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For a real estate agency, implementing a Branding strategy results to be a very necessary investment and it can also became determinant for the agency at the moment of becoming an important company.

A real estate´s Branding can be made possible in a way or another, either associating the agency to a proper name or creating the company as a personal brand and developing its organization through it.

It is very important not to associate branding with marketing and there are a lot of aspects to discuss on which turn to be the factors that differ between the branding and the different strategies of marketing. Any strategy of Branding introduced by the agency will need the use of the marketing strategies.

As in any characteristics of Branding, there are some general aspects to take into consideration but also some specific ones depending on the area in which the strategy is applied. In other words, the Branding for the real estate agencies must be considered as the development of a company which attends to the specific necessities of that area.

The Branding is the factor that transmits the value of the real state agency and it is not only a way of creating new clients but also a means of establishing relations on the market.

For a real estate agency, making its own way on the market is very important and it turns to be a great reference in this sector, as the brand of a company transmits a lot of values and aspects associated to it.

On whom does the Real Estate Branding focus?

Speaking of a personal brand, we should focus on the visible part of the real state agency which can easily be associated to the owner´s face or to the boss´ image. The individual strategies introduced by the other members of the agency must always be associated to the principal strategy of Branding used by the real estate agency.

It is all about counting synergies, maximizing resources and the using of the highest human potential for the Branding strategy´s sake.

I do insist on the fact that the development of the brand focused on the image of the owner of the agency or of the boss himself is somehow sufficient. All the other members must also be working on the Branding strategy of their real estate agency.

Those members could be agents employed by the agency, freelancers, external collaborators and those who do administrative work for the agency. Somehow, this means feeding the ego of the member but on the contrary, none of the branding models should be used for these reasons.

Key aspects for an effective strategy of Real State Branding.

In order to establish an effective model of Branding is very important to focus on two aspects.

Obviously, the first aspect is creating the personal brand around the real estate agency to which a person or directly the organizational image will be associated.

In the same time and depending on the chosen model to develop, the brand is very important to establish strategies of Branding for each of the agents. This means a different strategy which combines the personal Branding of every agent and the Branding of the real estate agency.

The second aspect refers to the establishment of strategies to spread the brand. I am talking about marketing and other characteristics but besides those there are other tools in order to apply the Branding for a real estate. There is a curious thing, how could there be some agencies and agents working with strategies for so long and they do not even know the basic aspects of the Personal Branding.

On the other hand, there is the multiple persons´ ignorance towards the Internet because if they do not use it, there is no need to ask them to know its resources. The bad is the owner´s of the real estate emphasizing two important factors: the business model adopted and the knowing or better saying, the unknowing of certain concepts which nowadays are worldwide and very important in this business area.

What I already stated before, could not be accepted as a valid option in the Branding area because there is not only the need to take classes and use new ideas, there is also a different issue , a strategic new concept.

There are a lot of agencies and agents that are still using the old strategy books from the last decades and they are doing that not because they are in some way effective but because the books result cheaper.

That´s the real problem! We have to gather forces and start learn new strategies in order to assimilate them and used them correctly. On the other hand, it is quite important to put into practice the new concepts in relation to the characteristics and necessities of the real estate agency. In this way, one can know what strategy is suited to be applied.

Trying to adapt to the real estate market, it actually means adapting to the environment. Applying and adapting the strategies turns to be obligatory for those who start working in this area. For those who are working in this sector for many years now, they only need to revise and reform the already existent strategies in order to fit them into the actual environment.

When speaking of Branding for real estate agencies, there is another important factor that we must take into consideration. Here, we are talking about the buying of a property. The process of buying any property implies a high payment which also means an investment.

In this way, it has been defined as a rule to transmit security and confidence through your brand. At the moment of establishing any strategy of Branding, what has already been said is a determinant detail to be taken into consideration.

It is highly advisable to clearly transmit certain values which define your brand and which must make the difference.

Regarding both the buying process and the selling one, a fundamental and very important fact is the transparency and the clearness in the process of management. These elements will bring prestige to your brand.

Nowadays, starting a negative campaign against any agency is just a matter of knowing how to navigate on Internet. Moreover, the discredit of an agency will end being the determinant negative factor for the agent or the real estate itself. This is something unacceptable taking into consideration the characteristics of a Branding strategy.

The regularization of the real estate market is a bag thing. Take as an example any other profession that has not the proper legal guiding and needs a surplus of confidence from the real estate agency.

In this way, any strategy of Branding at the moment of applying it whether by an agent or by the agency itself, must have that legal factor and must reinforce its strategies in order to counteract the negative aspects.

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