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British tourism in Orihuela Costa and Covid-19.

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British tourism in Orihuela Costa (Spain) is very important to achieve the post-Covid-19 commercial reactivation, and that is why the creation of safe corridors for British tourists was requested.

British businessmen in the area, very affected like all businessmen in the municipality by Covid-19, received the support of the Orihuela Chamber.

British tourism was always very important in Orihuela Costa, as well as the thousands of permanent residents of that nationality, and that is why its businessmen were the first to demonstrate against the announcements of the Boris Johnson government.

The British government established a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in the UK from Spain.

Local support to reactivate British tourism.

«All companies, not in our territory but in our country, are affected by this measure, but today we wanted to be here together with managers of shops of British nationality because they are the ones who feel most upset and affected by the decision taken for London because they do not understand the reason for it», said the first vice president of the Orihuela Chamber, Pedro Mancebo.

Pedro Mancebo met with several British businessmen who maintain their commercial activities in Orihuela Costa, and also with members of different associations that showed their rejection of the measures adopted by the British government, particularly with those who arrive from Spain with a mandatory quarantine by the Covid-19.

«They feel very affected and do not understand why such drastic measures are adopted when they have been extraordinarily scrupulous in the application of all safety and health protocols in their activities», said Pedro Mancebo, who added that «a social alarm in the United Kingdom unnecessary with respect to Spain, because the data we have from our territory confirms that the rate of infections is much lower here than in any area of ​​the United Kingdom, so the measure imposed responds to other criteria not strictly medical-sanitary».

Proposals to solve the situation.

Orihuela Chamber joined the request of businessmen and local associations to try to reactivate British tourism in Orihuela Costa. Starting with the elimination of the mandatory quarantine, imposed by the British government, on travelers arriving from Spain.

«At least for people who travel to places that can be considered safe, as is our case»,said Pedro Mancebo, who requested «coordination between administrations», as well as that all necessary measures be taken to guarantee the safety of travelers , for example, with the performance of tests and controls of entry and exit to the countries.

«In this way we will guarantee that no person who may have Covid-19 leaves our country, but we will also guarantee that no one with the disease comes to our area on vacation», Mancebo said.

Conclusions on British tourism and Covid-19.

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Although the Covid-19 pandemic is global, and all countries in one way or another with greater or lesser success have adopted different measures, they affect the commercial and economic interests of practically everyone.

The local businessmen of Orihuela Costa, such as associations and chambers of commerce, obviously do not intend to aggravate the health situation, much less, they simply request that the measures adopted by the British government be made more flexible and, at the same time, carry out more effective controls.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the United Kingdom is not the only one that adopted the mandatory quarantine for travelers from Spain, other countries have also established it as a health security protocol, further aggravating the influx of foreign tourists to Orihuela Costa.

In Orihuela Costa, health protection measures have been taken in shopping centers and establishments in all sectors in general, because obviously no one wants Covid-19 to spread, although everyone is also interested in a prompt commercial reactivation.

For example, a control system was implemented on the beaches of Torrevieja due to Covid-19 , and in the municipality of Orihuela Costa, various health protection measures have also been taken by the authorities, always seeking a balance between the safety of people and commercial reactivation, as a way to help the local business .

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