the real estate sector.

The news was showed on TV, written press, internet and of course and on social networks. Behind the news of the castle for sale appeared also the contradictions and some voices stated there was only a marketing strategy behind the sale of the castle.

Anyways, I suppose the owners of one of the most expensive properties on Earth would not be interested in bringing down the myth as they would not be offended for some more worldwide advertising.

In conclusion, “Dracula’s castle” is not for sale, not at the moment.

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