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Costa Invest Real Estate at Boligmesse 2016.

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Between the 16th and the 18th of September, at Telenor Arena in Oslo, Boligmesse 2016 took place and the team of Costa Invest Real Estate travelled to Norway for that precise Home Expo.

Telenor Arena (Oslo) gathered 180 sale stands and during those three days more than 16.000 persons appeared to the expo, exceeding the initial expectancies of the organizing committee.

This expo was dedicated to homes and households and it has been celebrated in Norway for 20 years. In its 20th edition, the expo set a new record of visitors.

According to the organizing committee of the event, the number of visitors was distributed in the following way: Friday 4.165 visitors, Saturday 5.843 visitors and Sunday 6.648 visitors.

This flood of people who came to the event was actually made of families who brought a pleasant atmosphere and a collective environment to the home event in Norway.

Events at the Boligmesse expo of houses and homes.


Boligmesse 2016 offered to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy conferences based on different themes related to properties and homes.

Several experts debated on specific themes such as: interior decoration, types of isolation for houses, the importance of the power efficiency of the properties and they also presented the last trends for homes in design and innovation.

Dagny Thurmann-Moe spoke on how colors affect the persons and about the importance of the colors when starting to decorate a property.

Designer Andreas Engesvik centered his attention on the picking of materials for decorating homes.

The Norwegian interior designer Andreas Engesvik declared:

“People tend to center on products that are real and products which have a closer meaning on terms of the use of materials. This is a healthy thing which is strictly related to the Norwegians´ way of life and to the selection of materials for decorating homes. I believe this is a trend which will expand to the rest of the Scandinavian countries during the next 20 or 30 years”.

It is also important to highlight the clear trend of the Norwegian regarding the renovation of homes. A clear evidence of this is the fact that the Norwegians spent 70 million euro to remodel their homes in 2015.

On the other hand, Kare Elnan made a great observation which we can use for different sectors. This can also be used for the real estate sector in Spain or in different other countries:

“Men are more concerned with the price and the quality when picking up the products, while women concentrate more on design”.

Costa Invest team at Boligmesse Home Expo.

The professional team of Costa Invest informed the visitor of its portfolio of properties for sale, advertised its different services and announced the public of Norway of its attractions and activities in Orihuela Costa.

The real estate team of Costa Invest advised more than 300 Norwegian visitors and most of them were also interested on buying a property in the area of Orihuela Costa. Some of them were interested on renting properties and so get the possibility to enjoy the beauties of Spain.

Costa Invest Real Estate spread out its human potential at Boligmesse. It is about a team with high professional experience inside the real estate sector in Spain. The team had also chosen other different resources to please its public.

Apart from the personalized advice for the clients, there were audiovisual presentations that took place inside the stand of Costa Invest, offering different services in Orihuela Costa such as: properties for sale, real estate offers, legal advice, translation services, properties for rent,etc.

In the same time, as a complement of the technology for spreading the real estate product, the professional team of Costa Invest amazed its public with a vast range of products personalized with the firm´s logo.

The merchandising of Costa Invest at Boligmesse was based on variety and originality. This was used as a tool of real estate marketing and it turned out to be a good advertising for the public, especially for the kids.

Bottles of wine, decorative plates, personalized cups, office elements and even sweets for kids were brought from Spain to be handed to the visitors of Costa Invest.

All the logistic organization of Costa Invest Real Estate meant weeks of intense planning filled with the proactive attitude of the team. This increased the level of the receptiveness of the Norwegian public present at Boligmesse.

Sources: boligmese.no /aftenposten.no

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