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Bus schedule in Torrevieja (Route A2).

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The real estate blog of Costa Invest shares with you the schedule of the buses for route A2: Torrevieja – La Mata.

Route A2 schedule: Torrevieja – La Mata.

– Bus schedule from October to May:
  • All days from 7:30 to 22:00.
  • Frequency: every 55 minutes.
– Bus schedule from June to September:
  • All days from 7:30 to 23:00.
  • Frequency: every 55 minutes.

Bus route for A2 Line Torrevieja – La Mata.

– Bus routes from Torrevieja to La Mata.

  • Hotel Fontana (Torrevieja).
  • Paris Boulevard( Medical Centre La Loma).
  • Paris Boulevard (corner with Bruxelles Street).
  • Paris Boulevard (corner with Baleares Boulevard).
  • Paris Boulevard (Pinocho Restaurant).
  • Ronda Road (Altos de la Bahía).
  • Ronda Road (Elena Street).
  • Torrejón Street (Molino Blanco).
  • Torrejón Street (ParqueMar).
  • Medical Centre La Mata.
  • Germany Boulevard (corner Europeos).
  • Virgen del Carmen Boulevard (La Mata).
  • Del Mar Street (La Mata).
  • Mayor Street (La Mata).

– Bus routes from La Mata to Torrevieja.

  • Danish Boulevard (Petanca-La Mata).
  • England Boulevard (corner with Europeos).
  • Belgium Boulevard (corner Holland Boulevard).
  • Morera Street (La Mata).
  • ParqueMar.
  • Torrejón Street (Molino Blanco).
  • Ronda Road (Elena Street).
  • Ronda Road (Altos de la Bahia).
  • Paris Boulevard (Pinovho Restaurant).
  • París Boulevard (corner Baleares Boulevard).
  • Paris Boulevard (corner Bruxelles Boulevard).
  • Medical Centre La Loma.
  • La Tejera (Molino).
  • Orihuela Street (Inmaculada College).
  • San policarpo Street (Torrevieja TV).
  • Salt Eras (Torrevieja).

For more info on the possible changes on the bus schedule of Route A (Torrevieja-La Mata):

  • Telephone: Autocares Costa Azul SA: +34 965 710 449
  • Online: outocarescostazul.com

Costa Invest Real Estate is not responsible for any change on the info offered here, or on any damages made by any modification on the routes and bus schedule in Torrevieja.

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