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This is about how important is that a real estate agent creates his own Branding strategy and the advantages the real estate gets when it is converting into an operational hub.

Introducing a Personal Branding strategy is a very important factor for the real estate agent, because this will increase his productivity and so he will obtain related advantages.

The same rule is applicable to a freelance real estate agent as well as to one who is directly and professionally related to a real estate.

In the case of a real estate agent who is directly related to a real estate, his real estate Branding strategy must be directly related and managed to the one of the company´s as well, so both of them would become potential.

The fact that each agent is developing his own Branding strategy, emphasizes on the real estate Branding strategy, because this is a question of counting all the pro synergies and resources for a final single purpose.

Both real estate Branding strategies, the one of the agent and the one of the real estate, applied at the same time increase the selling of properties and accelerate the positive results for both parts.

The agent´s Branding strategy linked to a real estate.

Let´s imagine a specific scenario in which the real estate counts with 5 agents and the company with the help of them implement their strategy of Branding in collaboration.

Without any doubts, the result will be based on trade development towards a positive finality, an achievement for the real estate but also for the real estate´s agent who will feel beneficiary of the result of the real estate Branding strategy and of his colleagues´ professionalism.

Counting professional synergies will always bring positive results and if those are worked collaboratively, they turn into very strong strategies of high impact.

Now, let´s imagine a similar scenario, but with a slight change. Instead of 5 real estate agents, the company counts with 10 agents. The Branding strategy not only will double the success but it increases the positive results.

So, we are talking about a different scenario which presents results that overpass our first scenario.

One of the fundamental factors for the success of a real estate Branding strategy worked in collaboration is the coordination and its control during its entire process of implementation. In this way, we will achieve sustainable results for short and long term, winning a higher level of productivity by managing the available resources.

The real estate agent´s hub is the agency.

A “hub” is the center of connections, a highly used term by the aerial companies in the aeronautics. It defines the airport from where all the operations are centralized. It is also used by the Community Managers, to whom a hub is a blog or a web page.

The concept of  hub is better understood if we think of the spokes of a bicycle. A hub for a real estate agent is the real estate itself. If the agent has a well physically implemented hub in the real estate, he must also have the real estate´s webpage as the referent hub on the Internet.

If all real estate agents use the real estate webpage as a hub, the advantage is outstanding for the agency and for the agents, too. When implementing a Branding strategy the most important impact for short term is the increase of hub traffic.

In other words, we talk about the increase of the number of visitors on the webpage. This is only the beginning and the smallest part of the strategy´s global result, because starting like that we will further need to develop the trade.

In the same time, this increases the possibilities of selling more properties.

The synergy produced in the real world is also present on the Internet but with more traffic. The real estate agent´s simple presence on the Internet favors the development of the real estate trade and vice-versa.

Branding strategy for the real estate agent.

  • Real estate agent´s webpage.

The real estate agent´s webpage can be used as his vCard or personal electronic card, as a form of virtual business card which must be added to his email identity and linked to every social network of his.

Right from the beginning, the real estate´s agent webpage – vCard style- should be linked to the hub of operations, which is the real estate´s webpage. Any potential client of his web as an agent, could be directly related to the real estate´s webpage and so, they could discover the huge offers of available properties on the market.

A very important and useful resource is to install a feed which refreshes the properties on the webpage vCard of the real estate agent. In this way, selling possibilities will increase and a professional design will be achieved.

  • Real estate´s blog.

Although it is highly probable any real estate to have a blog, we must not discard the possibility in which a real estate agent could have his own personal real estate blog.

Even if he is having another blog based on different themes, this could also help in his Branding strategy. We must take into consideration that a blog, no matter what its field, it defines and identifies the administrator and this could be of great utility in developing one´s personal trade.

We must also focus on the huge potential that a blog represents, taking into consideration the SEO level. With the help of it, the real estate agent´s advantage for his Branding strategy will get higher.

  • Real estate agent´s social network.

The agent´s active presence on social networks is highly important, especially for his personal trade development and getting as much as positive synergies as possible. This is a way of positioning and making himself known but it also emphasizes the real estate, to which he is strongly linked.

The social network strategy of a real estate agent must be previously planned and must not become a dense investment of time.

For a real estate agent, the good management of time is determinant and this should be taken into consideration when dealing with social networks. It is appropriate to supervise all the obtained results and then set realist challenges for not too short periods regarding the social media strategy.

The social media field is extensive and although the real estate agent analyzes it profoundly, he will find the most effective platforms for the developing of the real estate Branding strategy. And we also know that not all platforms will adjust to his specific necessities.

On some of them, he will be more active, so he will need firstly to decide where and how he situates himself. Nowadays, the most important platforms on Internet are: FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

There are also some other platforms where the real estate agent could implement his Branding strategy such as Instagram, Pinterest and others – these are interesting for any agent or real estate that wants to enter a specific country´s market.

All for one and one for all!

In conclusion, the global Branding strategy for a real estate is based on all the real estate subjects that are all linked and coordinated towards a main purpose.

The individual Branding strategy of each agent must be linked and subordinated to the one of the real estate´s. As always, the previous planning of the objectives is vital in order to achieve positive results and this is not an exception.

Each real estate agent´s Branding strategy which is linked and coordinated with the real estate´s strategy will strengthen the trade of both of them and it will facilitate the winning of the previously established targets.

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